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Emilrose should lose the vote battle

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Voting Style: Open with Elo Restrictions Point System: 7 Point
Started: 8/14/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 1,345 times Debate No: 103516
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anyone who accepts this debate without my permission loses. This debate refers to the debate in the following link

1. Anyone who votes for pro in that debate will get to choose whether I vote on one of their debates or whether they should be included in a lottery for the chance to debate me.

If rule number one does not appeal to you, I am willing to do a number of things in exchange for you voting pro in that debate. Do you need an ex called up and threatened? Want me to write your debate arguments for you? Do you need use of my signature? General life advice ? You name it and we can work something out. Now please vote pro.

Some retard started 20 challenges and bumped this down, so I am editing to bump up

Emilrose has decided she wishes to debate me on this. The title is the resolution. Everything above with the exception of the link to her other debate should for the most part be ignored.

Emilrose should lose the vote battle.

Emilrose refers to the user known as Emilrose

Vote battle refers to the fore mentioned debate already linked to


Lose- " To fail to win"

The definition is meant to be a prescriptive one as opposed to a descriptive definition to avoid semantics and keep the debate on track.

Only voters with an ELO between 4500 and 7500 may vote on the debate. To avoid having to go through the trouble of having half the votes reported and removed.

Debate starts in round 2. I urge my opponent to be fast to avoid interfering with a tournament where we also may have to debate each other in the next round. Time limit is 48 hours to accommodate little emergencies that may pop up or tight schedules, but 24 hours should be the aim for posting, we will use the honor system to enforce that.


Debate Round No. 1


Requesting that we turn this debate into a 2 round debate, but am certainly willing to take a 1 round disadvantage. Whatever my opponent decides should be fine. Sorry


As agreed with Wylted in the comments, I will skip the last round so as to make things equal.

**Why I, Emilrose, should win the who will get the most votes debate**

As Wylted has clarified in round one, we are referring to the debate that I engaged in with JimShady, which at present has a total of 18 votes; he has 63 points, and I have 52.

Although JimShady did state that people were to essentially vote for whoever they felt like, I feel that my contribution was superior to his and thus more worthy of votes.

Firstly, there were more words. JimShady has 55 words in his round, with 2 single letters, while I have 86 words, and 2 single letters, which is clear evidence of more effort on my part. In addition, I actually provided an argument; an extremely good one at that.

Not only was my argument relevant, as it refers to current site issues, but it was revolutionary. I had the chance to rebel against Juggle (the company that owns DDO) and illuminate one of the many technical problems on the site; something I did it with an unbridled vigour. (Sadly there was a character limit so I couldn't go into great deal or extend my case any further, but my point was made.)

This is the kind of passion and courage that this site so desperately needs, and more votes for me--enough to make me win the debate--would further encourage me in this crusade and enliven the fight against Juggle technicians; perhaps, eventually, they would fix the issues on the site. Once again though, this would require one thing: a win for me!

If you truly care about DDO, you need to make your voice heard and to vote for me. I highlighted a real issue and risked a lot for it, so the least you could all do is recognise that and assist me with my plans to make this site a better place; one that works efficiently and listens to its members.

If you don't, then not only will Juggle continue to ignore us, but I won't be your there.
Debate Round No. 2


Lose as defined earlier means fail to win. I don"t have to show that her homosexual opponent should win the debate, only that she should not win.

The Debate Should be removed

In conversations with Airmax which took place mostly in private messages with me, but can be verified by him, he explained to me that if one type of silly debate becomes too common he thinks it qualifies as spam and should be removed. Here is post he made that was public and somewhat alluded to the fact he has this policy.

When my controversial rape battle took place something funny happened. A lot of other people started doing rape battles, it set off a rape battle palooza. All rape battles that were identical to mine were removed even if a few with a twist stayed up. I recall a rape rap battle not being removed and atleast 5 rape battles being removed despite my original one staying up.

The justification he gave was that the original was not spam because at the time it was unique, but the following rape battles were all considered spam by his standards.

Back before that he showed consistency with that policy by keeping up Stalin"s original vote battle which is almost identical to the one referenced in this debate.

If Airmax is going to enforce his policies consistently and he should to maintain fairness, the vote battle emilrose is in should be removed.


Speaking of fairness. I would normally say that the person who debated better should win, but if we can"t judge debate skill, we are left looking at fairness. Since the site is not uploading right now, and I am forced to write this offline you"ll have to click on each persons profile page but you"ll see Emilrose has a much higher ELO than her opponent. Much of her ELO is from noob sniping or debating idiots who think the USS Liberty incident was an intentional attack by Jews. It is only fair that she give some of that unearned Elo back to the community and what other way than by losing a few of these stupid debates.

Debate Rules

The debate should be removed and people should vote for her opponent in that debate for the reasons mentioned if Airmax fails to do his job as a moderator, but the final reason she should lose that debate is that her opponent has more votes than her at the moment the debate started and at this very moment, despite her attempts to unethically recruit votes.


Rebuttals/Closing Argument

Firstly, Pro tries to argue that on the basis of my debate with JimShady being highly unusual (and perhaps not totally in line with present site rules), that I should somehow lose; which seems rather contradictory as it wasn't me who actually initiated the debate--rather, I merely accepted and used it as a chance to outline one of the many persistent glitches that we have on the site right now.

It's doubtful, that 'vote for whoever you want' type debates would become as popular as the 'rape battles', seeing as most people don't necessarily want to take the chance to lose. Especially if they have tiny ELO's, like a lot of current debaters on this site (many of the best debaters don't debate anymore.) A lot of debaters have fragile egos as well, and don't want to risk them being needlessly fractured.

Pro then argues that 'fairness' should be what people vote on, but this makes sense only in regards to how good the arguments are, not how low/high the ELO of each debater is. In fact, that is is completely inconsequential.

Pro additionally states that most of my ELO score is due to debating noobs and idiots who claim that the USS Liberty incident was an intentional attack by the Jews, but this is only partially correct; I have debated plenty of non-noobs.

Unfortunately the individual with whom I debated the USS Liberty attack is a slow learner with some academic difficulties, but given that the debate received votes from the likes of bluesteel and had countless views (and was followed/commented on by a USS Liberty survivor himself), it was still pretty outstanding stuff.


It's abundantly clear that there's a major issue with Pros contention here, which is that I should lose the vote battle--but at the same time, he's saying that the vote battle is technically disallowed on the site and should thus be removed anyway. As Purushadasa would say, this is a logical straw man fallacy. He should really be arguing that the person who made the debate in the first place should lose, if the debate itself is a problem.

Pro has also somewhat dropped my points about the issue that I went to such great lengths to highlight in the vote battle.

And again, arguing that the person with the weaker ELO should win is just silly. So vote for me in this debate, and vote for me in the vote battle debate!
Debate Round No. 3



My opponent has misunderstood my argument and in doing so has failed to respond to the argument, dropping the argument and by all rights losing the debate.

Definition from R1 "Lose-To Fail to win"

My main argument is that the debate should be removed. If the debate is removed, if no longer exists so neither debater can win. Looking back at the definition which was prescriptive as mentioned in round 1, we can see that a removed debate would technically count as a loss to both participants. This is what I was saying in my previous round.

If we acknowledge that the debate should be removed, than we acknowledge that neither person should win. This meets the definition of "fail to win". My opponent by not offering any rebuttals to my argument that Airmax should remove the debate has made it so the judges should accept the assertion (backed by evidence) that Airmax should remove the debate.

My opponent did make a statement that almost looked like she was trying to make a rebuttal. She states that it is unlikely that vote battles would become as popular as rape battles. Besides the fact that not everything has to be as popular as a rape battle to qualify as spam, the vote battles were very common after Stalin did them and they were all pretty much removed unless Airmax missed a few. The ease of setting up the battles and sitting back doing nothing outweighed any fear of losing ELO.

This argument was the main argument I used, and if it succeeds I win the debate. Emilrose' battle should be removed, even if her side is more likely to get the attention of juggle, it doesn't take away the fact the debate should be removed. She can fix the site by starting a letter mailing campaign or something that isn't as easily ignored as debate on a site they rarely ever even look it anyway. This is assuming a website that helps radicalize the far right and far left by helping them hone their arguments is even a net good for society.


The winner is clear. The definition of lose is fail to win, meaning if the debate was removed both debaters would technically lose as there would be no winner. My opponent makes no rebuttal to my argument that Airmax should remove the debate as he has done with every other vote battle that followed the one Stalin did. Every other argument I made is a bonus, if this argument works (and it should) those are not neccesary, as is her argument. She never argued for why the vote battle should stay as opposed to be removed. So vote pro

Thank you Emilrose for taking this debate. It was really you who challenged me in the comments. This is the first debate I have been able to manage to finish in a while and it was fun. I look forward to debating you again in the tournament should you win.


As I had a round two advantage over Pro, I will skip this round so things are kept fair.

Thanks to Wylted for this fun debate and good luck. (But yeah, vote for me!)
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Wylted 3 years ago
I love giving life advice, and I think I can work some magic on your ex.
Posted by Emilrose 3 years ago
I can literally do all of those things too (and more;)
Posted by NDECD1441 3 years ago
Free life advice : Be yourself
What if what I am is not myself.... :/

I just confused myself XD
Posted by JimShady 3 years ago
Posted by philochristos 3 years ago
Can you call up an ex and get her to take me back?
Also, I want some free life advice.
Posted by Purushadasa 3 years ago
EmilRose is an ignorant fool, so yeah.
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