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E-sports is a valid proffesion

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Started: 1/6/2019 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I've been doing too many religious philosophical debates and wanted to do something else.

I've heard people say that E-Sports and tournament gaming "Isn't a real job" It is. Let's see if you disagree. First round is acceptance.


As Con, I will be debating that E-sports (a professional gamer) isn't a "valid profession. "

To start off, If we intuitively equate the term "profession" with any job that an individual can get paid for, A professional gamer would indeed be a profession, And you would be right. However, I will make a distinction between "profession" and "valid profession" here since that is what you stated in the topic. I referenced the Merriam-Webster dictionary to define the terms valid and profession for this debate.

Valid: well-grounded or justifiable

Profession: a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation

If you agree with the above definitions, We can proceed with the debate. Note that I will be debating strictly on the semantics of the above definitions.
Debate Round No. 1


Those definitions are acceptable. Allow me to define further, Using the merriam-webster dictionary.

Justifiable: capable of being justified
a : to prove or show to be just, Right, Or reasonable
trying to justify his selfish behavior
I shouldn't have to justify myself to them.
justify the ways of God to man
" John Milton
b(1) : to show to have had a sufficient legal reason

(2) : to qualify (oneself) as a surety (see SURETY sense 3) by taking oath to the ownership of sufficient property

Sufficient is a loose term, But if we examine E-sports, They do have a sufficient legal reason for existing, To provide entertainment and to gain money.

Concerning the definition of profession, E-sports does require specialized knowledge. While E-sports does not require long intensive academic preparation it does require intense preparation and training. Also its important to realize the definition says often not always.

As always, I look forward to your response.


violinistic forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Really. . .
I waste my time justifying definitions and you won't even write a opening argument?
I'd say I look forward to your response but I doubt you'll ever respond.
Da ' Svydanya comrade.


violinistic forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I don't want to be notified how I have debate arguments due, So I'm just going to post here.


violinistic forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Okay i understand you more now, I thought you were saying its a bad fight. We good now no worries
Posted by W0LV3NBANE 3 years ago
I do think that boros vs saitama is a good fight. I think its an awesome fight. Its two overpowered characters beating the crap out of each other. And I love anime fight scenes. The other guy was saying that there is no good anime fight scenes. I must of wrote my comment wrong, Sorry.
Posted by Thoht 3 years ago
I have watched them all.

Introducing me to new ones is quite difficult. I could give you a list of great ones you may not have watched as well, But let's do it in PMs.
Posted by omar2345 3 years ago

My recommendations would be:

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood
Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Likely you have watched the first 2. Not likely you have watched the last 2 but I can be wrong.
Posted by Thoht 3 years ago
I think Gon overwhelming Pitou was a great part of the storytelling. You're right in that it wasn't a great fight despite her Nen carrying on after her death to try and take Gon down, But it was important in her development as a character because it shows her resolve, Like the other Ants, To protect their king. She died happy that she could stop the uniquely blessed individual from using his talents on her King. I think that was more interesting story wise than a more drawn out fight would've been. It made us truly scared of the main protagonist of the series. It was a truly 10/10 epic anime moment.

Go ahead and message me about anything. I've watched tons of anime. There are not many I haven't that people consider good. TBH I beg for people to give me titles I haven't yet watched that are good.
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Sidenote, I wish Gon vs Pitou was more of a back and forth. It was super one sided. Gon straight up demolished Pitou. When the fight was over, I was like wtf that's it? Since Pitou is extremely strong, But obviously Gon's transformation was super insane. I understand Gon's anger and strength, But I think it'd be better had Pitou put up more of a fight, I would have felt more satisfied because the built up to that fight was insane. With all that being said, I'm not discrediting anything I loved that fight. I just wish it was more of a back and forth instead of it being one sided. I actually like Pitou despite what Pitou has done, So I wish Pitou would have gone out with a bang. I watched that whole moment + the fight too many times to count it's one of my favorites.

I also have many theories building up to that fight. Idk if I'm the only one, But I'll message you them if you're interested. Wouldn't want there to be too many comments on here. I wanted Wolvenbane to see my original comment
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Hey Thoht. Sorry if my comment confused you, I made that comment in response to an anime debate. Your point about OPM and Saitama and Boros - I understand what you're saying. I agree.

"It's a interesting fight to watch just because of the animation. It's not interesting in mechanics or backstory almost at all. The most interesting bit on this count is "I'm really strong and a dude told me I'd find someone else strong here. " - Agreed

My definition of a good fight is a good back and forth between two characters, Pretty much other aspects of a fight which makes it good > pretty self explanatory. Your paragraph explaining the HxH fights I completely agree with, It sort of helps my point. I also think that those HxH fights are better than Saitama vs Boros.

Some people of course do like fights with flashy animation, Some like it with backstory and stuff behind it, And with build up. I happen to like both. If there's a good fight that comes randomly without any backstory then I'm here for it, I love action. I admit, Fights that are much more anticipated to happen with emotional build-up and backstory (for example, Gon vs Pitou) are much better.

I understand the fights I brought up couldn't really be compared with Saitama vs Boros since that fight, There was no backstory or anything behind it, Just two overpowered people going at it. Nevertheless it was still a great fight to me and other people. It was a good sight to see, Particularly (as you said) the animation.

The point i was simply getting at was how could Wolvenbane say there are no good fight scenes when there are good fight scenes in anime.

No need for you to go on dw. Glad we are on the same page and it's cool you're into anime like m
Posted by Thoht 3 years ago
Also Kvng, Part of the charm of OPM is that he's overpowered and basically uses simple punches as 'techniques. ' It's that level of ridiculousness that is what is so funny about the series and the character himself.

All of the other fights you put down have some interesting mechanics or techniques behind them.

OPM's Boros V Saitama is literally Really Strong Dude with little backstory using one or two "techniques" that aren't interesting because their uniqueness is never explained and essentially boil down to "really strong attack" in the viewer's mind versus a plain dude that punches him after taking a few hits.

If one's definition of "Good" fight is one that is interesting technique wise, Or where techniques are creatively used against their opponent, Or the interaction of the two character's techniques is interesting, And the two characters have interesting backstory to explain why they are fighting, OPM Boros v. Saitama fails on all of these counts more or less.

It's a interesting fight to watch just because of the animation. It's not interesting in mechanics or backstory almost at all. The most interesting bit on this count is "I'm really strong and a dude told me I'd find someone else strong here. "

Comparing that to Gon v Pitou where Pitou killed Gon's friend in front of him and Gon "enhances" to his future self, Or K vs Uvo where Kurapika uses his chains to incapacitate the strongest Enhancer spider and the Spiders had harvested all of his family's eyes, There's really no contest. Netero uses the Rose Bomb versus Meruem and has interesting mechanics himself. Meruem is a good example of a 'not that interesting mechanics-wise' character, But his backstory is way more interesting than Boros.

I don't think I need to go on here. It's mechanics and backstory that make the fight "good" to some people. If you're into flashy animation and that's your only priority for a 'good' fight then you do you, But I don't agree personally. Its a cool fight not
Posted by Thoht 3 years ago
Your opponent has to define "real job" as something other than what pays the bills. Good luck to him.
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
I responded to your comment on the other debate, Wolvenbane. I honestly don't see how you think Boros vs Saitama isnt a good fight. You think it wasnt good just because they were both overpowered and you couldnt understand the characters?

And for you to say theres no good fight scenes i assume you havent seen many anime. I listed some fights on other debate i guess you didnt check back, But I'll name a few, Not gonna name everything again.

Hunter x Hunter:
Netero vs Meruem
Gon vs Pitou
Kurapika vs Uvogin

Kakashi vs Obito
Sasuke vs Itachi
Naruto vs Pain
Rock Lee vs Gaara
and more.

Aizen vs Everyone
Ichigo vs Aizen
Ichigo vs Grimmjow

Akame ga kill:
Akame vs Esdeath easily.
and many more

those are good and creative fights. Don't think you seen my comment so had to repeat
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