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Dress Codes are Stupid

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Started: 7/3/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Typically, females are targeted by the dress code and for no good reason. One popular argument (or at least the most popular of the one that I have seen) is "you don't want to distract the boys". There are two main problems with this argument. 1) Why would it be the females problem what the males are looking at? If someone is starring at a female because of how they are dressed, it is the person who is looking at hers problem. 2) That argument assumes that all males are straight. Saying that you don't want to "distract the boys", assumes that all males are attracted to females, when that male could very well be looking at the guy next to the girl who is going against the dress code.


P.S. I think dress codes are stupid. :)

I think dress codes should be banned at PUBLIC schools. However I do think dress codes should be completely 100% legal at PRIVATE schools. 1) makes perfect sense. People don"t dress for nothing, we dress to impress. An example can be that be don"t wear our finest clothes at home, but outside wear people can see them. Girls don"t dress in a sexy way for no reason. By this logic a girl could wear something super sexy that is within the dres code, and you expect boys not to stare. No one in my school elementary, middle, or high school was gay. Or maybe they just didn"t admit it. So what that"s one kid in the whole school who"s staring big deal. It"s one guy compared to the whole school.
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Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago

Actually, no, it does not assume all males are attracted to females. Most guys are attracted to girls. But if we wanted to say that males aren't distracted by females, that would be saying that they're either all gay and/or asexual which simply isn't the case.

Also, even if the boys don't stare, they can still get the idea in their head from one simple look.
In the case of a few schools, it's not just to keep the guys from getting distracted. It can also be because people correlate showing more skin with having less intelligence. And which school wants to be represented with seemingly less-intelligent students?
But also, females with more revealing clothes can be viewed as tools. And that's not a very self-respecting way to think of yourself, is it?
So, it's best to try and get rid of any opporotunities for those thoughts to come into someone's mind.

Don't correct something when you're actually the one who's wrong...
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