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Eating meat is okay

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Started: 12/18/2017 Category: Health
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Nothing wrong with meat.


Meat is bad for you because imagine all those animals being abused and made into food and all that negative energy is going into yours.
Debate Round No. 1


People have been eating meat for years. in fact, yours and my ancestors probably had a diet of mostly meat. Does this mean that because they ate meat, we are the spawn of negative energy? I think not. Also, meat is proven to be good for you. people who don't eat meat usually have to take supplements in order to regain that lost protein, and even then have trouble keeping up with meant eaters.


in the beginning of time people used to live for thousands of years but then they started eating meat and only lived around 100. if you think about it, they are dead so they obviously had some bad mojojo
Debate Round No. 2


Ok first of all, please show me the evidence that proves that humans used to live for thousands of years. Also, even IF humans from the past ate only veggies, people now a days are omnivores. Eating meat is good for a person. Jesus (if he ever existed) ate meat, so does that mean he was evil?

Jesus definitely ate lamb because lamb is eaten at the Passover festival.

"Then came the day of Unleavened Bread on which the Passover lamb had to be sacrificed. Jesus sent Peter and John, saying, "Go and make preparations for us to eat the Passover." (Luke 22:7-8, NIV)"

However, not every one is christian. I brought it up to show that people have done it for thousands of years, many of them good people. If eating meat is bad, then a large percentage of beings on earth are bad. Continuing, what about herbivores? if they only eat veggies, why are they not living for years at a time?

There are multiple studies showing that people who ate low or no amounts of meat live longer and multiple Christian people believe that we lived longer before the flood because we were not then permitted to eat meat before. It is also well understood that once we began domesticating livestock our lifespans plummeted due to disease and today its even worse, there is even more animals in worse conditions.
Jesus has absolutely nothing to do with this argument, just because Jesus ate a lamb doesn't make it good, plenty of innocent lives have been lost because of people believing they are doing the right thing. In Hinduism it is considered bad to eat cows, in the middle east it is considered a sin to eat pork. One sin does not make one bad however, no one is completely good.
I admit I exaggerated for the thousands of years because there is no facts for that, only theories.
Debate Round No. 3

I agree that eating too much meat causes problems. But eating meat itself is good for you as shown here. It provides Many boosts to health. If eating meat was bad, then maybe it wouldn't be beneficial to your health. Also, fish is a meat. Just saying, as it says in your article that your provided.


Ok eatting meat ok, but your mom gay
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by KasperKid 3 years ago
The commentator assumes I haven't done my research. Meat is not the only source of protein. However, it happens to be a huge source of it. It also includes a bunch of other nutrients. Your argument is that it causes heart problems. Although true, this really only applies to people who over-eat meat. Now ask yourself this, if meat is so bad for us, why are we able to eat it and why does it provide so many benefits?
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
Meat is not the only source of protein, ask your self this, where do the animals you eat get there protein.
Posted by KasperKid 3 years ago
I'm not talking about over eating meat like a lot of people do. I'm taking about meat in general. Over eating meat can cause the issues your talking about, but under eating it can cause a huge loss in protein. Meat is good for you.
Posted by MakaveliDon 3 years ago
Bad argument on both sides.. eating meat has shown through studies which can be cited if necessary you increase bad cholesterol leading to heart disease.Our ancestors didn't understand this, however since we have methodically and scientifically deduced it to having a chance of leading to heart disease. Effectively eating meat is bad.
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