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Started: 1/20/2017 Category: Politics
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Why did they elect him?

The election is over. It's time to put the rhetoric aside and sift through what we know:

Donald Trump won the election by a commanding margin. His victory is as legitimate as any previous presidents. The people of the United States elected him. They chose him. And the electorate is always right.
Trump is a man with many, many serious flaws. Hillary Clinton, the only other real choice on the ballot, is also flawed. Both candidates exaggerated the other's flaws and tried to minimize their own.
Is Donald Trump a racist? A misogynist? Maybe. Homophobic? Maybe. Xenophobic? Maybe. Is he going to be the first president with those traits in the White House? No way. Has the US survived through previous, flawed, presidencies? Yes, always.
The world won't end tomorrow. I remember the night the US elected Ronald Reagan. I remember feeling like the world was about to end, and knew with certainty that nuclear Armageddon was nigh. We're still here.
So, why did voters elect Donald Trump?

The average Middle-American, who's middle-aged and earns a middling income, has suffered through the past 20 years -- under Democratic and Republican presidents.
"Progressives" point out, at every opportunity, that the gap between rich and poor is growing. Why would they be surprised that the same gap exists between those who manage the "establishment: and those who are managed by the "establishment?"
Their jobs have changed or disappeared. They don't have the income security they used to. Their lifestyle isn't what it used to be. Their kids are unlikely to ever enjoy as comfortable a life as they used to.
Maybe some of them are racists, bigots or otherwise deplorable. But the vast majority of them aren't. They're tired of governments and politicians who are focused on "the big picture," "the economy," the world, the climate, the arts, whatever. They want the government to focus, for a little while on what is hurting them.
Trump, as flawed a candidate as he is, is the only politician who gave voice to their concerns -- who championed their needs. They want good jobs again. They're upset with illegal immigration. They want their failing highways & bridges repaired.
Voting for Clinton - or any other Republican presidential primary candidate - was a vote for more of the same. Trump is the only candidate who gave them any hope that things would change. They hope they'll change for the better. They're ready to take a chance because they don't believe they can get any worse.
How Trump can be a great president

I worked with the late Toronto Mayor Rob Ford -- a politician who shared some of the strengths and weaknesses of Donald Trump. Ford was the champion of the underdog -- the "little guy" -- the everyday citizen for whom government had done such a shitty job. Ford was the only politician who ever championed their concerns, gave voice to their fears, and tried to help them overcome the small, immediate obstacles that challenged their lives.

Ford had flaws. He was an addict. But, when he was sober, he was a good mayor, beloved by a large swath of the city. He did what he was elected to do -- succeeding to a far greater extent than he is given credit for. There were many who didn't like what he was elected to do -- there still are. But the fact remains, he was elected to do it.

Donald Trump was elected to do what he says he'll do. You and I may think it's wrong, but the voters said he's right. Here's a difficult truth you don't want to hear: You and I are not smarter than them. We're not. They know what they want and they elected a president to do it. If you disagree with the agenda, too bad. You lost. Get over it. Try again in four years.

Trump will be a great president if...

First and foremost, he must find and hire someone he absolutely trusts "- who can say "no" to him when necessary - and make him his chief of staff.
He must continue to focus his attention on what really matters in the lives of average Americans. He must be their champion in government.
He must build an administration that can take care of the details - so he can focus on the drivers of citizen satisfaction. One simple test to know he's on the right track: never be the smartest guy in the room.
He must lean hard on his Vice President, Mike Pence, to build a coalition in the Senate and in the House of Representatives that will advance his core agenda. Pence knows politics on the Hill and how to get things done. Listen to him.
He must learn to take advice. Maybe he's already good at this - it seems hard to believe he could succeed as well as he has in business and politics, without this skill. But, it doesn't look obvious from the outside.
He must learn that everything he says will be parsed, dissected, interpreted - and acted upon. That takes some getting used to. There can be no casual or off-the-cuff comment in publics.
He must learn the art of compromise - that's how things get done in politics. He doesn't need to change the art of politics - he needs to change what politics is focused on achieving.
Of all these must-do's, I'm most concerned about the first one. He must have advisors he trusts to tell him the truths he doesn't want to hear. He must seek out dissenting opinions and listen to them. From the outside, he does not seem like the kind of leader who is comfortable with this. But, who knows? A campaign is not reality. And, many things that seem clear in a campaign, are not always as they seem.

If he can do these things, and focus the enormous resources of government on making the lives of Americans just a little bit better... he can be a great president. We'll see.


I. Introduction

II. Trump's Planned Policies
III. Concerning Cabinet Picks
IV. Sources

I. Introduction

Donald Trump, some honor him as being the "best president God ever made," and others spite him to the point where they imagine scenarios of his assassinations, is indeed a controversial figure. Trump is a successful businessman, the former host of "The Apprentice," politician, and the 45th president of the United States.

He is a very controversial figure for his stance on pressing issues such as the Mexican border, foreign business relations, his motives, and his cabinet picks. Additionally, his rehtoric is especially concerning, with his immature responses and his constant use of Tweets to give petty comments on celebrities and ideas.

II. Trump's Planned Policies

In terms of immigration, Trump plans to reinforce immigration laws and stage a mass deportation of illegals. As stated
in his website, he also wants to make a wall along the Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it (S2). These extreme efforts in preventing illegal immigration may cause tensions with Mexico for forcing them to pay around 12 billion dollars for a wall, and will be very costly for America. In fact, I personally believe that the wall between Mexico and America is downright ridiculous. Before the fence was established on the border, and before all the border control, the borders were fairly open. Mexicans who had work across the border in places like Texas, could go there freely and return home. However, as a result of the increasingly strict border control, Mexicans couldn't go to and fro the border as easily. So, as a result, some Mexicans decided to live in America illegally to facilitate the travel to their occupations.

In terms of medicare, though he has been extremely vague on how he will do it, he plans to repeal and replace ObamaCare. Removing ObamaCare will have major consequences if there is nothing to substitute for it. Low-wage earners may be without health insurance, and may have to make the decision of buying costly medications or buying other necessities for themselves and their family.

In terms of the economy, he has claimed countless times to lower the debt. Like his other plans, this one is also vague. His website only claims that he will "prioritize jobs," but there is no hint as to how he will do it. In fact, his website focuses more on discussing the pros of a prospering economy, rather than sharing how Trump will create one. Additionally, his promises on lowering the debt are very hard to imagine will be made, as he has also claimed to want to increase the budget for defense, and also plans on lowering taxes tremendously. Stopping government financial support to things like abortions will not be effective enough to make up for the growing defense budget and tax cuts.

In terms of taxes, Trump plans to "reduce taxes across-the-board." He also wants to "ensure the rich will pay their fair share," but fails to explain how he will do that. Trump wants to increase the standard deduction for joint filers over two times its original value, and cap itemized deductions for married -joint filers or single filers over two times. As I explained before, these major tax cuts will certainly increase the deficit (S4).

Trump also wants to increase import taxes to up to 35%. Though this may prevent businesses from hiring people outside of the country, and will give them an incentive to hire American workers, this will hurt foreign trade tremendously, and will dramatically increase the price of products in America.

III. Concerning Cabinet Picks

Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson

Rex Tillerson is the CEO of ExxonMobil. Tillerson is a dealmaker, creating deals with dozens of leaders around the world. However, his connections to ExxonMobile are concerning. Tillerson, being able to operate a State Department that could control enviromental and health protections, can cut such regulations to cut waste disposal costs and liability for workers' safety for ExxonMobile. Additionally, his denial to climate change will further fuel his motivation to cut environmental regulations and funding. He is also dismissive of clean energy, which will also hurt the environment (S6).

Secretary of Energy: Rick Perry
Rick Perry is a former Texas governor and Texas agriculture commissioner. There is much irony to be seen in him, a former activist bent on destroying the Department of Energy, being the secretary of energy. He failed to acknowledge that the Deparment of Energy is the department responsible to managing the nuclear arsenal of weapons for America. We need someone better prepared for dealing with things such as the risk of a new Cold War, and the situation of North Korea and their supposed manufacturing of nuclear weapons (S7).

Secretary of Treasury: Steven Mnuchin
Mnuchin is a Trump campaign finance chairmen and former Goldman Sachs partner. This pick is concerning for his affiliations with Goldman Sachs, and he, being a former Trump campaign finance chairman makes me believe that Trump's decision to appoint him as the Secretary of Treasury was done in part because of nepotism.

Secretary of Education:
Betsy DeVos DeVos is a charter school advocate and philanthropist. DeVos is a prominent political adctivist against the common core cirriculum. Charter schools are publicly funded indepenent schools established by the local community. Because they do not follow the common core system, they typically fail to brush upon or exceed the standards of the common core, standardized testing, and most prominent colleges. I personally feel that the common core provides a standard to make sure schools provide students with a fruitful education, rather than one that is lacking. Betsy DeVos has been involved in reform of education in Michigan for decades. She has been trying to divert public education to private charter schools. However, charter schools have been shown to be very unsuccessful in providing an efficient education. For example, Hope Academy, a charter school in Detroit, possesses test scores that have ranked among the lowest in the state. In 2013, the school ranked in the first percentile, the absolute bottom for academic performance. Her lack of experience, and the failure to acknowledge that charter schools are not efficient to provide a fulfilling education, prove that she is not an efficient secretary of education (S8).

IV. Sources


Debate Round No. 1


I can give you 14 reasons why Donald Trump is going to be a great president
1 . He has high standards
Trump gets it. He believes in American exceptionalism, he"s committed to education, an he demands high performance. After all, he has been know to fire anyone that doesn"t meet his high standards. Talk about efficiency.
2. He"ll be tough on ISIS
No one will be tougher on ISIS than Donald Trump. Mostly because Islamic terrorism is eating up large portions of the Middle East and they"ve become rich. They even built a hotel making themselves a direct competitor of Trump Hotel.
3. He can"t be bought
Trump has a confidence and a self-assured, powerful personality that is perfectly suited for politics. Unlike other politicians who tend to be swayed by lobbyists and special interests, Trump is his own special interest and is unlikely to give that power away to anyone but Trump.
4. He knows how to build an empire
Trump is extremely rich, obviously, and his track record for financial success proves that he knows how to build a successful empire. With the U.S. trillions of dollars in debt, this is the sort of leader that might be able to turn it all around.
5. He"s an American first
Trump"s loyalty will only be to America and Americans"not any political party, special interest group or foreign entity. Like his slogan reads, "Make America great again!"
6. He has his priorities straight
He has emphasized beliefs in free enterprise and a strong military. He repeatedly highlights his acumen for success, his ability to get things done, and understanding of finances
7. He"ll bring people together
He loves all races"well, maybe not Mexicans as he referenced them as "criminals, drug dealers, rapists" but we digress; As a president who respects most races, he will hopefully alleviate the recent tensions between police officials and the African American community.
8. He speaks the truth
Trump isn"t politically correct. He isn"t afraid to say what he thinks, and he can certainly voice an opinion. If he has an issue with you, he will say it to your face. It"d be nice to have a politician in office with that level of transparency.
9. He"ll keep nuclear weapons out of the wrong hands
Trump said it himself"he will single-handedly stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. We aren"t entirely sure how, but he"s Trump; Anything is possible.
10. Because he said so
Why would Trump make the best president of all time?

Because he said so.

"I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created, I tell you that. I"ll bring back our jobs from China, from Japan, from Mexico and from so many places. I"ll bring back our money. " Sadly, the American dream is dead. But if I get elected president, I will bring it back bigger and better and stronger than ever before, and we will make America great again."
11. He"ll Investigate Hillary
Donald Trump promised during a presidential debate that, should he win the election, he will instruct a Special Prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton"s past, and investigate the FBI investigation that concluded it will not press charges against Clinton. This is despite the fact that Hillary deleted 33,000 emails after receiving a subpoena from the United States government.

Democrat or Republican, government corruption is something we should all be working against, and wouldn"t it be great to see Trump start prosecuting politicians who have gotten rich from politics, and broken the law on multiple occasions? Love Trump or hate him, he"s going to lock up people who truly deserve it.
12. He"ll Impose a Hiring Freeze on the Federal Workforce
Trump also has beef with how the government just seems to be constantly expanding and employing more people. So, instead of hiring new people to work in government offices, Trump is proposing that nobody is able to get a job in the federal workforce for at least the next four years.

This will of course not include people being employed in the US Armed Forces or similarly necessary services, but it will mean that government offices that spend half their time rubber stamping offices won"t be getting any new members of staff any time soon.
13. He"ll Save Billions on UN Climate Change Programs
The United States currently pays the United Nations billions of dollars every year to assist with their climate change programs.
If you"re concerned about global warming then this probably isn"t the policy for you, but if you"re concerned about the fact that the United States now owes almost 20 trillion dollars " and almost 10 of which have been added in the last eight years under President Obama " then this is definitely a policy for you.
14. He"ll Ban Foreign Lobbyists Fundraising for US Elections
Hillary and the Democratic campaign team are implying lately that Trump is involved with Putin, and that Russia is having an influence on the election. However, Trump seems to be the only candidate talking about how important it is that foreign governments and lobbyists don"t have any power over US elections. Hillary, for instance, has been taking millions from corrupt governments for years " and even raking in millions from Saudi Arabia, a country which doesn"t hold women in high regard at all.
One of Trump"s newest policies is to ban foreign lobbyists from fundraising for United States governments, meaning that it will be only American people and companies who will be able to have a major influence on the result of an election. Sorry, Saudis!


Firstly, Pro, as Lua has pointed out, has simply regurgitated the points of the only source she used,, with little to no analysis on the information on the article. I'm not very tolerant of plagiarism, and I am certain that it's against the rules of the website, but for the purpose of the debate, I will continue debating. However, if pro continuously plagarizes entire articles, I may make the decision to stop debating, seeing as I'll only be debating against writers of various articles, rather than Pro.

I. Trump's "Successful" Businesses

II. Trump on Climate Change
III. The "Trump Effect"
IV. Sources

I. Trump's "Successful" Businesses

Any successful businessman can run into trouble from time-to-time, whether it's making a mistake that may hurt his investments, or having suits filed against him. Trump is regarded as one of the most successful businessmen in America. However, his history of businesses and the source of his wealth, only prove that he is incapable of running his own businesses. In fact, an article from "Business Insider," claims that the New York Times analyzed 61 of Trump's projects and deals from the 2000s to 2012. The researchers and analysists found that around 40 of those deals were either
failures or had problems which deemed them as fruitless, while only a mere 21 of them were successes. That means that approximately 66% of his deals were unsuccessful (S1). The Business Insider article continues by providing the list of which projects were immediate failures, which ones had problems, and which were successful. His shortcomings in business are also apparent in the 3,500 suits filed against him, ranging from skirmishes with his casino patrons to lawsuits regarding multi-million dollar real estate deals (S2).

"Call it the art of the bad deal, one created by the arrogance and recklessness of a businessman whose main talent is self-promotion." -Kurt Eichenwald

Many people, including myself, believe that Trump's "success" was a result of family ties, especially his father's lucrative real-estate business, and his shameless self-promotion, such as that controversy with his "small hands" where Trump responded to an article saying he has "big hands," with a gold pen.Kurt Eichenwald, writer of the News Week Article, "Trump's Many Business Failures, Explained," expands upon this idea that "Trump boasted when he announced his candidacy last year that he had made his money “the old-fashioned way,” but he is no Bill Gates or Michael Bloomberg, self-made billionaires who were mavericks, innovators in their fields. Instead, the Republican nominee’s wealth is Daddy-made. Almost all of his best-known successes are attributable to family ties or money given to him by his father," (S3).

Donald Trump has tried to run his businesses apart from real estate, though to no avail. Trump, owner of the line of "Trump Casinos," has amassed four bankruptcies. He claims that he had "nothing to do" with the failure of the business, despite owning 28% of the stock in the companies. He has also pitched some other business ideas that he put into action. Like his casinos, these ideas failed, terribly. Trump Airlines was a private luxury airline company started in 1988. Due to the lack of profits, the company closed in 1992. Trump also unleashed a brand of his own vodka and steaks called "Trump Vodka," and "Trump Steaks." Trump Vodka was made in 2006. The company stopped production in 2011 due to a lack of profit and interest. Trump Steaks began in 2007 but closed down in 2012 for over 51 health code violations, including serving five-month-old duck. That's some "Trump-quality" cuisine! Trump attributes the health violations his managers for "lazily hiring terrible cooks." The list of Trump's business failures goes on, with things such as Trump the Game, Trump Magazines, Trump University, Trump Mortgage,, Trump International Tower of Chicago, etc (S4).

His inability to manage his own businesses not only proves that he is incapable of administrating his own businesses, he is incapable of building a business empire, he has a lack in priorities for his business affairs, and when all else fails, he searches for a scapegoat.

II. Trump on Climate Change

Pro claims that Trump will be "saving billions" by cutting Environmental Protection, and while that's all well and good for taxpayers, we will still allow climate change to threaten our world. Not only that, but Rex Tillerson, Trump's appointed cabinet member as the Secretary of State, has the authority to remove environmental regulations on businesses, allowing them to dispose of their wastes improperly, contaminating drinking water, killing life in nature and adding to our immense pollution. And the likelihood of Tillerson doing so is high since he is associated with ExxonMobil, a company that provides gas and oil. Cutting environmental regulations on ExxonMobil will mean that they can dump their wastes anywhere.

Additionally, if we neglect the environment, then we will run into more health concerns. If water is polluted, then cities, and maybe even states, may have to pay to get clean water. With the threat of global warming, our water supply may be greatly decreased because of the lesser amount of snow pack. And if the air is polluted, then we will need to pay immense amounts to clear the air, though there is not much that can do so. We will run into more health concerns by ignoring the environment, and we may have to pay a large amount for reparations and to buy purified water, which may accumulate for more than the government spending to protect the environment.

III. The "Trump Effect"

Trump's words to not highlight concerns of "equality" or "tolerance." His talk of banning Muslims from entering the country, and the provocation of violence do not make him the type of person capable of inspiring and bringing America together. I'm certain that no rational person wants to hear their president saying "‘[Mexicans] are rapists. And some, I assume, are good people," or "I will bomb the s*** out of them!" (S5). America should have a confident president who can inspire the masses, and point America in the right direction, not an egostatic man who talks of himself so highly, that people are not sure if he's running for President, or for the Guiness World Record for the man with the highest ego in America.

The "Trump Effect" is the belief that Trump's campaign is making an impression on juviniles and inspiring closeted bigots to unite and fight for their racist beliefs. In a document written by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the SPLC claims that "[Trump] is producing an alarming level of fear and anxiety among children of color and inflaming racial and ethnic tensions in the classroom. Many students worry about being deported. Other students have been emboldened by the divisive, often juvenile rhetoric in the campaign. Teachers have noted an increase in bullying, harassment and intimidation of students whose races, religions or nationalities have been the verbal targets of candidates on the campaign trail." In fact, mroe than two thirds of teacher reported that students, mainly immigrants and Muslims, have expressed concerns about what might happen to their families if Trump is elected president. More than one thirds of teachers reported that they observed an increse in anti-Muslim or anti-immigrant sentiment. A teacher from a middle school with a large population of African-American Muslims said “My students are terrified of Donald Trump. They think that if he’s elected, all black people will get sent back to Africa,” (S6).

Donald Trump's campaign and public harassment is clearly making an impact on the populus in the worst ways possible, promoting bigotry and violence and bullying. He, through his words, clearly shows that he is incapable of being a president who can unite the masses.

IV. Sources

Debate Round No. 2


Okay Cosmojarvis take me to court like you said in your "DM" but i'm winning this debate
The media has been accused of being biased when talking about President Donald Trump and, on many (liberal) people"s Facebook and Twitter feeds, his inauguration was shrouded in negativity.

On Wednesday (January 25) we asked Euronews" viewers why they think (if indeed they do) that Donald Trump will be a great President, in order to identify the motivations of his supporters.

With many players in the mainstream media " including Euronews " as well as much of the social media conversation having been quick to highlight his contradictions and his more controversial policies, the man who won the 2016 US elections can count on tens of millions of supporters at home and an unquantifiable number abroad. It is their voices we wanted to hear.

On Facebook we received roughly 100 comments, of which around 40 were genuinely supportive of the new US President. Slightly more (around 50) comments were negative, with the remaining few showing no apparent preference either way.

Among those who told us why they think Donald Trump will be a great President, the most repeated reasons seem to be that:

1. He"s doing what he promised during the campaign
2. He"s not a politician (he"s a businessman, doesn"t belong to the elite")
3. He will improve relations with Russia
4. He"s not Hillary Clinton

The following is one of the most consistent comments:

He will create jobs for infrastructure builders. His rule will emphasize the importance US has been playing in the world politics for the last decade (as a different path will be chosen from now on, we will learn the importance of US previous watchdog position regarding world peace and politics). Improving US-RU relations could save the world from next major conflict. He will improve the life for his supporters in the central states (vs coastal). He will show the world that a a lot of traditional christian values are outdated (through enforcement of such values, though). He will show us why the world is worse off, when based on economical values instead of ideals. This could cause a big shift of thought for most of the world and he should get praise for it (which he will most likely not get that much).


Those are some fair points from Pro, but by saying "On Wednesday (January 25) we asked Euronews" viewers why they think (if indeed they do) that Donald Trump will be a great President, in order to identify the motivations of his supporters," Pro is literally asserting that Pro him or herself interviewed viewers of Euronews. It clearly shows that Pro is once again stealing bits of his or her sources.

In addition to such, Pro does not provide any analysis whatsoever. Instead, Pro provides feedback from Trump Supporters to support his or her own argument. By saying "On Facebook, [Euronews] received roughly 100 comments, of which around 40 were genuinely supportive of the new US President. Slightly more (around 50) comments were negative, with the remaining few showing no apparent preference either way," not only is Pro giving a statement which does not exactly support his or her argument, but instead, it acts as a counterargument. By using this quote, Pro is saying that Euronews concluded that approximately 50% of people responded to a survey or poll on Facebook dislike Trump. Having half of all American citizens disliking Donald Trump does not demonstrate why he's a good president, but instead supports my argument. Remember, kids! This is why you don't plagiarize articles. Or at least if you do, try to not be careless ;)

Pro continues to make statements such as "He will improve relations with Russia," and "He will create jobs," but fails to provide any evidence to prove this.

I would like to conclude this round by stating that Pro has not provided any points that support the central point of his or her argument. Additionally, as made apparent by the previous two rounds, Pro is plagiarizing sources. This has been made obvious by simply looking over the few articles that Pro presented. I ask that voters and spectators take into account the failure to provide a burden of proof, and constant plagiarizing, and responding to such accusations by calling me a b****.
Debate Round No. 3


LOL this guy is taking me to court over some stupid sh*t but i'm the immature one okay then..... i'm done with this debate...


See you in court.
Debate Round No. 4
This round has not been posted yet.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 5
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by lua 1 year ago
Are you sure it wasn't Mark Towhey with The Huffington Post? Your idiocy astonishes me, Aj.
Shouldn't he be banned? Plagiarism has to be against some rules.
Posted by ajisthetruth 1 year ago
My parents were around back then damn do you need to drink some bleach cuz you are stupid i swear to god.
Posted by CosmoJarvis 1 year ago
No, no. Of course not. Pro is just a time traveler.
Posted by ChadIrvin 1 year ago
Lol! Pro is 21 years old and claims he/she was around when Reagan was President. *sniff, sniff* Do I smell a plagiarized article?
Posted by ChadIrvin 1 year ago
Donald Trump was elected because average Americans were sick and tired of all the bullspit and rhetoric coming from the left for the past eight years. We were sick and tired of being called racists, bigots, xenophobes, homophobes, deplorables, and more. We were tired of seeing illegal immigrants being treated far better than actual American citizens. We were tired of all the lying coming from the mainstream media and the race baiting they did on a daily basis.

That's why Trump won.
Posted by CosmoJarvis 1 year ago
Great Job, Aj. Not only have you managed to prove that you're immature, calling me a bitch, but you can't form proper arguments, and prefer to plagiarise large parts of articles, and call it "your argument."
Posted by CosmoJarvis 1 year ago
To all spectators: I would just like to say that my opponent PM-ed me just to basically call me a bitch. This is shocking and appalling, and on the account of the emotional trauma this message has inflicted upon me, I must concede from this debate. (Just joking, of course. I shall not concede)
Posted by lua 1 year ago
I know @ajisthetruth cited the source, but is it appropriate to copy and paste the entire argument without adding anything?
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