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Donald Trump's Wall is not a Racist Symbol

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Started: 1/26/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I will be taking the pro position of this debate. I will argue that Donald Trump's wall on the border of the U.S. and Mexico is not a racist symbol. Con will argue that it is a racist symbol.

Rules of debate:

R1) Acceptance
R2) Full Arguments
R3) Rebuttals of R2 Arguments


i accept this debate
Debate Round No. 1


To start off, I would like to thank my opponent for accepting the debate. Here's to a great, but short, debate.

The idea that Donald Trump's "border wall" is a symbol of hatred and racism is stemmed from the idea that Donald Trump himself is a racist and therefore anything he puts his stamp on must be racist as well. This just isn't so.

I'd like to go back and take a look at Trump's views on minorities. Somehow it became the notion that Donald Trump hates all minorities, especially Mexicans. Why is this, exactly? The idea didn't start from the right (Conservatives) and also didn't start from the middle (Moderates). Before Trump threw his hat into the presidential race, there was no mention of him being a racist. Why is this? Well, it goes to figure that it's because he wasn't running for the highest office in the world. Basically, it didn't matter that he was supposedly racist, or even a bigot.

The whole racist rhetoric pretty much started when he talked about building a wall on the border of the U.S. and Mexico and that he would make Mexico pay for it. Then he also mentioned taking care of illegal immigrants by making them leave the country. I would like to note that illegal doesn't equate to racist. Wanting to secure our border is not racism, it's logic.

I'd like to now take a look at some facts about the wall that will be built.

1) Walls are not racist.

Inanimate objects are not, nor are they capable, of showing any form of bigotry or racism. They are incapable of showing emotion, therefore cannot form racist ideas and thoughts. Only humans are capable of discrimination. This proves that a wall (inanimate object) cannot be racist.

2) Securing a country's borders is not racism.

It's actually necessary. The reason being, if a country has open borders and we allowed anyone and everyone to enter, that country's identity will eventually be destroyed. Every country needs to maintain its identity, otherwise will cease to exist as a reputable people. It also opens up said country's vulnerability to foreign enemies wishing to destroy it.

3) There are many Hispanics living here in the United States.

There are 56.6 million Hispanics living in the united States as of July 1, 2015. These are legal residents living here in the States. Donald Trump has never stated that he wanted to deport every Hispanic person living here in the United States. And legal residents should not have fear that they will be rounded up. The wall does not represent a barrier for those who live here legally, but rather a barrier for those who try to enter illegally.

And what is the definition of racism?

  1. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

Racism is the hatred of someone based solely on that person's race; a belief that their race makes them lesser than you. Based off the definition above, coming from Google Dictionary, the wall cannot be a symbol of racism, as it is merely an inanimate object that is being put there to secure our border.

And even the liberal website, Politifact, says that Donald Trump never said anything about rounding up a bunch of Latinos just to do it. And he definitely did not say anything negative about legal immigrants.

The wall is only being ridiculed by the far left who already have a deep hatred for Donald Trump. They will do anything they can to try and bring him down, including accuse him of racism where there is none. He is also being accused of sexism and "women hating." When you have a racist in the White House with the ability to have people deported, then any reason he gives to deport must be a racist one. However, this just isn't truth.


Walls aren't racist, Trump isn't racist, and no one is deporting hoards of Mexicans just because their skin is brown.

If you're here legally, you have nothing to worry about.

America needs borders just like every other country does. Without borders we cease to survive and our identity will cease to exist.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by ChadIrvin 2 years ago
It would be nice if you accept a debate you don't waste my time by not posting an argument. Damn, this gets old. I would like to have some serious debaters for once.
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