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Education is currently, primarily focused on females' education in society

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Started: 6/21/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I Pro, will be arguing education is primarily being focused on females more so than males in today's society. Furthermore, I will be arguing male's education should be held at a higher importance than what it is currently.

Con must argue education isn't primarily being focused on females, and it is rather fair the way it is today currently regarding the importance of education according to both genders. Perhaps, con may even want to argue females' education should be held at a higher importance than males. Either way these are the basics for this debate.

1st round: Acceptance only
2nd round: I (Pro) will present my case.

Con will rebuttal my claims and perhaps present his/her own case that
claims the opposite.

3rd round: I (Pro) will refute Con's claims and present more evidence
that supports my belief.

Con will give his/her closing arguments along with rebuttals.


i accept !
Debate Round No. 1


I. Education's Main focus gender wise

A.) Women are seen as minorities nationwide ( therefore have more importance)

A.1) Evidence:


a.) Women as a Minority
Women are considered a minority group, because they do not share
the same power, privileges, rights, and opportunities as men.


a.)Women in STEM

“If we’re going to out-innovate and out-educate the rest of the world, we’ve got to open doors for everyone.
We need all hands on deck, and that means clearing hurdles for women and girls
as they navigate careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.”

-- First Lady Michelle Obama, September 26, 2011




A.1.1a explanation: The title and statement which comes from the website speaks for its self.

A.1.2a explanation: It is clear here Michelle Obama sees women's education of high importance.
Not to mention, the statement indicates she sees women as minorities.

A.1.3 explanation: This shows federal aid being given out to a specific group of people. In this case, it is females.
Specifically, mothers. The point is, it shows specific help for women. Indicating a minority status.

A.1.4 explanation: This shows the results of females being held at a higher importance in education.
Furthermore, indicating they have been viewed as minorities and targeted by society
to further their education for a while now.

II. More evidence of females being held at higher importance in education



"On a national scale, public universities had the most even division between male and female students,
with a male- female ratio of 43.6–56.4. While that difference is substantial,
it still is smaller than private not-for-profit institutions (42.5-57.5) or all private schools (40.7-59.3).
The nearly 40-60 ratio of private schools was most surprising,
though perhaps this is partly due to the fact that most all-female schools are private.
Nevertheless, the female domination of higher education prevails across all types of schools."


II.A explanation: This clearly shows males are falling behind females when it comes to academic performance on ALL levels.

II.B.1 explanation: This quote from the website I presented in this section speaks for its self. I don't see how anyone
could manipulate that information.

II.B.2 explanation: This is just a graph reflecting what was stated in the quote.

III. All the evidence shows men's education should be held at a higher importance.

As we all can see from the evidence I have provided. It is clear males in general are being left behind
when it comes to education.

It is also clear females have recieved much more help in terms of education.

IV. Males are generally discouraged from furthering their education

A.) Evidence:


"The report, a compendium of data published annually by the department's National Center for Education Statistics, projects that by 2019 women will account for 59 percent of total undergraduate enrollment
and 61 percent of total postbaccalaureate enrollment at the nation's colleges and universities.
Since the late 1990s, they have accounted for about three-fourths of the increase in the number of master's degrees awarded in the United States and nearly all of the growth in the number of professional degrees earned, the report says."

2.) Christina Hoff Sommers in _The War Against Boys_ (Simon and Schuster, 2000)

IV.A.2 explanation:If you want me to cite some of the text from the book I can, but if I am not mistaken, I am
pretty sure you can read it online. Either way I can cite some specific information if asked.

V. Double edge sword of a bad economy and a lack of education

As we all know, the economy isn't doing the best it could be doing by far. To further complicate the situation
we have to worry about the crippling effects of an already struggling economy plus a significant illegal immigration

This being said, jobs are going to be a hot topic to say the least in the coming year or so. Espically for uneducated men who think they can just go out, find a job and support themselves as well as others. All of this said,
there will certainly be a shortage of jobs when it comes to minimum wage jobs, construction jobs, and etc.

The only way to give themselves a better chance at finding jobs would be through higher education.

My Summary:

If we don't do something about men's education now we are going to be in some serious trouble. Not only would this mean more men in poverty, it would also mean less self-sufficient men. That would mean less quality men for all of the women out there. In other words, with a lack of education, comes more psychological problems, less confidence, and less relationship worthy men. The question is, is this what you want for the future?

Over to Con. By the way, thank you Con for accepting this challenge.

Side Note: A couple of the links I pasted on here are broken and you will have to type them in yourself. Forgive me for the inconvenience.

- Haroush



pro, as your evidence is provided but such websites, searching a few websites making claims and statements, but is that society ? because if that the overall society then anything can be consider society.

These are just simply websites that claim to have studies, and groups that are expressing their personal opinion,its a population of billions of people in the world, some not everyone is going to have the same views when it comes to education,but because we have a few popular websites that are stated based on women education does this mean as a whole that education primarily focused on females education ?? I Disagree

P1: Look up a lot of education sites, there are many many websites that has nothing to do with it being primarily focused on female education such sites as academic earth, big think, bright storm, and so on i would go all day naming sites just strictly on education
P2: Plenty of sites for black males and if you do not believe me just google it up and see how many sources of black male education sites it is , but what do this mean ? That society is mainly on black male education as a whole ? No it doesn't but there is a balance of male education and female education.
P3: When we go to school as a kid as we learn about education and it comes to history what gender they try to make us glorify ?? Males and a small part of it talks about female education and the history of them, but its all mainly what the males has done in the past that made the united states what it has became today.Schools have female and male education they even have books for male and female its double standard.
P4: There is all types of popular education that are not strictly just female education.
P5: Due to males having so much power over females in the past and the males were so self centered when it comes to education work, mental, and physical ability of between a man and women and how women was look at in the past, are the reason why in some cases they have female education there is a lot of history within a women that is not taught to us.

My conclusion
All the way through after high school society is mainly focus on basic education
when you hit college its optional
The evidence you provided me are about female education but i do not think their are trying to make it the main focus i think they just want it to be apart of the education system so they wont feel left out and also have equality when it comes to education. That do not mean society is mainly focus on female education

sorry about my grammar
Debate Round No. 2




"pro, as your evidence is provided but such websites, searching a few websites making claims and statements,
but is that overall society ?"

These websites I used as evidence were well respected websites. This being said,
their research does an above average job at collecting data. Making this information very credible.
Besides, many different sampling methods have been shown to be very accurate. It's just like a pot of soup.
When you sample test a pot of soup, you get to taste all of the ingredients in the soup.
Giving you an accurate visualization of all of the different ingredients in the soup.


General Population

No matter where you go to for the most part. Humanitarian rights is recognized globally.
This also means seeing women as a minority.

There is plenty of examples of this. For example, just look at how China treats their women.
They put them on a pedal-stool. Just like here in America.

Or you could go to Thailand, where men go and get a sex change just to get the same benefits as women.
Ironic wouldn't you say? By the way, they have a special name for these people. They're called "katoys".
I may have spelled it wrong, but that is how it is pronounced.

There is plenty of other special privileges women have too, but that is for another debate. Not this one.


In my opponents P1 response. My opponent doesn't even address my arguments. Nor is evidence provided. Con just
named a few websites, but didn't give any links.


"Plenty of sites for black males and if you do not believe me just google it up and see how many sources of black male education sites it is , but what do this mean ? "

Here my opponent makes a factual claim the education system is focused to some degreee on
black male students. Though, what percentage of black males makes up for the entire male
population just here in America?

You may be surprised by this, but only 26% of the male population is black/African-American according to the Census Bureau here in America. This being said, where is the rest of male population? One thing is for sure they definitely aren't


I demand my opponent give some hard evidence for P3. Besides, of course men were glorified in the past. That doesn't mean they are being glorified now. Furthermore, sports has nothing to do with education. ( I thought I just add that in there.) I brought that up because if my opponent is going to attempt to prove men are being glorified, I'd like to see
how men are being glorified in an academic sense. Or in other words, show us how men are being glorified as being'
intelligent with hard evidence.

R6: "Due to males having so much power over females in the past and the males were so self centered when it comes to education work, mental, and physical ability of between a man and women and how women was look at in the past, are the reason why in some cases they have female education there is a lot of history within a women that is not taught to us."

With all do respect to my opponent, I admire your enthusiasm in this debate, but I never said male education was more important than female education. All I have been arguing is male education should be held at a higher importance than what it is right now.

IV. Males are generally discouraged from furthering education

A.) Evidence:

2.) Christina Hoff Sommers in _The War Against Boys_ (Simon and Schuster, 2000):

"Six years after the release of How Schools Shortchange Girls, the New York Times ran a story that, for the first time, questioned the validity of the report. By then, of course, most of the damage to the truth about boys and girls was irreparable. This time the reporter, Tamar Lewin, did reach Diane Ravitch, who told her, "The AAUW report was just completely wrong. What was so bizarre is that it came out right at the time that girls had just overtaken boys in almost every area. It might have been the right story 20 years earlier, but coming out when it did it was like calling a wedding a funeral....There were all these special programs put in place for girls, and no one paid any attention to boys."

By the way, the release date of How Schools Shortchange Girls was 05/01/1995. This means the story the New York times ran was in 2001. So, if we consider the author's credibility, and the credibility of the source, "20 years earlier" is a significant amount of time for a problem to escalate.

This also means females education had been of more importance even in the recent past. Furthermore, I haven't heard
of any affirmative action put in place for males education.

VI. Male population's risk of suicide

A.) Evidence:

1.) According to Dr. Rick Nauert who has over 25 years experience in clinical, administrative and academic healthcare, men are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than women.

VI.A.1 explanation: Since this is the case and it is clear men are not valuing education as much as women,
(due to the lack of support for males education) this means more men committing suicide
because if they aren't getting any education to be successful than less men will be meeting
the requirements of women who are seeking partners.

VII. Effects/Affects of lack of education
  • Drug Abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • illiteracy
  • increased unemployment
  • Mental health problems
  • Poverty
  • Increased criminal activity (includes increase of sexual assaults)
  • Increased mass shootings
  • Increased suicidal rates
  • More debt and less profit in economy
  • Less consumers
  • child development

"According to the Drop Out Prevention Center/Network (DOPC/N), a high-quality early childhood education benefits a child's cognitive and social development in the early years. A high-quality early childhood education also has a positive effect on lower-income families and at-risk children by starting them off with the encouragement of social relationships and a positive view of education."

Read more :

VII explanation: Now that we know lack of education affects all of society in many negative ways, we should hold
males education at a much higher importance. Especially since you have learned about all the
credible information I have presented to you.

Side note: Even in this ABC article done on March 17, 2010, the author goes on about how boys are falling behind girls
in reading. Furthermore, showing girls becoming more intelligent in areas such as math (matching boys), while boys didn't even budge in their academics.

Conclusion: My opponent hasn't given any hard evidence that proves otherwise than my claim males education
should be held at a higher importance than what it is now. Furthermore, my opponent hasn't even
thoroughly refuted any of my claims. Let alone, even touch my claims supported with credible
hard evidence.

My opponent has failed to prove females aren't seen as a higher importance in terms of education. Let
alone in general. The fact is my opponent wasn't prepared for this debate and it shows. My opponent's
organization was horrible.

Moving on, it is clear we are in a state of globalization when it comes to ALL the countries of the world.
Continuing on, humanitarian rights is of great importance and part of that is women being seen as
minorities. Which in turn means women are to receive more benefits in general.

All of this said, it is clear who won here. Vote Pro!



LOL man man ol man.......

1.Just because a website is respected does not mean society agree's with everything their saying, you cannot compare this to a pot of soup on the subject we are talking about.
2.That was a horrible example,many man and women are both equally put on a pedal-stool.
3.i feel its not necessary to respond to a few little outdated websites i actually agree to half of the stuff their saying but like i said before i do not think their main focus is on making society on female education
4. i provdided evidence... just not links all you have to do is go to google search and type in the name.. pretty simple i mean i just could go all day giving you links if that the case miss understood that statement im not saying society is a focusing on black male education im their are respect websites (google search your self because its going to be right there in your face) about black education but doesn't mean its society is all based on black male education i was basically saying that it has their share of education just like female have their share
6.Saying that male education need to be an higher importance has nothing to do with that society is mainly focus on female education plus that is just your opinion not a fact.

okay now with your theories
1.first off i would like to say this is very outdated i wouldve liked it if you wouldve gave me some dated evidence in the first place but they have programs for male and female this have nothing to do with society as a whole this has something to do with the people over the citizens some things happen not because of society when it comes to things like education society do not have a say so about this only ease our way up just because society is going along with it doesn't mean they focus about your claim

2.This is not true, i like how your just blaming the education system because males do not receive as much education in some cases,there are schools strictly for boys there are military schools. The people who are working in the education system is doing their best i mean you just have to face the fact that some males simply just do not want to learn no matter how important it sounds no matter how good it sounds no matter what the case is they just do not want to learn or they just do not be focused sometimes, some of them want to learn but just not the stuff that we are suppose to learn in school ,then you have to look at the parenting as well a male gets a video game he gets addicted in school all day in his main focus is on getting home playing the video game and he is only doing the work sometimes so he wont get on punishment but sometimes this only works for a little while this is just an example. Your naming the effect of the lack of education, these people do these things for many other reason and its not because of the lack of education, this has something to do from what they see outside of school and personal reason a school can tell them over and over and over how bad drug is but once that male step outside world he is capable to make the choice to drugs even tho he knows the effect.
The importance of male education is high enough Man/boys know how important it is for education over and over they constantly hear this, and more school programs and education system is not going to get them to want to go.We have schools for trades that will work with them we have colleges that will work their pace, they just turn down opportunities. Just females they are just more willing to learn in some cases.
But Actually some man are educated it just we assume that because they do not have a piece of paper so when man try to go find jobs people just assume they cannot do the work because they do not have a piece of paper some man just do not want to take the time out to go to college and you think they never heard that the only way you can get a better job is through education? Heard it a million times they just do not want to take the steps.

My Summary
you claims are correct in some ways there are man that need to step it up with education but at the same time plenty of woman doing the same thing, Its nothing you can really do peacefully about the man education you cant force them to further their education, i just love how you criticize man because the gap between male and female furthering they education is not by much that's not bad less than 500k considering it being over millions of more females in the us

i think that would be the finisher, education is not primarily focused on females, more females are just focus on education than man.
you may have won this debate im new but i tried my best
thanks for the respect
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Haroush 7 years ago
At the same time, (@ Bellatrix) if we didn't analyze all areas of society, many of the problems we HAVE had in society would still be persisting today. Or at least they wouldn't have subsided like they have today. I could give some examples, but I think you can already think of some.
Posted by Haroush 7 years ago
I think Bellatrix was just speaking in general.
Posted by IceClimbers 7 years ago
lol dude i was just debating its nothing really serious to me, i just love a challenge
Posted by Bellatrix1 7 years ago
The fact that women are a "minority" has always seemed funny to me. Some programs have realized 50% of the population cannot be a minority so now I hear the phrase "groups underrepresented in the (workforce, sciences, etc...)" pretty often. Really, can we just stop taking race and gender into consideration anytime soon?
Posted by Haroush 7 years ago
Some people see ethos as more important. Others Pathos. Others Logos.
Posted by Haroush 7 years ago
It seems to me ethos is really important here. I mean pathos is important to, but it seems what Aristotle said a long time ago still reigns true today. Ethos, logos, and pathos.
Posted by Haroush 7 years ago
Don't ask me.. Lol
Posted by IceClimbers 7 years ago
lol whatever happen to using your own common sense in a debate?????? lol
Posted by IceClimbers 7 years ago
lol whatever happen to using your own common sense in a debate?????? lol
Posted by Haroush 7 years ago
The only problem I had was, most people don't see those sources I used as credible. Therefore, they focused more so on my sources instead of my argument. At least I felt.
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Vote Placed by MrJosh 7 years ago
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