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Drawing Contest

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Started: 4/21/2014 Category: Arts
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Each round (except for the first) each debater posts any of their drawings. I trust you, so it doesn't have to be signed. (on deviantart I rarely feature my signature, because some drawings are too filled up and a signature will mess them up) However, if I see some random style that's not consistent throughout the debate, I'll be very suspicious.
Round one is for acceptance only.
You may argue about why your "last round" drawing is better than mine in rounds 3-5. Voters judge on whose artistic skills are better.
Keep in mind that ESocialBookworm is a 16 year old while 9spaceking is only 15, so it is to be expected Bookworm's drawings slightly better than 9spaceking. (and I don't get a lot of practice :P) Bookworm's drawings must be considered "especially good" compared to that of 9spaceking in order for her to win. Even if they are "equally" good, then 9spaceking still wins because if he practices for another year, he could definitely beat his old drawing decentness. After all, practice makes perfect!
Good luck con.


I accept my awesome buddy!

May the odds be ever in our favour!
Debate Round No. 1


I call it... "the hands"


Hi everyone!

Firstly, I’d like to commemorate my opponent for his awesome collection of hands! They definitely intimidated me! Therefore, I decided to do the same: Hands.

This piece is a collaboration of different hands that I would like to call Hands. It was made (for several hours while I was procrastinating studying) using different media- drawing pencils (H, 2HB, 3HB, 4HB and 5HB), charcoal, colouring pencils and markers.

*SING TO TUNE OF TWO AND A HALF MEN HERE: Hands. (repeat 12 times.)*

It depicts how love and greed can destroy the world. The middle hand is telling the story. The hand holding the heart shows how much people can love one another and how empathetic society is. Also, how it can be naïve. The hand holds the earth on its fingertips as it is greedy and power-hungry. It’s insatiable appetite for dominance shifts the earth into the shape of the top of a champagne glass.

Finally, Hans, who led an innocent girl to love him and then ripped it away, is also there because he ties everything together with his story- using love as a scapegoat to satisfy his need to be higher up in the royal class.

Guess we both could have lent a hand to one another for this round of the debate, huh? (*facepalm* I feel terrible myself for that lame joke…)
Debate Round No. 2


A very accurate portiat of myself. If it's unclear, here's the stuff: I like board games, I'm good at math, I like candy, ice cream, cake, reading, I'm good at piano, I love ping pong, and my favorite hobby is drawing. (Duh!) Oh, and the guy on my T-shirt? Yeah, he's there to show how adventurous and creative I am. :P


click="document.location='/ESocialBookworm/photos/album/3722/24082/'" src="../../../photos/albums/1/4/3722/106131-3722-84v67-a.jpg" alt="" />

If you can't see the pic, this is the link:

Firstly, 9SpaceKing, your composition was astounding! I would like to inform all voters that we have a prodigy on our hands! You should sell your work! However, I am not ready to give up just yet!

This piece is very important to me because it depicts a time in my life where I was going through a lot of changes and aches and my friends and family helped me get through. It was where I finally started understanding the world, and losing my naivety.

This drawing showcases my friends and likes at the time.

Firstly, the hawk represents most importantly, The Hunger Games. The bird I associate most with the mockingjay or jabberjay from The HG series is the hawk because of its elegance and proud attitude. The Hawk also symbolises by mother as she ‘flew’ me through the years and helped me reach for my dreams. It also has a link to Greek Mythology, which I was obsessed with (still am a little) and Zeus- The God of The Sky. Maximum Ride, one of books of my favourite author of the time, James Patterson, also was a ‘test tube baby,’ and was genetically altered to be given the wings of a bird. Her wings were brown, like the hawk in my drawing.

The “Big Stick,” as my sister called it, is a mixture between two greek gods- Hermes and Poseidon. The top part shows Hermes’ Cadacus with the two snakes- Martha and George! In the middle of the circle, there’s a spider. Circles go on forever, and the spider in between it, represents one of my best friends who had been there for me through almost everything in High School and has a huge obsession with spiders. Yes, I suffer from arachnophobia. Don’t ask me how it works.

The bottom of the Big Stick is Poseidon’s trident. Ironically, I put a lightning bolt next to it. The trident has to do with water, while the bolt is very hot. (So I’m both cool and hot? Not funny?)

Also, the lightning represents the beauty of light and how shocking life is as one of my friends shocked everyone the year everything changed. The rain drops (two under the cloud) represent the same friend.

The clouds and mist (the black smudges and stuff) represent one of my friends, who’s there but sometimes not. Sometimes she helped a lot, sometimes not.

The moon/sun/apocalypse/eclipse (“Everything is a matter of perception.” What you wish it to be in art, it is) represents my friends, Manda and Risha (DAUNTLESSWARRIOR), who never cease to put a smile on my face. They were the happiness in the midst of the darkness and dragged me and the spider under their care: whether it was day or night.

For those of you who did not recognize the symbol in the moon/sun/apocalypse/eclipse, it is Deathly Hallows: the invisibility cape, the stone and the Elder Wand. I was so obsessed with Harry Potter at this point, once I stared at a cup for about twenty minutes, with my ‘wand’ (pencil) trying to get it to levitate.

Debate Round No. 3


"Bottles of witchcraft", the 3-D painting of bowls and glasses. Yes, that's my signature, my first name in real life is "Goodwin", so I signed it there. Please ignore the pink stuff at the bottum, that's my finger. :P


click="document.location='/ESocialBookworm/photos/album/3722/24079/'" src="../../../photos/albums/1/4/3722/106131-3722-ydz9a-a.jpg" alt="" />

Before I begin, hats off to 9spaceking. Wonderful painting! I love it!

Although this is a drawing debate, please don’t take out the conduct point from my opponent. I wish I knew that we could have posted paintings before though because I had better pieces I could have put forward, but oh well! Everything happens for a reason!

This piece is both an impressionist and expressionist painting. In an expressionist painting, you dab the paintbrush with paint on the paper to get a 3D effect. In this painting, I used acrylic paints and acrylic paper (14 x 17.) It was a piece due for marks in school and we were given specific compositions to come up with. For example, I chose to paint a crystal cup and coffee bottle (without the label) standing on a brown leather stool. For the water in them I could only use tones of blue, white, brown and yellow. The yellow and white spots on the stool are a paint stain and a ‘glare’ on the stool respectively.

The background couldn’t have been expressionist as well, because then it would have taken away emphasis from the focal point of the piece- the crystal cup and coffee bottle composition so I did a wet on wet background. (That is, for those who don’t know- I wet the paper and watered the dark pink paint and applied it when the paper was still wet.)

Link to picture if you can't see above:
Debate Round No. 4


Well, it's the final round, and I'd just like to thank Bookworm for taking her time and scanning/taking photos of her epic drawings. However, I trust that my ultimatum masterpiece will totally defeat any of her drawings.
Here, I present my grandest, hardest, most awesome drawing yet:
Hot-air-balloons mountain.

I thank my opponent for this epic drawing contest, and I hope we are both fairly judged.
Good contest.


Link to pic:

I"d like to remind voters: This is no longer a drawing debate but an art debate since drawing does not encompass paintings.
Thank you 9spaceking for instigating this. It has been very fun! You are a great artist so keep up the great work!

My final piece was going to be a drawing of a guy"s back. However, I"d like to match my opponent better and I think this painting speaks volumes.

It was inspired by another artist who captivated my art tutor"s attention. She has us all do this project in school.
This piece was made with pencils, black marker, paints, white paint and liquid paper, glue, india ink, watercolour/acrylic paper (I can"t remember which pad I used) and newspaper.

Firstly, I did an outline of the tree, then painted wet on wet for the background, mixing the red and yellow acrylic paints. Then I soaked the newspaper in watered down paints and left it to dry. When dried, I cut in the shape of leaves. I also used the newspaper to create the image of a book and put it as the ground where the tree is growing out from. Then, I used black paint and india ink to fill in the tree and black marker to colour in nay white spaces. After that, I used white acrylic paints on the now dry tree and liquid paper to give the "hollow" look. I stuck on the leaves after and put a bird on the top.

The darkish part of pink on the right side isn"t really that colour paint. It"s a shadow from when I was taking the pic.

This piece to me symbolises the correlation between nature and books. Books help us to hold onto our roots (Pun intended) by letting us explore our cultures and traditions. The tree (nature) helps to make the book, thereby having interdependence. The black and white on the tree form together the tree- while there is segregation among the colours, they are both needed for the tree to be the tree. Otherwise, it won"t be the same. It would either be all white or black. This is important to me, as I am anti-racist.

Although I opponent stated in round one that if we are equally good, I lose, some people have messaged me about the unfairness of this. I honestly was taken aback when I saw it. However, I accepted the debate knowing the conditions so please judge fairly. Both of our compositions, in my opinion, are great. "Reality is a matter of perception," and everyone has different tastes.

If I lose, I don"t mind because this was mind-blowingly fun to do! Thanks again 9spaceking! We should do it again sometime!
Debate Round No. 5
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
fortunately I provided reasons in my contest against Denny. :3
Posted by ESocialBookworm 7 years ago
yes yes you should have
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
darn, I should have explained my drawings!
Posted by Dennybug 7 years ago
hey nice annie, didnt know you were into drawing
Posted by 9spaceking 7 years ago
okay...never mind.
Posted by Complicated_Mind 7 years ago
Oh, I'm not sure if the instigator is kidding or not, and I'm not sure I fully understand the rule, but that rule where if they're equal, then pro wins because he's a year younger is kinda BS, because what if con practices even less, or started drawing at a later age? Or if she had time constraints during the debate or something? That rule is unfair. Don't mean to stir up pointless drama, I just think it's stupid lol.
Posted by Complicated_Mind 7 years ago
You're both amazing drawers! Good job! I wish you both the best. :)
Posted by ESocialBookworm 7 years ago
I will post mine on tumblr and link you!
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Vote Placed by Dennybug 7 years ago
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Who had better conduct:-Vote Checkmark-1 point
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Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:24 
Reasons for voting decision: pro loses conduct since he initiated a drawing debate and began presenting paintings. Con did commented on this and explained that she would also present paintings to make it fair. This is understandable. I believe Round 2 goes to Con, her drawing was a lot more detailed and a better quality image. R3 also goes to Con as her image made a stronger impression. R4 goes to Pro his pots were better quality and his use of the greyscale was impressive. R5 I have to give to con as well. this was incredibly close and it came down to explanation and image quality. Both debaters did great and I'm giving sources to pro for putting up a good fight

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