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Earth is a globe

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Started: 1/22/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Earth is a sphere, rotating at 1000 mph around the sun (which is 93,000,000 miles away.)

I met this youth in the comments of a flat earth debate, he did say that flat earth is a fact, he said he would challenge me but I have not received anything, assuming he forgot, I decided to challenge him.
Where to find the comment:

1) Acceptance
2) Opinions
3) Rebuttals
4) Defence

1) No trolling
2) No ad hominem
3) No forfeiting
4) Burden of proof is shared
5) Bring as much sources as possible and choose valid and reputable sources

Good luck on this debate.


I just want to give out a warning: I might not follow the guidelines of each of the debate rounds. However, I'll try my best to follow the guidelines and rules.

And I do accept this challenge.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting and good luck on this debate young one, but you have to follow the rules as this will count your points on conduct.

1) Photographs, various different photographs from various different space agencies (China, USA, UK, Russia, Japan, etc) have each shown that Earth is a globe, basically every single space agency confirms that Earth is a globe, it would make no sense that every space agency in the world is a liar, it would only make sense if it was 1 or 2 countries, it also requires powerful evidence that every single space agency is making up such an elaborate lie and also explaining that some pictures are composites to add detail.

And also, composites and faking are not the same thing, the composites used by NASA are generally formed up from old photographs to make the pictures clearer.
Russia's single photograph:
Japan's photograph:
USA's photograph:
Notice how similar the Japanese and American photographs look, if they were all lying, they'd all be using completely different arts saying that this is how Earth looks like and stuff because they apparently never went up there and saw Earth, I'm pretty sure at least 1 space agency would show a photograph of a flat earth, at least one, but no, all have said and shown that Earth is round.

2) The shadow casted on the moon.
As we know, we see a round shadow casted on the moon, various flat earthers say that this can be done by a flat disk, but this is false because in the Southern Hemisphere, it appears to be coming from the top down.

And in UK, it comes from the opposite direction, the reason for this is that Australians are upside down (it isn't felt because of gravity.) Had this been caused by a flat disc, it would be the same direction each time.

3) Disproving the claim that the sun is moving.
If you wear some polarised anti-glare sunglasses and look at the sun, it doesn't get bigger or smaller at all, this suggests that the sun is stationary, but it does appear to move, but this is because Earth is rotating, it's Earth that is moving, not the sun.

4) Proving the Earth is rotating
If you look at the stars in Australia and England, they not only look different (disproving flat earth again), they also rotate in different directions
UK = Anti-clockwise
Australia = Clockwise

18:57 (Video of the proof shown here and also explained by a reputable scientific YouTuber, VoysovReason).

5) Stars
The star constellations vary, you can't see the same stars in England or Australia, they are both different, if we were on a flat plane or a flat disc, we should be able to see all the stars above us in every country as we're not on top of each other but next to each other, this cannot be explained logically by a flat earther (Or can it?)

Also, we wouldn't even be seeing the Southern Stars because the disc or plane would be above them, this again disproves the flat earth.

Of course, there's a few more, but I believe that I've given enough evidence, if you want more then I'll happily give more, good luck on this debate, and good luck refuting the proof I've given.

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Youngastronomer 2 years ago
Ok, it's fine, the debate's cancelled because I assumed that you were a flat earther, sorry mate.
Posted by hmikeshin 2 years ago
ummm not a flat-earther....

I'm confused
Posted by Youngastronomer 2 years ago
2 years in school years isn't a small difference, alright, sorry for challenging you mate.
Posted by LogicalPen 2 years ago
Why are you calling them "young one". There's only a 2 year age gap.
Posted by hmikeshin 2 years ago
Wait. I'm confused. I thought you were a flat-earther...

I'm not a flat-earther.
Posted by Youngastronomer 2 years ago
Sorry Mike, you said Flat Earth is a fact and you won't prove it? Well you're young, 13 years old, probably school, let's continue.
Posted by Youngastronomer 2 years ago
Mikey Shinny youngster, get the respond ready, you only have 4 hours!
Posted by Youngastronomer 2 years ago
Can you explain why this video is relevant? It's 22 minutes, I see no point in posting videos but pacifying yourself.
Posted by Youngastronomer 2 years ago
Before setting up your response, do not start rebuttals yet, just put your opinion in and then we'll start rebuttals.

Follow the rules and don't lose a couple of points for conduct.
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