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Dwyane Wade is better than LeBron James

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Started: 1/19/2011 Category: Sports
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I will be arguing that professional basketball player Dwyane Wade is better than professional basketball player LeBron James. If you accept, please give acknowledgment of your position in the first round and I will begin posting arguments in round 2.


Hello LAW. I look forward to this.
Debate Round No. 1


Glad you accepted the challenge ASB, and I hope for a very interesting debate. I will continue with presenting my arguments and we’ll move on from there.


In this small introduction, I will go over the main categories I’ll be using to compare the two NBA basketball players. These will include general statistics, skill, and clutchness/championship.

Statistics [1], [2]

On the outside, it may seem that LeBron has better statistics. However, that’s when you don’t factor in production per minute. I’ll show my opponent a list of main statistical categories and show who does better than who when it comes to a per minutes aspect and I’ll be using their career stats.

Dwyane Wade:
Points – 0.68 (Worse)
Rebounds – 0.13 (Worse)
Assists – 0.17 (Same)
Steals – 0.05 (Better)
Blocks – 0.03 (Better)

LeBron James:
Points – 0.69 (Better)
Rebounds – 0.17 (Better)
Assists – 0.17 (Same)
Steals – 0.04 (Worse)
Blocks – 0.02 (Worse)

Conclusion from these statistics is that Wade and LeBron virtually produce at the same level statistically speaking at a per minutes aspect from their whole career.


When I mean skill, I mean the ability to produce at a certain level despite a negative environment. In the case of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, LeBron James as a much more durable and bigger frame then Wade and is also pretty fast. Wade, however, is able to produce at the same level as LeBron statistically like I’ve already proved. Wade also gets more blocks then LeBron despite being four inches shorter. So the skill category goes to Wade.

Clutchness and Championship[3]

From my third source, clutch is term used to describe performing well under pressure. Wade has proven to be able to play well under pressure, completely lifting his team down 0-2 in the finals against the mavericks to a 4-2 finals series win. LeBron on the other hand…not so much. He hasn’t been able to get a championship yet and lost 0-4 in his only finals appearance. Wade has a ring, and James doesn’t. Finally, James basically played horrible against the Celtics in the 2009-2010 playoffs while Wade played out of his mind.


Wade tops LeBron in two of the three categories I discussed. The last one was a tie but the differences were so small it could eventually go to Wade’s favor. Overall, however, through this analysis, Wade has been shown to be the better player over LeBron.




LeBron James is better than Wade.

First off, James is more versatile than Wade is. James can successfully play three positions well to Wade's one. Those three positions are point, shooting guard, and small forward. He could even play the fourth position if he had to.

Comparing James to Wade is like comparing Playstation to Playstation 2. Playstation can play its Playstation games but Playstation 2 can play the Playstation games and Playstation 2. Wade is the Playstation and James is the Playstation 2.

James now plays for a team that is stacked with talent. He has Wade, Bosh, and Miller who has been injured.

James can say he has won 2 MVP's to Wade who cannot say that he has. MVP awards are a mark of true greatness. The MVP award is basically a team and individual effort. The team rallies around the best player, while the best player performs to such greatness that the league has no choice but to give him the award. The award is usually given to the top performing player on the top teams.

Wade has not shown the ability to win consistently as the top player on his team. The only time he has won a title was with the great Shaquille O'Neal who was at the time still scoring his 20 points and 10 rebounds per game.

James made it to the Finals but got swept. Has Wade ever come close to doing this without a dominating player?

There were no notable players on the Cavaliers the season they made it to the Finals (just let me know if Gooden, Hughes, Ilgauskas, Pavlovic, or Marshall are notable players compared to Shaq).

James and Wade are now on the same team. There is no debating on who the leader is on that team. It is James. James is the person on the team who plays the most minutes, makes the bigger paycheck, and has the most points and assists. The minutes, paycheck, and points alone show who is in charge.

ESPN stats show that James is leading Wade in minutes, rebounds, assists, steals, and points. They are playing on the same team and it is clear who the leader of the team is.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent has neglected to refute any of my three main contentions that showed how Wade was a better player than LeBron. With that in mind, my arguments stand.
My opponent has stated a number of things in an attempt to prove that LeBron is the better player which I will go along to prove wrong.


Wade can additionally play shooting guard, point guard, and small forward if he wanted to. Like I showed in the career stats, they averaged the same number of assists throughout their career. This shows how they can both effectively play point guard. Wade plays shooting guard better as that's his natural position. LeBron would obviously play small forward better, and when it comes to playing power forward, Wade has shown to be able to get down low and provide nice post moves. LeBron has only recently shown to be able to do something like that. The only problem with Wade playing Power Forward and Small Forward even is that he is only 6'4".

Next, the MVP does not equal best player. If that was true, Steve Nash would be as good as LeBron James. I doubt you would agree with that. James also had a team specifically assembled for him. LeBron had chosen some of the players that were on roster of the Cavs. The only reason they are doing bad this reason is because they lost the player they were assembled around and they have been plagued with injuries.

Next, if James was truly clutch, he would have been able to win in the Finals where pressure is at the highest. He was able to bring his team there, so why couldn't he continue? Did you know that Wade and the Heat did not beat the Mavs at all in the regular season during their championship season. However, Wade still pulled his team to victory.

Finally, James leads these stats by a little amount and that is only because Wade has less minutes.

My points stand as they have not been properly refuted and I have successfully negated all my opponent's points.


My opponent fails to realize that I'm trying to follow his debate format so this debate would go on smoothly.
Round 1: acceptance
Round 2: Opening arguments.
I did not contend my opponents statements in the second round on purpose. I chose not to contend so I would not get a head start on my opponent. I will continue to debate like so until my last round.
So in this round, I will only contend his second round arguments
Next round his third.

So on to counter his second round arguments.

- According to The Law, points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks show skill.
Stats do not display overall skill. They show an idea of skill one that I am a fan of. I am a fan of overall output, but it is not a true representation of skill.
Stats do not show an analyst who has the best jumper, or crossover, or jumping abilities, or the ability for a player to stay in front of his man.

- According to The Law, points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks all hold the same representation.
My opponent believes that .69 points is the equivalent of .04 steals and that .17 rebounds equals .03 blocks.
My audience would not agree that these two stats have any correlation as well.
Saying that, 'welI guess that means they are tied.' Two to two right. Wrong, points and rebound superiority cannot be compared to steals and blocks if the steals and blocks are that low in quantity. If Wade was getting three steals and 2 blocks a game, then I might compare that to 20 or 30 points. Points and rebounds help teams more than steals and blocks if there was representation.
Teams get 40 rebounds to 6 steals. A steals can take points away from a team. Successful defensive rebounding can do the same thing.
Points scored gets points on the board.

- By the way, production by 36 minutes is the dumbest stat in basketball if you use that stat the way you used used it.
Of course 36 minute stats makes them look as if they are closer in comparison.
If I showed you statistics of a player who averaged 15 minutes per game and put up the same stats as Wade per 36 minutes would I be saying that Wade and that player were the same.

If my opponent addresses this comment, I will provide proof that there are players like this in the league today. Averaging 13 minutes per game and if one placed them in 36 minute stats they would mirror some of the elite players.

- My opponent cannot give one argument that establishes Wade as better than James from a present day standpoint.
I hope that in order for one debater to prove himself right he must show how a player in the present still maintains superiority over another player before discussing the past. My opponent ignores the present because debating the present would kill his argument entirely.

- Like I said from the last round. Tell me if any of those players that I mentioned before that were on the Cavs, stack up with Shaq. Then we will start talking about championship chances. Back when Shaq was good on one's team, it did not matter if a player was clutch, Shaq was the difference maker. Before, the Heat never had a fighting chance.

James and Wade are on the same team. James is better than Wade on their present team. Throughout the past, even when one championship, James won 2 MVP's and is the best player on the Heat.

Debate Round No. 3


I was unaware that my opponent had decided on a format like this, I said in the opening post that arguments would begin in round 2, therefore rebuttals and contentions could have been provided. However, if there was a misunderstanding I will take responsibility for it.
My opponent seemed to not understand my definition of what skill was. I was talking about how someone can produce at a certain level based on their limitations. Wade has a smaller and weaker body frame than LeBron yet is still able to produce the same amount of statistics.
My opponent is making an assumption based on logical reasoning onto why points and rebounds carry more weight than steals and blocks. Points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks are all one of the five major statistical categories of basketball. That means, technically, they carry the same weight. Additionally, you can’t simply conclude how much of what equals what. The point is that one of them is better than the other at a certain stat.
===36 Minute Production===
First of all, this isn’t a dumb method of comparing players. Basketball reference, a great website on basketball information, uses 36 minute production as one of their figures on player profiles. Additionally, you may find someone that on surface looks like they produce as much as “elite players” however you must also take into account things like consistency and the amount of games played. You also have to see how dimensional the player is. Are they just scorers? Rebounders? Both?
===The Present===

There is a problem with using present statistics. Firstly, they are on the same team and nearly make the same statistical output. Things keep changing this season on who leads in scoring, rebounding, etc. For example, last night against the New York Knicks Wade had 34 points on 14 for 22 shooting as well as a career high 16 rebounds. LeBron had 24 points on a horrible 7 for 24 shooting. Some days one will have better nights than the other. Next week Wade could be leading in every major statistical category. For now, we have to wait until the season ends to accurately know who had the better season.
=== Championship===
If you want to talk about championship chances then please comment on how LeBron in Game 1 of the Finals only scored 14 points and Daniel Gibson scored more than him? While the next game he shot 9 for 21? And the game after that he shot 9 for 23? And in game 4 he shot a horrible 10 for 30? He was tied with the second to last worst field goal percentage on his team. Wade on the other hand was always the leading scorer for his team in the Finals. In fact, in Game 2 Shaq had only FIVE points. When Wade took over in the last four games he had 42, 36, 43, and 36 points consecutively. Also, in the last game, Shaq had only nine points. Wade completely carried his team while LeBron watched his team loose. There’s a big difference.


Counter 3rd Round Arguments... and 4th round

- My opponent still Holds onto the 100 points Can equal 10 steals Theory.
My opponent says that there is no way to determine what amount of steals can equal a total amount of points. I agree with this statement, however I do not agree with my opponent when he said that since James won on points and rebounds and that Wade won on steals and blocks that it makes it a tie. This is comparing points, rebounds, steals, assists, and blocks as if they can all be on the same parallel.

- Wade playing Forward
Wade cannot play power forward EVER. The part where my opponent says that since Wade has great offensive post moves (for his position) this makes him able to play power forward. My opponent is just trying say that Wade can be the same player as James with throwing out unrealistic possibilities like Wade playing power forward if he could.

Wade cannot post enough rebounds and he does not have the size to play a small forward... face it. Wade can only play two positions effectively where as James can play four effectively.

Offensive post moves does not make one a better forward. James has the size to play the forward position and the eyes to play the point. Wade does not have the size to play big... guard set offensive post moves does not help if one is 6'4' going against a 6'9' forward.

I never said MVP= best player.
I said, that MVP awards are a mark of true greatness. The MVP award is basically a team and individual effort. The team rallies around the best player, while the best player performs to such greatness that the league has no choice but to give him the award. The award is usually given to the top performing player on the top teams.

This means that of the top performing teams, the award is usually given to the top performing player of those teams. It could be Nowitski, Nash, Stoudemire, James, Duncan, Bryant, etc. It is not someone from a losing team. Usually means most of the time, not all of the time. It is also a team effort because the team has to do well in order for the player on that team to be considered as the MVP.

James won this award twice while Wade has won none.

- I Do Not Think That the Readers Care if Wade won the Finals MVP compared to James Finals Run

The reason I say this is because even if James did pick that team, well the Law says this. Even if he did, he was the only main source of points on that team. There was nobody on James' team that could contribute to James' team the way that Shaq contributed to the Heat. The Heat never made a Finals run with Wade until they got Shaq. Shaq averaged his 20 points and 10 rebounds a game so he was a huge factor.

When a player feels like they are alone in contributing to a team victory, like how James must have been feeling, their performance usually falters. Example, Kobe Bryant in the playoffs against the Suns where he bombed the last game of a seven game series playing terribly because he felt alone.

James took the Cavs to the Finals by himself, Wade did so with O'Neal.

- 36 Minutes
I noticed that my opponent never refuted my point about James playing the most minutes. He just shrugged it off as if it had no importance. When my opponent was mentioning finding out if players do not match up, he only mentioned the amount of games one plays. He never mentions Wade's minutes on the team as of present day. As of now, Wade is behind James in minutes because James is a higher priority than Wade. My opponents excuse is on how stats fluxuate so one cannot determine who will win the stat battles. As of now James still leads with more points, way more assists, and way more rebounds, and more steals than Wade has this season.

-Opponent Uses 36 min stats as an Excuse to Compare Players
My opponent uses 36 min stats to compare players, he also admits that other players stats in the league can be identical to the stars of the league. He says that games played and player dimensions also tie in to determining if a player stacks up as a star.

My opponent says there is a problem with using present stats because they play on the same team. I do not see a problem here. I see a direct comparison in the players now that they are competing for stats. Putting both players on the same team helps one to make more educated comparisons instead of looking dumb by comparing players on different teams.

My opponent says that since Wade plays less minutes he makes up for it with stats... well let me give the readers the clues...

-My opponent says that games played, can play a role in determining if Wade can stack up to James... Wade played less games.

- My opponent says player dimensions stack up.
James has stats that display of a guard and forwards stats while Wade only displays guard like stats in comparison to the top guards and forwards. Wade plays less minutes than James.

- Therefore if we look at The Law's logic, James is better than Wade in comparison.

Debate Round No. 4


Thanks ASB for the responding arguments and I’ll will reply with my own arguments and wrap up my rebuttal.
Statistical Categories
To being, my opponent agrees that there is no way to determine if X amount of one statistical category equals an X amount of another statistical category. However, now he argues that LeBron’s points and rebounds carry more value than Wade’s steals and blocks. My opponent must not be aware that Wade’s only 0.01 points less than LeBron and 0.04 less than LeBron in rebounds. Wade’s better than LeBron in steals and blocks both by 0.01. They are identical when it comes to assists. The fact is that that are so close to being the same statistically that my argument still stands that they are virtually the same when it comes to statistical output. Also, Wade get’s 0.04 offensive rebounds per minute while LeBron only gets 0.03 offensive rebounds per minute. That means LeBron’s rebound value comes solely from his defensive rebounds. I think my opponent can agree with me that it is not only harder to get offensive rebounds, but in most cases can be more important.
The point is that if Wade had the size, he could get down low and provide the footwork to produce effectively at the 4 position. He can already get down low despite disadvantage in size, he just can play there for a considerable amount of time because sooner or later, the size disadvantage would become a problem. Also, as I’ve already stated, LeBron shot 7 for 24 from the field when he played at power forward against the New York Knicks. His footwork was terrible and his shots were flat. He wasn’t playing with high basketball IQ. Now, unless this is effective basketball play, than yes, my opponent is right in saying that LeBron can effectively play this position. However, I don’t believe this is effective play at all. Additionally I know my opponent will try to say that this was only one game and he played other good games when he was playing power forward. However, in those games, Wade wasn’t playing so he was doing more ball handling and passing versus getting down low and doing post moves. Next, I do not know where my opponent obtains his facts from, but Wade is the second best rebounding guard in the league this year. So my opponent is wrong in saying Wade does not get enough rebounds.
My opponent must also understand that MVP awards are not always judged correctly. There is no formula really for the MVP award. Some say it is the person that provides the most value to the team, so wouldn’t that mean the person that produces the most with the smallest salary? Or it could be your definition, the best player on the best team. It could also be the person that individually allows a team to become so much better. To further prove my point that the MVP award can be wrong, just look at the 2008-2009 season. Wade had more points, more steals, more blocks, and more assists than LeBron. He only played 0.9 minutes more. He also brang the worst team in the league the previous season (only 15 wins), to fifth seed. That’s a huge jump. So why didn’t Wade receive the MVP trophy? Simply because LeBron was blessed with a better supporting cast so his team was able to gain more wins? So does that make him valuable? Wade did better than LeBron in FOUR of the FIVE statistical categories. The sole reason Wade and the Heat didn’t get a better record was because Wade’s cast was much worse than LeBron’s. So wouldn’t that mean Wade truly deserved the MVP? Wouldn’t that make Wade and LeBron equal when it comes to MVP trophies? Wouldn’t that completely kill your argument?
I don’t think you can talk for the readers, and besides, I believe the readers would care anyway. Championship is what everyone in the NBA wants. It’s the ultimate goal. They don’t need a whole bunch of points, individual accolades, or praise. They want rings. Wade has accomplished the ultimate goal while LeBron has not. My opponent says that MVP trophies are a true mark of greatness. I believe Championship Rings are the ultimate mark of greatness. My opponent consistently tries to make the supporting cast argument. My opponent does not realize that LeBron got to the Finals. Why couldn’t he finish his playoff run? Answer: He choked. It’s that simple. If he could carry his team all that way, why couldn’t he do the same in the Finals? Wade, despite being down 0-2 in the Finals, despite being 0-2 against the Dallas Mavericks in the regular season (By the way, my opponent did not refute this), still rallied back and beat the Mavs. The Heat were at a disadvantage in every way. My opponent consistently urges that LeBron’s downfall in the Finals was due to bad help from his supporting cast. Well Wade was at a disadvantage in the Finals too. Guess what the difference was however: Wade did something, LeBron didn’t. Wade rallied back and completely carried his team to a championship, LeBron watched as his team fell. That’s where you draw the fine line between Wade and LeBron.
I’m surprised my opponent wants to reveal the fact that LeBron plays more minutes, that only proves that Wade is a more efficient player and is able to produce at the same level (statistically) than LeBron despite playing fewer minutes. Additionally, I stated how matching players up has more to do if their stats are the same on a 36 minute production scale. You need to take into account games played and how consistent they were across these games as well as other factors such as how well they lead a team, playmaking, defense, and more. The fact that LeBron plays more minutes is definitely not due to priority, I’m unable to understand where my opponent obtained this information. The most reasonable and logical reason why Wade gets less minutes is due to being more injury prone. Also, just to let my opponent and the readers know, being injury prone DOES NOT measure the greatness of a player, that is common mistake made. Next, stats to change, again Wade beat LeBron when it came to points against the Thunder on Sunday.
Comparing Players
My opponent misunderstood my logic. A player that averages 24 points over 81 games is a much more reliable source than 24 points over 1 game. Wade and LeBron have played nearly the same amount of games this year (about 1 or 2 game difference). Next, Wade is capable of making plenty of assists (08-09 season), getting plenty of rebounds (this season), and every other major statistical category. He has been shown to use great footwork down low, crack down on defense, and score at will. Additionally, Wade has shown to be a clutch player down the stretch, unlike LeBron (championship).
My opponent had many flaws in their case; he attempted to try to sneak by refuting points by throwing out illogical misjudgments and assumptions. I’ve properly refuted my opponent’s points and in the end, this is what has been finalized.
- Wade and LeBron both had disadvantages in the Finals. The difference though? Wade did everything he could literally carried his team to championship. You could say LeBron tried, but he utterly failed.
- Wade is versatile. Just because his size doesn’t allow him to play certain positions does not mean he doesn’t have the skill set to produce effectively in those areas. LeBron on the other hand has the size and strong body to produce well in those areas, yet still fails many times (7 for 24 against New York Knicks while playing Power Forward). Essentially, Wade is more skilled.
- Current stats are unreliable due to how each of them plays better than the other on different nights. Usually, however, bad play from Wade is equipped with injury he tries to play through.



OH YES I'm bringing back the caps that make me famous on this SITE.


-To say that 36 minute stats can measure the greatness of a player. When so many players can match the same output.
- To say that Wade is better than James just because Wade is shorter is dumb. It is just like saying that if Wade was the same size as Dwight Howard, Wade could do the same thing Howard could do. This is an obvious error on my opponents part.
- My opponent fails to acknowledge that James is the best player on the Heat.
-To say that Wade can play power forward or small forward at all as well as James can.
-To say that Wade won all by himself and to continually neglect O'Neal on the team as if he was never there.
- To say that Wade can rebound at a level of a forward.
- To say that steals and blocks are on the same level as points and rebounds when history proves that steals and blocks do not get one an MVP, while points and rebounds distinguish MVP's. Therefore, points and rebounds are more valuable than steals and blocks.
- To say that I never negated his arguments is assinine.
- To say that Wade is more versitle than James when blocks and steals do not measure versatility.
- My opponent fails to realize that forwards usually do not get more assists than guards.
- Fails to acknowledge that if one plays more minutes than another, that usually means that the one who played the more minutes is better than the one who played the less.
- Fails to realize that stats do not lie.
- Wade fails to meet James statistically, but my opponent contiually fails to acknowledge this.


- My opponent continues to bring in more stats.
Offensive rebounds... who measures this... I guess my opponent ran out of things to say that Wade is better than James at.
- Bringing up single game updates as if that proves his point. The fact is that James still averages more points, rebounds, assists, and steals than Wade this season.
- Wade made the playoffs last season with James on another team... and Wade still did not win the MVP, James did.

Vote FOR Con, Vote for JAMES.

Debate Round No. 5
10 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Loserboi 7 years ago
They are one a 21 game losing streak in the EAST. I don't care if they have injuries, this team won 60+games the year before, they lose LeBron and they fell that much? If Tim Duncan is injured Spurs can still win, if Kobe is injured the lakers can still win, Hell if Pau Gasol was injured and Kobe was injured the Lakers can still win. Boston can still win if they lost like the big 3. The Cavs this season just proved that they never had anything to offer LeBron James. LeBron James truly proved the definition of putting a team on his back. Wade won a ring but Shaq had a huge part in it. Saying players like Damon Jones or Daniel Gibson had a big role on the Cavs is a real stretch of an argument.
Posted by Loserboi 7 years ago
I don't count winning in preseason to mean anything... Many horrible teams win in the preseason. You really can't make an argument against LeBron James, he does everything on the team. I thought trying to say more points per minute was a stretch.
Posted by TheLaw 7 years ago
Not neccessarily, Wade is simply the better off-the-ball player. Wade is definitely capable of racking up those assists. For example, against the Cavs on the 31st of January, Wade got 4 assists all in the fourth quarter while LeBron was on the bench. Additionally, Wade averaged more assists than LeBron in the 08-09 season.

Also, in response to ASB in his last round saying how minutes usuually determine the better player, just look at Kobe and Pau. Pau averages exactly four more minutes than Kobe, that's much more than the difference between Wade and LeBron. However, Kobe is considered to be the better player.
Posted by BlackVoid 7 years ago
If Lebron runs the offense more than it would indicate he is slightly better. Typically you want your best player being the primary ballhandler, after all.
Posted by TheLaw 7 years ago
Thank you BlackVoid, that's the point I've been trying to make the whole time. Their stats are virtually the same! The reason, however LeBron's assists numbers are so high is that he usually runs the offense more than Wade and Wade plays better off-the-ball. However, the point I was trying to make with the stats I just posted is that currently, their numbers keep changing and now Wade (at a per minute aspect) is beating LeBron in points (and blocks) while LeBron leads in assists. They're tied in the other two catgories. According to my oopponent, points and rebounds carry the most value (at least versus steals/blocks), therefore, right now (according to my opponent's logic) Wade is the better player. If my opponent disagrees with this then he would be going back on his logic which would make his statements illogical (which I've already stated).
Posted by BlackVoid 7 years ago
By those stats, it looks like they're virtually the same except James is a better passer.
Posted by TheLaw 7 years ago
And one last thing to add since my opponetn said stats don't lie or anything, take a look at there stats PER MINUTE right now:


0.70 points
0.19 rebounds
0.11 assists
0.04 steals
0.03 blocks


0.68 points
0.19 rebounds
0.19 assists
0.04 steals
0.02 blocks
Posted by TheLaw 7 years ago
@ASB: Nice debate, I would have loved to continue debating because I believe all your errors are innocrrect. For example, I did prove Wade and James are statistically the same, yet Wade is just more efficient. Also, I've already showed how you can differentiate between two different players if they are statistically the same at 36 minute production. Saying James is the best player on the heat is a false assumption as I've been proving this whole time how Wade is better. In fact Wade again dropped more points than LeBron last night with 34 versus LeBron's 24. So yes, stats do change. Also I noticed hwo you didn't say anything about how Wade did something with his disadvantage while LeBron didn't. You keep talking about Shaq. However, I forgot the last time having FIVE points in a playoff game was contribution. Anyway, nice debate, I just didn't want the readers to think I made all these errors where I didn't.
Posted by TheLaw 7 years ago
@loserboi: It may seem like that on the outside, but there are several reason to explain the horrible play from the Cavs. The Cavs have been riddled with injuries. It's not even funny. I believe everyone on their team except for one person has started at least once. That's ridiculous. Additionally, the Cavs was a team directly assembled for LeBron, take LeBron out of the equation and who do you have the team assembled for? Finally, the Cavs started out pretty well in the beginning of the season as many people seem to forget. They one 6 of their 8 preseason games and started out the season before their first game with Miami at 7 wins and 10 losses. I know that's still not great but at that rate they would've gotten much more wins then the pace they are at right now. The point is, the game with Miami completely killed their confidence which therefore resulted in horrible play (They've only had one win since then).
Posted by Loserboi 7 years ago
The proof that LeBron James was the entire Cavaliers team is being proven this season. Look at the Cavs they are a piece of sh1t team without him. The Cavs are so disgusting and horrible that even a WNBA team is more interesting to watch than they are.
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Vote Placed by BlackVoid 7 years ago
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Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
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Vote Placed by Loserboi 7 years ago
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Vote Placed by Cliff.Stamp 7 years ago
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