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Dragon Ball (Entire Series) is better than Naruto

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Started: 11/8/2018 Category: TV
Updated: 1 day ago Status: Debating Period
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So here it is, Why I believe DB better than Naruto. When I think of Naruto, I conjure thoughts of "I can do it if I try my hardest! "If I push myself the max limit, I will find a way! . You get the point. While Dragon Ball has that implemented into it as well, It also has something Naruto will never gain. Fights with variety, Meaning, Not some kid trying to save his friend, A group of intense warriors, Saving the entire universe from destruction.

Not some kid battling the past, The Z fighters are battling to prevent destruction for the future. Which battle sounds like it takes you onto the edge of you seat, Now tell me? People love to say how DB has barely any character development. Forget when Teen Trunks watches when his master Gohan dies, He explodes into anger taking his mindset to utter determination. Remember Gohan, A frail boy with no will to fight, Oh yeah, That kid becomes the protector of the Earth for years to come. He lets go of his fears, And faces his worst nightmares. Piccolo? He starts to care. The Androids? They grow a heart. Vegeta? Still has his saiyan pride but will protect his fellow warriors, No matter how weak, To the death.

And Goku. A short 12 year old kid who knows nothing about the world. But goes onto one of the greatest quests one could ever find and becomes a man, No a BEAST. I agree with the fact that Naruto has great character development, But not all the time. Sasuke goes from emo to *gasp* even more emo? Sakura goes from somewhat kinda useful to *gasp* "I wanna kill sasuke on my own! " that's real useful isn't it? And if you are thinking "but at least she's trying! " that really isn't a great argument. Tell me, How in the actual world are you going to kill a kid who is a mentally unstable emo obsessed twat with dumb powerful eyes without even a sliver of a plan? I'll leave my argument there, Anyone who wants to challenge my argument I wish you come forward and I will gladly accept you thesis.


Naruto teaches human values. Dragon ball teaches nothing! Naruto is more valuable. Dragon ball is more entertaining.
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Posted by omar2345 1 day ago
I don't think he is going to debate this topic.

He was online 3 days ago which was the day he uploaded the debate.

So if you want I can explain to you why Z or Naruto is not a good show if you make the debate. Just one do not want to be on either side defending one of them.
Posted by omar2345 1 day ago
Naruto teaches human values

He was gifted everything. The only value that is important is be born better or rips other people's eyeballs to be better. The main character is useless without the nine tail fox. Rock Lee showed what hard work did. Absolutely nothing. After all he did he could not beat Gaara. That was the best fight and showed you what Naruto and Shippuden was all about the fights between the born better and eye stealer's.

You should watch the recommendations. They are a lot better anime with no filler.
Posted by omar2345 1 day ago
No. The first arc between sayians in z was good the rest was trash.

Freiza went on for too long. Too many transformations and he was brought back just to die by Trunks.

Cell was just everyone else into one person. Gohan was the best moment without him it would be a trash arc like freiza.

Toriyama is a bad writer. Super is also created by him. To me it is more clear to see in Super because it is a cash grab. Even with the effort in Z there was only 1 good arc or battle between Goku and Vegeta. Other fights it did not matter because the battle played the same and he did not try to improve on the G Vs V encounter.
Posted by Wimhoff 1 day ago
dragon ball is good. Super is trash
Posted by omar2345 4 days ago
They are both trash.

Fullmetal Alchemist
Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo
Neon Genesis Evangelion

If you change the debate around to "Dragon Ball Super is the best anime" and have reasons why it is the best then I will tell you why it is trash.
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