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E3 Video Game Discussion (You Pick The Game To Talk About)

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Started: 6/30/2014 Category: Entertainment
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So, what I want to do is discuss or converse about the following games listed below. You choose: we will discuss.
  • No Man's Sky
  • Elite: Dangerous
  • Assassin's Creed: Unity
  • Batman Arkham Knight
  • Destiny
  • Dead Island 2
  • Mass Effect 4 (Yes It Was Announced and My Pick for discussion lol)
  • Mirrors Edge 2
Let the conversing begin!!!

No Spamming
No Trolling
No Bashing
No Fanboys
No Console Wars
and Enjoy


Awesome. All of the games were amazing looking and I am super excited for them.

I would like to talk about Dead Island 2.

First game- I have played Dead Island, it was very fun, but felt lacking.
I felt like there was not enough detail in mechanics, and the guns were underpowered (But the modded ones were awesome). The Dead Island had a boring, confusing, cry story with only one boss fight in the end. But enough about that.
The only thing i have seen from the game is the CGI trailer and some devs talk about their game.

Weapons- They say guns will act the way they should, and the game is more serious; which for me is something a zombie game should have (except the Dead Rising games). Swords of all kinds. They need to watch some deadliest warrior episodes. Real talk. Can't have enough guns either. Can't wait to kick zombies again.

Graphics- What I would like to see in this new game, is of course 1080p with 60 fps which they say they are making it :)

Zombies- I accoutaly want the zombies to be very dangerous! Maybe this can be in the core of the game, or just a difficulty you can unlock or something. Variations of zombies (But not really zombie classes) is needed! Each zombie should look like it has its own story, Bit marks on the neck or arms, ripped of arms or ears or burnt zombies (detail). Clothes should come in different colors, different conditions of the clothing and many different types of clothing. Yoga pants, cargo, jeans, swimming trunks, itsy bitsy, teeny weeny, yellow polka dot bikinis! This maybe be controversial, but maybe children.. they have been killed in movies, games should not be victimized with the double standard. (evil dead)

Map- Large like Red dead redemption should suffice. No loading screens, and no indisable walls.

Sound Track- I would also like a awesome soundtrack, like skyrim but new age?

Weather- I would love to see dynamic weather. Rain, snow, veritable winds, the works.

Readables- I would be great if you could read books like in skyrim? Lame? What if it was a zombie survival guide? They sell those nowadays. Maybe creepypastas or just short stories written by the screenwriters or something.

Animals.. Infected animals of all kinds. Dogs, raccoons, deer. bears, etc. If Far cry 3 can do it, why not DI2...D13 looks like Die. cool lol they should use that next.

HUD- I would like to see the HUD at a minimum like the new AC Unity, in my opinion, it looks cleaner but not that big of a deal.

Online- Finding people to play online with a click of a button to find people to play with, and maybe make friends is great. They said they would do this. Not worried.

Vehicles- Watch_dogs and Gta did great with vehicles like sports cars and jets/helis, boats, jet skis, bikes, motorcycles, and maybe a horse or horse carriage. The trucks in dead island 1 worked.

I'd like to see what you have to say about the game. Thank you for the debate : }
Debate Round No. 1


First, I would like to say thank you for choosing to have a discussion.

What I Have To Say About the Game:

I think the first Dead Island lacked creativity and lacked serious consequences if you died or got bitten. Although, you play a person who is immune to the virus.

The graphics should look amazing since we now have next gen (current gen now) consoles. I'd like to see the graphics that were shown in the CGI trailer as they could be possible with the technology in the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Weapons should be guns and melee weapons only. Kicking a zombie is fun as it is a little humorous.

I'm looking forward to zombies that move in a realistic manner and zombies that could be potentially dangerous but that is determined by the person that was infected. I expect weak looking zombies to be weak and strong, muscely zombies to be strong. I expect to see decomposition in dead tissue in zombies to make them appear real.

The map better be open world and HUGE like Los Santos in GTA V.

I think the same thing on the soundtrack and weather as well. The readables would be a neat extra.

I'd like to see a minimalistic HUD as well.

I don't care for online.

Vehicles would be cool if you could upgrade them to MOW over zombies.


All good points you make.

I really really want to make my ONLINE character unique from every other play. I want total creative freedom. Hair color, eye wear,tattoos, piercings, how much muscle/fat , how tall, how short. It would be great if they do what APB Reloaded did with making your own shirt designs. They should look at saints row 3 and 4 for notes.

To be able to climb over fences, climb through windows, things that you would be able to do in real life. I dont want to yell at my character for not being able to jump to another ledge.

Cool characters in the story line that you can hate and other that you love. I want to be emotionally attached to a character. Ubisoft is great at memorable characters this their far cry (Vass and the new one in FC4)

About the the vehicles being upgraded. You could put a snow plow on a big truck, or put improvised spikes on the sides. Every vehicel should fit every player online. They should have vehicle spots like arma or battlefield.

The link to the thread talks about Characters, stealth, Equipment Upgrades, immersion, survival, and exploration that Far cry 3 did right and how Dead Island 2 can use to make their game greater.
Bows for stealth kills, rocks for distractions, being immersed by healing yourself, limited fast travel and scavenging are key ingredients for this zombie game.

It is strange that you say you don't care for online. Online is great for me, for I get lonely.
I would like to see really powerful sniper rifle in the game so you can get long range headshots for fun, or save someone the is being attacked.
Zooms of 4x 8x 15x 25x 50x and 100x (some people love to snipe, give them what they want). From arma, some weapons can be damaged went found, so variation on a guns condition then they are found should be randomized.
I do not want guns to break overtime because that is ridiculous. I want bullets to be scarce and expensive from shops.
Thermal optics, night time optics for zombies and seeing in the dark. (One can argue if dead bodies give off heat, but i see them breathing and making noises as zombies do, rapid warm gulps of california air into the lungs of a more or less dead body should give off heat)

Also from arma, Dayz has airbases that have lots of military firearms. Dead Island can have one for the purpose and to have jets and vehicles if the army has not taken them. If the airbase is a safe zone, them it can be a market for the player. Maybe a status with the army. Steal something from them, you like you less. Do side quests for them, they like you, can get you discounts and or let you join their base and get access to humvees, helis, jets or whatever or steal one, and be tagged as a enemy.
Also, a working trading system between online players.
Debate Round No. 2


Dead Island 2 looks promising and sounds promising and I think that Deep Silver has learned from their past experiences with Dead Island 1.. In the final cut of the game: I expect to see major improvements to UI, Zombie AI and game mechanics. The first game, I think, didn't fully use those properly. This is where Deep Silver can make a whole new
Dead Island that doesn't take place in the first one's universe. Make Dead Island 2 a reboot and do it completely different. I want Deep Silver to make us proud and put us into an awe state. I am hoping they do it right this time.


Gogert777 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


I extend my previous submission to this round.


Gogert777 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Just keeping it going...


Sorry I was away..
We have more than enough on the new game. There was not much else to talk about, we covered about everything.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Gogert777 7 years ago
Opps, i have been away for to long! Darn parties! Lol getting REALLY high.
Posted by Tyler5362 7 years ago
Okay. Why did you comment if you have nothing good to say?
Posted by Malacoda 7 years ago
I would just personally never accept something like this.
Posted by Tyler5362 7 years ago
Because, I said so. Problem???
Posted by Malacoda 7 years ago
Why does this need to be a debate?
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