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Drone Aerospace Law

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Started: 4/7/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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A year ago this time I was watching Tucker Carlson speak about drones and aerospace law as it pertains to the interference of personal property and privacy of individuals. By the end of the 12 min segment all I was able to gather was that it"d suck to have a pervert neighbor who flew drones because the law, as it still stands, finds said pervy neighbor to be fully within their legal right to fly their drone to my house and hover in record mode outside my bedroom/bathroom window. As this space does not belong to me, but is owned property by the FAA. So if I was getting dressed, going to the bathroom or even being intimate with my husband - if I happened to see a drone with the red light on outside my window I am within no legal right to take my shotgun and shoot that drone down.
A year later, the purchase of a drone by my soon-to-be husband sparks the debate-
If it any point I see a drone hovering anywhere on my property when I"m unaware or unwanting of its presence; I will destroy it. Especially in cases where the drone is not known to me, or my soon to be husband. This started off at a joke topic, as we plan our trip to the boundary waters and I"m a very private "bathroom" I will reiterate what I"ve told him....
I believe I am within all legal rights to destroy a drone when violating my legally claimed personal space, despite any knowledge I have acquired previously stating otherwise.
When I moved into my first hous there were an array of issues I had to deal with, I found them all fun and willingly took the projects on. The one problem I did not enjoy dealing with was my super nice neighbor who incessantly bothered me about their overgrown trees, claiming they did not know what to do with them. Well, the problem was that this trees branches were spilling out into the sidewalk (city owned;they"d be fined for the overage), neighbors yards (who constantly complained about dead leaves/flowers in their yard and consequent rodent issues) and their interference with cable lines (privately owned by companies who threatened suit for their customer complaints of interrupted service which went unfixed for months while this tree continued to grow, bloom and die...) The neighbor could not trim the tree themselves, as they were too old to do it themselves, and they could not afford to hire a professional to do so. Eventually they called the city who told them the tree branches were their property, thus they were responsible for their maintence, etc.
That said, if A tree branch on city property is held accountable by a different property owned by a different individual, could not the same be said about a drone. As a drone would not be functioning without its flyer"-who presumably is on the ground (rooted somewhere else) committing but otherwise be considered stalking, spying, harassing or minimally trespassing on private property?


I am one of the rarest breed of anarchist you will ever meet. I adore spying.

I believe the optimal world is one where all spy on all and thus all are informed of all.

It's simple as that really.

You may not like your neighbour spying on you only because everyone else can't see the pervert doing it. It's that you are not able to spy back on the one using the drone and scream to the world that he (or she) is the pervert that they are that you feel so violated.

If we could spy on NSA the way they do us, if we had the ability to assess internatl government affairs as they have to assess ours, what a fair and just world we'd have.
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