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End Tax Breaks for Religious Organizations

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Started: 3/14/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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P1: It is made clear in the American Bill of Rights Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. In other words, churches and other religious establishments should not have benefit over its people nor should Congress discriminate when it comes to tax breaks.

P2: By allowing churches and other religious establishments to not pay their taxes, the burden is then shifted to us as regular citizens to have to pay those taxes for them. That means an extra percentage taken out of our hard earned paychecks to cover the loss of taxes not paid by these religious establishments. The money has to come from somewhere and if its not equally being attributed then someone else has to pay for.

C: Tax breaks should end for religious organizations.



P1: According to the the first amendment of the United States Constitution, the congress further states the protection of right to peaceably assemble, that is an individual right to come together and collectively express,promote,pursue, and defend common interests,including the freedom of expression. In which Churches are a group of people that assembles through the given rights to gather for their common belief(interest) and is also given the rights to share their expression of belief as well.For this reason,by law,churches are considered as non-profit organizations that have no direct interference with the government,therefore has the rights of tax-exemptions.

P2: The congress is not discriminating by giving tax breaks to churches but rather because of tax-exemptions on religious organizations,the congress is executing the established constitution of rights to individuals fairly, allowing the freedom of assembly.

C: Tax breaks should not end for religious organizations.

Debate Round No. 1


P1) Religion may give people peace of mind knowing then can "peaceably" assemble, but what peace has religion ever brought into the world? Religion has everything to do with government. Every religion is at war with another religion trying to conquer each other causing armies to spend more money than they have on weapons of mass destruction and the ones who are creating this mess are the ones NOT being taxed? All religion does is brainwash people into believing their way is the right way and those who don't follow are against them.

P2) If the government is distributing rights fairly to all individuals then why are the middle class workers paying the most taxes? Since religious organizations don't pay taxes someone has to and its coming right out of the working mans pocket. Do you really want to cover the costs these organizations are exempt from paying? If religion is a practice that does so by teaching, then teaching in a school is considered practice as well and if schools are being taxed for their practice of teaching, then religious organizations should be taxed for their practice to teach.

C) Religious organizations should not receive tax breaks.


P1) what are the religious warfare that is trying to conquer one another today? For there are few but that does not mean every religion is at war with one another. And the religious warfare that goes on is not due to religion itself but rather it is a political warfare. Nations like Saudi Arabia and other middle eastern countries where Islam religion is a huge factor to the people is due to the government not having a clear separation of church and state,therefore, religious belief and the values are executed throughout the nation for they are part of the laws,unlike the U.S.A or other nations that have a very clear separation of church and state incorporated in the laws. So the real conquering these religious nations are trying to have is not a warfare between religion but rather it is politics.

P2) Since USA has a clear separation of church and state, USA can not have any religious warfare and does not even allow it. The real problem with taxes is not because of religious organizations but with the congress for the conservatives who favors the upper class against the liberals for the middle and lower classes. Religious organizations are separated from this political affair. For religious organizations are really just Individuals having the rights to assemble,so they don't have to get taxed as long as they are not affiliated with any political affair directly.

C) Tax breaks should not end for religious organizations.

Fallacy: Strawman
P1)religion may give people peace of mind knowing they can peaceably assemble
P2)every religion is at war with another religion....causing armies...and the ones who are creating this mess are the ones NOT being taxed?
P3)All religion does is brainwash people into believing their way is the right way and those who don't follow are against them.
C) religion has everything to do with government,
Issue) whether religion organizations should end their tax breaks or not.
Debate Round No. 2


If my last debate was considered strawman then consider yours strawman as well. Your first premise supports a conclusion to whether there is a separate of church and state in certain countries.
The United States has been at war for this "idea" of terrorism. Terrorism is an "idea" as religion is also an "idea", therefore religion does have influence on the cause of these wars and for their involvement they should be taxed in order to pay for their involvement. When these religious organizations use their right to "peaceably assemble" they create cults. Cults like politics that soon spread ideas of terrorism and other nonsense that do not give people of this county or any country a say otherwise. Politics too have religious beliefs.. PLENTY of politics quote from the bible... especially southern ones. Most political campaigns are based off persuading one religion to vote for them on grounds that the whole group will vote for them and this tactic is seen the most among hasidic communities because if you have one vote you have them all.

My previous debate makes every bit of sense to the issue of whether or not the government should end tax breaks for religious organizations. My point being that because the government is the one taxing the people and NOT religious establishments for wars caused by the religions themselves; the ones causing the wars should be the ones taxed to pay for the wars and not the ones who did not create war in the first place. We have no say in who declares war and who doesn't, that is left up to the government and these wars are the primary derivation of religious beliefs and defects. The government is using tax breaks for religion to hide the fact that religion really does play a role in the governments decisions for war and the government is trying to make it look like religion does not partake in war efforts by providing them tax breaks. This country is backwards and has been that way for a long time.

The Government Should Tax Religious Organizations.


First of all,terrorism is NOT an idea but rather an action ,according to the dictionary it is a systematic use of violence to intimidate or coerce to achieve some goal,especially for political purposes. And religion are different from cults,where cults can simply be just any ideas devoted by rituals and ceremonies, but religion is rather a set of deeply rooted beliefs where many shares it's values followed by tradition from centuries ago. And religion is the general umbrella term for different beliefs such as Christianity,Catholics,Hinduism,Buddhism, Islam. So with that being said, there are different beliefs and within those different beliefs there are individuals with different levels of standing in their belief where one simple can't just label.After 9/11 Muslims were labeled as a whole for causing terrorism and was persecuted which was very unjust.. Just because of individuals who by the way belonged to different,extreme sect of Islam caused the violence ,the whole entire belief and people who believed was labeled to be a part of the extreme sect , which is wrong for not all the individuals (Muslims) believe and practice the belief. The act of terrorism is mainly for political purposes and one cannot simply say that It is directly from religious beliefs. And if religious organizations are not allowed to come together to peaceably assemble I.e. When individuals cannot come together to practice their faith, or any shared belief ,interests what you are saying is that no one is allowed to socialize for their common interests and that creates repression which is not democratic. Individuals should and is allowed to socialize today in the US , religious organizations are allowed to peaceable assemble today therefore they should continue to receive tax breaks for they are just practicing their rights.

Tax breaks should not end for religious organizations.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro did not substantiate the case behind his argument that religions in the US are responsible for the wars the US engages in. Con effective nullified Pro's arguments.

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