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Elderly People should not pay for public transport

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Started: 8/2/2016 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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As we all know that public transport is a way to get around with people that you may not know at all but there is a fee, which all people must pay even elderly people. Now that is where I come in, the next few paragraphs (its only couple of minutes don't worry) I will tell you why elderly people should not pay for public transport.

Now I know that this will be a gigantic drop in economy but for some elderly people this might be their only way of getting around because they don't have a drivers license because they are done with car or they don't even know what a car is (no offence to elderly people). So public transport is collecting more money from elderly people then younger people.

I also know that most public transport does not allow you to use your credit card only coins and my grandparents don't use coins at all only credit cards and notes. Also most public transport does not give you any change so this means if you use a $20 note for a $3.20 fee you will get $0 in change so this will mean you are technically wasting money.

Also if elderly people don"t pay for public transport it means that they will make the most of it and start using the bus instead of their cars, which means less car accidents.

I know that most elderly people aren"t as fit as us and don't walk many times so if you can close your eyes and imagine an elderly person at a bus stop trying to get somewhere very important they walk into the bus try to use their credit card and the bus driver tells them that they can not use their credit card so they pull out a note and ask if they could get change the bus driver says read the sign which says no change will be given the elderly person says that this is absurd and the bus driver kicks her off the bus the elderly person realises that she has 20 minutes to get where she wants to be and it is a 40 minute walk but only a 15 minute run (pretty good maths by this elderly person) but the elderly person can"t run because she is tired from walking to the bus stop.

In conclusion I think that elderly people should not have to pay for public transport because they don't have a drivers license, there will be car accidents and they will not have to walk. Elderly people should not pay for public transport.


Thank you for setting this debate up! This is my first one, so I'm very excited to participate. Thanks again.

Now, I am arguing that elderly people should have to pay for public transport, just like everybody else. There is no reason that they should get any special financial treatment just because they are older than others. In fact, there are many very cheap modes of public transportation elders can get around in. Not only are there city buses and such, but also taxis, volunteer driver programs, door-to-door escort services (for elders with disabilities, whether they be mental or physical), or they could even rely on family transportation to get them where they need to go. That's what my grandma does; whenever she needs to go somewhere important, my mom swings by, helps her to the car, and off they go. Why give elders a free transportation pass, when as long as they have enough ,only to put food on the table, they can find all sorts of cheap transportation to help them get around?

Also, having elders be free would absolutely kill a whole section of the economy. Plenty of good, honest businesses help elderly people get around and get aid in their daily lives; cutting of their method of obtaining money would mean that they can't use any money to improve on their services or expand their business, both of which seriously benefit the elderly as well as the business owners. You mention in your argument that you "know that this will be a gigantic drop in the economy, but for some elderly people this might be their only way of getting around." If you knew that maybe helping a few elderly people here and there would involve sacrificing the economy, then why would you take that chance? Having elders pay money for transportation allows both the elderly as well as kind businesses to flourish. I just can't see any logic in that argument.

Also, as a side note, elderly people who can't even lay for public transportation is not a problem of elderly people as a whole; it's a poverty problem, and that's for other service-providing bodies like private charities to take care of; not transportation businesses.
Debate Round No. 1


I pretty much summed upped my case in round 1 which was stupid but I will try this arguement.

Elderly People should not pay for public transport because of their personal stuff. They can have more money on their houses and us.

I sum up my case


Well, to wrap all of this up, I'm going to make a quick rebuttal; transportation is technically personal. It's not decided by anybody else what methods of transportation you're going to take or if you're going to want transportation at all. Just like all other personal things, the individual makes their own choices about it, just like how the elderly taking care of their homes is personal.

Like I said, that was just in response to your second argument. The meat of my argument is in the first round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Emmarie 2 years ago
Great idea!
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