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Ending Daylight Saving

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Started: 3/13/2014 Category: Science
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My topic is about ending daylight saving time

For this argument i will be Pro

According to the website:

The writer says "Other complaints about daylight saving include the safety fears in the dark mornings, especially for school children waiting for a bus in some areas. The result of such concerns was that there was no daylight saving time in 2008 for countries such as Guatemala. The government's main concern was the safety of those who went early to work or study, stating that if daylight saving was implemented, they would be leaving their homes in the dark, the time when crime was at its highest, putting them in potentially dangerous situations."

Children and Parents is at risk for a higher chances of crime to occur among them because of daylight saving. making the day short and the night long (daylight saving), will cause parents and children who go to school early, to leave their house in the dark because of daylight saving. In hours of darkness is where the most crime is committed. Therefore, daylight saving is putting our kids and love ones at risk of being killed and robbed by others.

According to the website

The writer also states

"Farming groups have also expressed anti-daylight saving views, saying that daylight saving time had a significant adverse impact on rural families, businesses, and communities. There are also those who express health concerns linked with daylight saving time. "

The benefit of not having daylight savings is it will help businesses such as farming to produce their crop faster and not worrying about daylight saving interfering with their production rates with it essential because the more the farmer produce, the less family needs to pay for food in the market.

Another reason why we should not use daylight saving is found on the website

which states "Most important, however, is the fact that DST saves lives. Simply put, darkness kills. Extending DST year-round would save more than 350 American lives annually in reduced traffic fatalities during the evening. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the change from daylight to twilight causes a 300% increase in fatal pedestrian crashes alone. Having this change occur one hour later saves lives because fewer motorists are on the road then.

Not having daylight saving can reduce motorist accident by 300 percent and save lives


We should end daylight saving


Premise 1:

Daylight Savings does "shorten" the day for us, but it does not necessarily put people at risk of being killed or robbed. Daylight savings allows that sunrise begins at around 7 A.M. Most people work a 9-5 jobs and will most likely leave their house around 7:30- 8:30 A.M. in which the sun is already out. Along with the adults, children also tend to be heading to school around 7- 8 A.M., so they are not leaving their homes when it is dark and when supposed robberies and murders are occurring. Your source also does not state at what time the robberies and murders occur, therefore I cannot see this as a reason to end daylight savings.

Premise 2:

Daylight savings time would not hinder the farming industry, in fact it may help. I don't see how it would interfere with production rates if daylight savings does not take away the sun, but rather the sun is out at a slightly different time, Daylight savings may actually help farmers as they are able to rest a little longer and not have to wake up so early since the sun is out one hour later.

Premise 3:

You have misinterpreted your source as it is explaining that your premise is a proven benefit of daylight savings time.

Premise 4:

Daylight savings originated in order to have more sunlight during the day to save energy. Having more sunlight during the day decreases the use of artificial lighting and use of electricity. People usually use electricity when they get up in the morning and when they return home from work/school. Having sunlight for a longer period of time during the day, allows people to plan outdoor activities and not to be home during that extra time of sunlight. When people are not home, they do not turn on the appliances or lights. Sunset now is usually around 7:00 P.M. and some people who directly get home, get home when the sun is still out and still there would be no need for the use of artificial lighting for some time.

Therefore, we should not end daylight savings.
Debate Round No. 1


it may me true that i may have interpret premises 3 wrong and it may me true that there are starting to be more day light in the day but i do not believe that this is the same for the morning people. The reason i say that is that because your article states " Daylight Saving Time saves energy for lighting in all seasons of the year, but it saves least during the four darkest months of winter (November, December, January, and February), when the afternoon advantage is offset by the need for lighting because of late sunrise". Since in those "dark month" sunrise occurs late it usually dark and that darkness still account for increase chances for traffic accident. Farmers also express health concerns which is linked to daylight savings. Nobody should not have their health jeopardize because of daylight saving. This make daylight savings dangerous toward the U.S population and must be addressed. Therefore, daylight saving should be banned because it will save lives for doing so. Also, daylight savings have an adverse impact on families, business and communities. If this is so, than banning daylight saving will do more good than bad because America strives on strong businesses. Good business gives jobs to people to raise a family. If daylight savings affect business negatively, than business will not function properly which can result in lay-off or loss of profit which could be used to increase a healthier workforce which is being able to higher more people for jobs.


I agree no one should have health concerns if they are linked to Daylight Savings, but you have not addressed as to what health issues they are and how daylight savings is the reason for it for farmers specifically. You also state that Daylight Savings has adverse effects on families, businesses, and communities, but how?

Premise 1:
On the contrary, Daylight Savings has proved to improve family dynamics and quality time. Because the sun is out longer during the day, parents are able to stay longer outdoors playing with their children in the park giving children more time to interact with their parents. Instead of being indoors watching TV or on the computer, it gives families a chance to enjoy the increased daylight leisure by engaging in outdoor activities and dining outdoors.

Premise 2:
Although we lose an hour of sleep with daylight savings, studies show that it puts people in a better mood. According to the Data Science Team, a study was done on Facebook where people statuses and Facebook "moods" were monitored the morning after Daylight Savings. There was a 19% increase of a happy mood and a 21% increase in feeling great and feelings of being annoyed, sad, or bored decreased significantly in comparison to other Mondays before the Daylight Savings time change. Having more sunlight during the day (someone's workday, school, etc.) increases people's positive mood and overall makes people happy.

Because Daylight Savings contributes to enhanced family quality time and an increase in an overall positive mood within people, it should not be banned.
Debate Round No. 2


I agree that there is many benefits toward daylight savings, but there is also many dangers as well. Also you are right that the article did not address the type of issue that daylight saving cause on families, business, and the community. To reinforce my statement on the effect of daylight saving toward businesses, a article from the website:

states ""People come into town at what they think is 9pm and it's 11.30pm and you miss out on them or you're serving them or checking them in very late.

What is really going on is people, especially tourist, lose track of time when they travel from place to place thinking they will arrive to their destination early to shop and fuel the economy with their money. Since daylight saving off set the clock, the tourist comes into town later than expected causing businesses to "miss" these customers because of the time difference. Once this occurs many business will see a loss of profit because they were not able to serve these customers at normal business hours. Not being able to serve these customers make business suffer as well as the economy too.

Conclusion: daylight saving should be banned because it affect businesses and the economy negatively.


Daylight savings time actually helps the economy. According to Daylight Savings Time allows for more daylight hours which entice tourists to stay out later and spend more money. Since people stay out later during the summer months, it boost sales for taxi and public transportation. The same applies for tourists. They may experience losing track of time when they travel, but that only happens the day the clocks are changed. The following day everyone is all caught up with what time it is. As far as businesses are concerned, they cannot expect to lose that much money if they lose business for an hour. In fact the revenue they receive from the shoppers buying later than usual in the summer months completely outweigh whatever revenue they miss from that hour of confusion. Daylight savings actually helps boost our economy and help with business revenue.

Conclusion: Daylight Savings time should not be banned.
Debate Round No. 3
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