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Eminem is the best rapper

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Started: 4/6/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'm bored so do not judge me! Anyways I will let the Con start the debate, explaining why Eminem is not the best rapper and will also let him (or hope that he will) state who he thinks is the best rapper.


Yo dude no offense
But I think I am the best rapper here,
sure Eminem gives his 15 cents,
but I have the better rhyme, rhythm and am a whole new tier,

I write poems day and night,
whether it's haikus or sonnets, they all sound right,
Eminem's got talent, and exprience on his side,
we all have to agree and abide,

but I can make my point across like no rapper can--
I don't have to insult anyone, I'll never get banned!
Debate Round No. 1


You say you are the best but wait a minute here has
Anyone seen you dear?
You need people to know your looks, lest their hideous
You think you would have the world in your hands like Eminem?
But the world you hold is not bigger than an MNM!
I guess the debate has turned into a rap and so
There is no reason for straying away to be not allowed, bro!
Bro means brother in case you may wonder
But if there is anyone like that in the world, I would probably run the
White house and kick everyone out
Like water out of a whale's blowhole, they spurt out of the spout!
So let us get back to the business here
Or you want to go there?
Your choice
Your move


"Well yo Mr. Pro dude, I mean no offensive
but you stink at rappin'--
your lines've too much syllables and are uncomprehensive,
and furthermore, you've yet to give me a good scrappin',

I never said you had to rap,
I just did it to show you I had the talent,
that I ain't a liar and I ain't a sap,
but now that you mention it, I guess there's no harm bein' gallant,

I tell you I'm the rapper yo,
I may be bad at debatin' but at rhymin' I'm pro,
in addition you were just "bored", tellin' people to not judge you,
in reality you probably can't afford the time or experience to get through!"

Debate Round No. 2


DEBATEOP forfeited this round.


As you all can see, even the greatest debaters can have their bounds.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Teemo 7 years ago
Hehe, someone has flowers in their room. Very manly. It would be a shame if I shot them with runaan's hurricane.
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