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Don't give birth to children or they will be raped by a psychopathic pedophile killer

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Started: 4/15/2019 Category: Economics
Updated: 5 days ago Status: Challenge Period
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Children can't consent to be born, So being born is wrong- People shouldn't be able to make children, Because children can't consent to be born. They also can't consent to go to school, Which means that school is wrong. They can't consent to life, They don't understand life, So life is wrong. Everything about children is wrong. EVERYTHING. Don't make any more children. When you make children, You give them into the life where they could suffer horribly. The only way to prevent suffering is to prevent life. So do it. Prevent the life. No more children. There will be no more children being born. It is wrong. It is immoral. What if your child gets kidnapped and brutally raped by a sick pedophile? You could have prevented that if you only didn't give birth to that child. It's your fault. You gave birth to her. Because of you she was raped. All because of you. It's all your fault. You are a monster. A failure. A freak. You should die. Period.
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Posted by anc2006 1 day ago
Posted by SickInTheHeadz 4 days ago
Posted by screenjack 4 days ago
It's easy to have a good ratio while when you never debate and just spend your days spaming
Posted by unforward 4 days ago
This is sick poetry
Posted by vi_spex 5 days ago
They might be. .
Posted by oalks 5 days ago
I find it amusing that your win ratio is still higher than Backwardseden's.
Posted by Wafflesss 5 days ago
Well, I'm looking at your posts, At our profiles, And your beliefs, And let me just say, Thank you for making my day and making me laugh.
Posted by DeborahHills 5 days ago
My grandson watches pornographys and its the work of satan but i support him and he watches raepe porn he told me you see and hes just fine so shut your mouth ok you are hellspawn die
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