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Entertainment Should Only Promote Positive Lifestyles

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Started: 3/27/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Entertainment - Video Games, Musics, Plays, TV, Movies - should only promote positive lifestyles.

There is so much violence in the world and it is only promoted and exacerbated by the media.

People already have enough negativity naturally in their lives and should be encouraged only to lead positive lifestyles.

People are very impressionable and may be impacted negatively by entertainment and may imitate and do bad things.

Entertainment should not upset, disturb or frighten people.


This is ridiculous. Pro is advocating for the censorship of media. Not just the bland censorship of curse words or pornographic material, but the gross censorship of whatever someone can interpret as a "negative" lifestyle.
What would constitute a negative lifestyle? Whatever the government decides as bad? That is an extremely toxic and dangerous authority to give the government. You cannot let the government determine what art can and can't be.

But this is just extremely vague. Would it never hint at sex because that could cause unwanted pregnancies? Would it never depict the LGBT community because they are more likely to be victims of violent crimes? Would it never depict anything that could possibly have a negative impact on one's life?

Besides, a lot of media, specifically TV shows and movies that young adults consume, show the impacts of drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. in those shows. They themselves promote positive lifestyles.

"People are very impressionable and may be impacted negatively."
This has never been proven. The only thing that has been proven is that it desensitizes some people. Neither children nor adults see a movie like "Terminator" and think they should do that. Of course the mentally ill are an outlier but we shouldn't restrict our entire culture, and that is not a hyperbole, to MAYBE prevent something bad.

"Entertainment should not upset, disturb or frighten people."
This is EXACTLY what the greatest entertainment of all time does. Just look at Macbeth by Shakespeare, Black Mirror on Netflix, any war documentary or accurate depiction such as Saving Private Ryan, etc. These amazing, although my opinion, media productions not only depict human behavior, although sometimes in an exaggerated way, but also do so to act as a "warning" or at least a cautionary tale of what human's are capable of.

Could you imagine a show that doesn't upset anyone? There would be no conflict! The biggest driver of plot in any media form. There would be nothing considered "weird" to people because that could promote a "negative" lifestyle.

This is by far the worst argument I have seen for the censorship of the entertainment industry, and I've delved into that rabbit hole a couple of times.
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