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Down syndrome is a lifestyle choice!

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Started: 12/1/2016 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Life is really easy. Obey God and you go to Heaven. Unfortunately liberal atheist Nazis are finding ways to make everything needlessly complicated. If you repeat something nonsensical over and over again, simple minded people start believing it. A well known example is homosexuals. More and more people believe that being gay is not a choice but something people are born with. Completely ridiculous of course.

But we have a bigger problem here. Most people recognize that being gay is just a filthy choice, comparable with choosing to become a hippie vegan or a vegetarian child rapist. Unfortunately only few people recognize that down syndrome is also a lifestyle choice!

Down syndrome has been invented by people who are too lazy to study, too lazy to work and even too lazy to wipe their own butts. By acting like complete idiots they avoid scrutiny and get passed all checks in our system to receive free care and free money without ever having to do anything to actually deserve all that. Parents who are too lazy to properly raise their children teach their children to behave like drooling idiots so they no longer have to fulfill their parental duties.

No doubt some liberal atheists will start screaming that being gay isn't a lifestyle choice, down syndrome isn't a lifestyle choice and being vegan isn't a lifestyle choice. Fortunately it is easy to prove that down syndrome is indeed nothing but a lifestyle choice! Most people choosing down syndrome are too lazy to have children. But those who do have children, always have children who are also choosing this lifestyle. Not different from hippie parents having hippie children, where being a hippie is also clearly a lifestyle choice. At least until some idiot liberal God mocker starts claiming that all hippies have a genetic disease forcing them to smoke pot.

Unfortunately the misconception that down syndrome is not a lifestyle will be hard to fight. Parents having their children trained to behave like drooling idiots will refuse to cooperate because they are simply to lazy to properly raise their children. The solution here is to punish both the parents and the children. All of them should be put to work in labor camps. Also every medical and government program aimed at wasting money on these people should be terminated immediately.


Bayb, u ned 2 over does sum chill pillz
Debate Round No. 1


WE HAVE A PRIME EXAMPLE OF THIS LIFESTYLE CHOICE RIGHT HERE BROTHERS AND SISTERS. You fund this exact kind of monstrosity out of your pockets!!!


if god exits thn explain how the bee moviy was made?
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Posted by NirvanaOkeefe 2 years ago
I hate Religion!
Posted by iLikeLittleBoys 2 years ago
This is a bullet proof argument I dont understand how anyone could debunk any of this wise mans words
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