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Dr-WHO is the doctor

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Started: 3/26/2014 Category: Entertainment
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father and son in a car,father driving the car,suddenly they head crushed ,both ended in hospital ,father and son both have to have operations, their in two different department.
The doctor came first to son ,to do the operations ,soon see the face of the boy' doctor say OOMM My GOD HIS My SON!!


In this debate you took the stance of Con. I'm not sure if that indicates that you feel this scenario is not possible, but the scenario described above seems quite plausible to me.

As a species that reproduces sexually, human beings (Homo sapiens) must have two biological parents. (Any religious beliefs such as immaculate conception should not be considered here, as such things have no scientific basis).

The child, or son in this case, has both a father and a mother. It has already been stated that the father needs an operation and is in a different department. Therefore, this eliminates the father as a possible candidate for the identity of the doctor.

Now we must consider two other possibilities: the doctor can either be speaking the truth, or the doctor could be lying.

The first scenario is simple-- if the doctor speaks the truth, then the doctor must be the child's mother. Humans only have two parents, and the child was with his father moments before (indicating any adoption scenarios unlikely). So in the case of the doctor telling the truth, the doctor must be the mother by process of elimination.

In the second scenario, the doctor is not telling the truth. In this case, the most likely possibility is that the doctor is not actually a doctor either. A board certified doctor would probably have nothing to gain by claiming that the child is his/her son. With the father also in the hospital, this lie would probably also not be convincing unless this doctor was also a female.

But for the doctor to be called in to the operating room should indicate that the doctor is a genuine doctor. An impostor would most likely be noticed by the hospital staff. Furthermore, if the doctor is a true doctor, lying about the patient is extremely unlikely.

Therefore, we must conclude that the doctor is the mother of the child. Consequently, this scenario is extremely plausible and I take the Pro stance in favor of this scenario.

*Note: I only clicked on this argument because I thought it was about the television series "Doctor Who." But after reading, I felt I could give a good reply.
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct- Nothing was clarified by con, so pro kind of had to make the debate instead, which is bad form. S&G- Con was almost impossible to understand while pro wrote in clear English. Args- Pro actually made arguments. Con just asked a question. Sources- No one used sources.

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