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Drug Legalization

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Started: 8/23/2016 Category: Society
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Drugs should be legal. In Portugal, the decriminalization of drugs has decreased use (1). In Colorado, Marijuana legalization has decreased use, and has generated Millions in tax revenue.

Drugs only harm the person using them, so it should be their choice to use drugs. It's a victimless crime, and arresting somebody for it is unfair.


I thank my opponent for this debate and I will jump right in.

Contention 1: Economy

The DEA has connected the link between Marijuana and terrorist activities. Legalization will only increase it as the demand will go up while the Cartels will use violence to keep the supply down. Here is a quote from the DEA regarding this issue, "The bombers swapped hashish and ecstasy for the 440 pounds of dynamite used in the blasts, which killed 191 people and injured more than 1,400 others. Money from the drugs also paid for an apartment hideout, a car, and the cell phones used to detonate the bombs." [1]

Donnie Marshall, Congressional subcommittee on drugs has stated that legalization will not stop violence.

Marijuana is addictive and can increase your heart rate by a factor of 20 to 100. Smoking 1 joint is the equalize of smoking 5 cigarettes. The 'High' fallowed by a crash that can cause fear and depression. These last forever while a 'High' will only last a few hours. [2]

We all know how expensive our health bills are. Well, when it comes to Marijuana in the year 2002, the ONDCP has found that the total cost of Marijuana injuries totaled over $52 billion, that's when it's illegal. Imagine if it were legal and opened up to the general population.

In the above graph we can see that the red line, representing violence connected to drug trafficking is skyrocketing and is competing with homicide numbers by males. [3]

I would now like to point out what is occurring in Mexico with drug trackers and that the violence is increasing, but though they have a strong War against terror I would like to extend across the DEA evidence that I provided and that was not refuted which stating that legalization does not cut down on the violence. This is a key point of evidence is from a government agency (and yes I understand that my opponent does not live in Scotland, but this is still important.

The above graph shows the violence that the drug cartel has raged against the drug cartels and the average citizen and this shows the danger here. [4]

If you think that this war hasn't had an effect on the US, then you are wrong as the US is operating inside the United States and they have found one of the major Drug Cartel forwarding bases to be in none other than Colorado. [5]

Contention 2: Human Freedom

This contention I shall address it from 3 different parts: Gonzalez V. Rich, application of Thomas Hobbes theory, and finally the rights of the individual.

In the Gonzalez V. Rich Supreme Court Case, the Supreme Court ruled that the state law may not trump federal law. This case had to deal with medicinal marijuana in California, but since it could be shipped elsewhere for commerce and due to the Commerce Clause this makes what Colorado and Washington are doing unconstitutional.

Sigmund Freud has stated that humans are selfishly aggressive. You could have easily done it just so you can feel good about yourself. Here he is quoted.

"I have found little that is 'good' about human beings on the whole. In my experience most of them are trash, no matter whether they publicly subscribe to this or that ethical doctrine or to none at all. That is something that you cannot say aloud, or perhaps even think."

Thomas Hobbes has also shown that humanity, by nature, is rotten. That we will rape and pillage everything unless we have a threat. This of course being laws and punishment. Otherwise we would end up in chaos and anarchy. [6] This shows that both Hobbes and Freud show that humans are terrible creatures and make terrible choices, hence the phrase, “Only human.” This is why we need the government to regulate many of these things otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do many things, because we would be so dysfunctional.

Another piece of justification is that your rights end where the rights of other’s begins. Which would mean that all sale and purchasing drugs would lead to violation of other’s rights due to their bodily harm. [7] Especially if they are any of the ones named in Contention 4.

Contention 3: Addiction

The accessibility will actually lead to an increase of addiction and especially that of children. [8]

They report that there have been 3 confirmed deaths connected to marijuana. The USDEA has reported a major increase of hospitalizations from 3,200 to 13,000 in the span of 1 year. [9]

While in the United Kingdom legalization of marijuana in London in the span of one year has seen a 40-100% increase of hospitalization and has hindered the local economy by 80,000 Euros. The number for the Scotts is just as bad as they have seen a total of 50% increase in hospitalizations due to marijuana within the first year. [10]

I would like to point out that drugs are probably offered to you more since you live in Scotland and drugs have been legalized there, but here in the US it hasn't and it is more likely to be offered a cigarette more than anything else. Because this personal experience holds no water in this debate I would like to extend this argument across.

The issue with legalizing all drugs, is that there are some that are quite disturbing and some that can be deadly. My opponent's position in this debate is the defense of all drugs.

Devils Breath- this drug is used for amnesia (causes) them to do anything you want and they have no memory of it the next day. It’s a powder that you just blow into your victim’s face.

Dipted- This causes ringing in the ears, distorted music and sounds for three weeks.

Bromo Dragon Fly- This is like LSD but lasts three weeks, causes seizers, vein spasms and more.

Jankum- Made from fragmented poop for a week. This causes hallucinations for 3 hours. You are smelling the methane from your poop.

DNP- For weight loss, but this this raises your body heat from the inside to the point that you cook from the inside

Etrophine- Like meth and morphine, so strong that 1/1000th of a gram can knock out an elephant. Can you imagine if someone drops this into your drink? This is like a date rape, but tons a time strong

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