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EU is a failed project

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Started: 8/6/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, And I believe that the EU as a project is something that will fail in the next 50-100 years. In my opinion, It has taken a form it was never supposed to, Being more of a political union than anything else. With things like the EU President and an EU Commission, It has gone too far from the economic union it was supposed to be. Of course, Economically, It makes sense, It is about a lot of countries being able to trade freely, But things that I have mentioned plus the free movement of peoples, A part of no other trade/customs/economic union, Will be the downfall of the European Union.

One of the things that I have against the EU is that it takes too much power from the national governments, And claims that the EU Parliament or the Commission know what is better for individual countries than they themselves, Which is all kinds of wrong. The reason why countries and people from those countries that have been in the Soviet "sphere of influence" (actually, It was complete control) most oppose the monster EU has become, In my view, Is because they lived through another authoritarian monster and they like their national sovereignty, That is being taken away step by step from the EU.

There are many other arguments against the EU, Like the Euro and the handling of the migration crisis, But I will address them fully in the coming rounds.


I'm from the UK and I deeply regret my country's decision to leave what I see as an exclusive club whose members are lucky to be in it. It would have been helpful for you to have defined what you mean by failure in your introduction. "Failed" is actually a very misleading term. If "failed" means that something is unable to survive or exist then your position is empirically wrong since the EU still exists with at least 27 member states. Equally, "failed" could mean that it has done something that in your opinion is wrong. I don't think this is a fair definition because people have such different perspectives and opinions on what is "good" to them and it's very hard to convince someone that something which goes against their values is not a failure.

Now, Usually I would expect Pro to clearly define the key terms. But don't worry, I'll define "failed" for the purposes of this debate so that we don't waste more rounds discussing definitions and actually get down to having a constructive discussion. Now, I think that a reasonable definition for "failure" is lack of success. Failure is often associated with lack of fulfilment or not meeting requirements or expectations. In the case of the EU, I would consider a failure to be if the EU did not achieve of fulfil its own goals which were it set out. I think this is a fair definition and since this is, In many ways, Both a historical and political debate it makes sense. Historians typically judge success and failure based upon the ability of the actor to achieve its own goals. In this way, Many historians consider the League of Nations to have failed because it failed to preserve international peace.

Since this is what we consider failure to be, Let's then look at the goals which the EU sets out for itself. The European Union has 4 main aims:

1) To establish European citizenship. This means protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms.
2) To ensure freedom, Security and justice. This means co-operation in the field of justice and home affairs.
3) To promote economic and social progress. This involves the single market, The euro, Environmental protection and social and regional development.
4) To assert Europe's role in the world.

(This is a summary of the goals and values of the EU from their own website)

https://europa. Eu/european-union/about-eu/eu-in-brief_en

So let's investigate whether we think the EU has achieved its own goals. Firstly, The EU has certainly established a European citizenship. It currently encompasses 28 nation states and a population of 512. 6 million people. There is free movement of people throughout this body and all Europeans have the ability to work and live in other countries. All citizens are united in equal legal rights and have equal freedoms. This has solidified the idea of a united european identity and hence established a sense of european citizenship. Secondly, Not only are rights and freedoms universal but they are also protected. The European court of Justice protects the fundamental human rights of all people within the EU, Making sure free and far trials take place and human rights are not violated. The ECJ has even regularly fined and punished constituent governments for violation of human rights and freedoms, Revealing how passionate and serious about human rights and freedoms are to the EU. Furthermore, All citizens may vote in MEPs to represent them in the European parliament and to argue and vote on their behalf. These MEPs have wide reaching powers which include the ability to approve or reject all legislation, To vote in the Executive such as the President of the EU. Finally, Citizens of the EU can vote in their own national governments which can also have a say in the EU. The Council of the EU consists of the democratically elected national governments of all 28/27 member states which can also make decisions on legislation and discuss pan-european policy as well as voting in Commissioners. Overall, The EU provides citizens huge access to shared democracy which allows them to have a real say in their future.

The EU, By my opponent's own admission, Has promoted social and economic progress. To quote my opponent: "Of course, Economically, It makes sense, It is about a lot of countries being able to trade freely".

"The EU has delivered more than half a century of peace, Stability and prosperity, Helped raise living standards and launched a single European currency: the euro. More than 340 million EU citizens in 19 countries now use it as their currency and enjoy its benefits.

Thanks to the abolition of border controls between EU countries, People can travel freely throughout most of the continent. And it has become much easier to live, Work and travel abroad in Europe. All EU citizens have the right and freedom to choose in which EU country they want to study, Work or retire. Every EU country must treat EU citizens in exactly the same way as its own citizens for employment, Social security and tax purposes.

The EU's main economic engine is the single market. It enables most goods, Services, Money and people to move freely. The EU aims to develop this huge resource to other areas like energy, Knowledge and capital markets to ensure that Europeans can draw the maximum benefit from it. "

(from the EU's own website)

Considering my opponent also agrees the EU economically "makes sense", I don't think that there is any disagreement it has achieved this goal.

Finally, The EU has certainly asserted Europe's role in the world. Unity is powerful. Travel around the world and many countries can only dream of the influence and say they would have if they were members of a similar economic and political union. 28/27 developed countries all working together really packs a punch. You might get away with upsetting 1 country of only a few million but if the EU then (as it does) got involved 512. 6 million people, 17% of the world economy and one of the largest military alliances in the world with allies like the USA really packs more of a punch. As I have explained, You don't want to mess with the EU; they can really cause damage if you cause problems. The EU moreover has an international presence and preserves its values. It regularly observes elections, Gets involved in peace keeping operations and negotiates new trade deals (with very good terms) on behalf of its members.

In conclusion, The EU has been very successful in achieving its goals and living up to its values. It has grown dramatically since its mere beginnings in the 1950s and now is a powerful and influential democratic alliance which, Alongside the USA, Is a beacon of freedom and democracy in the world. Based on its strong democratic base, Its continued economic strength nd growth and its protection of rights and freedoms as well as a creation of a united european identity, It has undoubtedly achieved it aims.

This means that it has not failed at all. Rather, It is a great success and I'm sorry that my country will no longer be a part of it.
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Posted by LoveRichardDawkins 3 years ago
so I basically won this
Posted by Heian120 3 years ago
Yes the EU is headed for trouble. . . The closer any country gets to Socialism the less efficient they become
and the EU has some far left members

How long will the Germans and French carry the load for deadbeats like Greece
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