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Eliminate all who are not of Caucasian descent

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Started: 4/17/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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We should exterminate all individuals who are not white, this will help overpopulation and the average worldwide IQ would increase dramatically. Also, without black people to cause global warming (because their dark skin absorbs too much sunlight, in case you are not intellectual) our world would be much safer.


In helping with overpopulation, you would cause much more severe underpopulation than there is overpopulation and the justification would be none at all.

See, in an underpopulated world there's not solution at least in an overpopulated world the poor of all races can cram together in crappy neighborhoods to fit but in an underpopulated world no one is there to work for the 'superior beings' be they Caucasian or rich of all races.
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Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Just hurry up and debate, barsic.
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