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Equal pay for women

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Started: 4/10/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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New research suggest that work done by women simply isn't valued as highly. My argument is that men make more money in jobs requiring similar responsibilities, skill sets, or education, but are separated by gender.


Perhaps, but women are entitled to turning down a job offer if the pay is not satisfactory or up to their standards the same as men. Also, women are allowed to negotiate wages just like men, although in certain fields gender makes a difference. Such as a gynecologist, it makes women feel uncomfortable being assisted by a male sometimes and a lower wage may be given to a man to discourage the occupation. In similar regards, a woman may be offered less at particular jobs that are physically demanding to discourage them from taking on jobs that are below them.
Debate Round No. 1


A woman should be able to receive equal pay. She shouldn't feel obligated to turn down the opportunity of a source of income because her starting pay wouldn't be equal to that of a man with the same responsibilities, skill sets, or education. A woman would be sacrificing more in this scenario and without knowing a woman's financial standing, it would be difficult to argue that she could be in the position to turn down income in hopes of finding an occupation that instilled equal pay amongst both sexes. My argument isn't whether or not women have the ability to negotiate, it's whether or not they make less money in jobs requiring similar responsibilities, skill sets, or education. Women are not just offered less at particular jobs, such as physically demanding jobs as you suggested, they are offered and paid less from a wide variety of jobs. A woman and a man can be equal in every category, except gender, and the woman will make less.


According to an article by Business Insider, the data was analyzed by Rochester Institute of Technology, Women who are business owners make less than men who are business owners in the same market and field. This means that the gender issue still exists outside of "worker" conditions and asserts that discrimination doesn't always play a part since the female business owner still made less regardless of the presence of an employer choosing the wage. As for your claim, female should not feel like they need to turn down an offer for a job, everyone must navigate their options and make a decision based on what is available to them. No person should feel obligated to decline anything, unless they are not interested in it. To relate to a real world scenario, a fisherman or a fisher woman may be interested in the biggest fish in the lake, but if he or she catches a small fish, she or he has the right to decline it and keep perusing what they feel is their goal. Same holds true in business.
Debate Round No. 2


The research you provided seems to be lacking the reason why she received a lower pay. Rather it sounds like it's defending my argument that women make less on all levels, whether that be as an employer or a business owner. Can you please provide the article link where you obtained this information? Although I appreciate your analogy, I would prefer if we could stay on track by focusing on the factual information. Women's median annual earnings stubbornly remain about 20% below men's. Women make 80 cents to the dollar that a man makes. According to an article by Cornell University research, "When women enter fields in greater numbers, pay declines - for the very same jobs that more men were doing before." According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, men make more with jobs even when the female counterpart matches up with them with education, responsibility, and skill level. What piece of information would it take to prove to you that women do not receive equal pay?
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Posted by Alex15757 3 years ago
Wow 20%, what a nice and even number.
Posted by TheBenC 3 years ago
Nobody needed new research to tell us women's work is less important than men's work. The jobs women tend to take are not as vital to society as men's jobs.

Why is this a surprise to some of you kids? Do you really think men and women are identical? We have different roles to fill. We are not the same thing.

If women want better paying jobs they should go out and get them. The entire debate here is about how women chose lesser paying jobs and they should be paid more for those jobs. There is absolutely no reason for this. Supply and demand are what set the value for work done. You cannot randomly say certain jobs get more money simply because women like them. If a man works in those kinds of jobs he gets paid the same as women.

If society says baking cakes is worth less than mining ore then that is fine with me. Stop trying to turn the US into a communist country with the government forcing unequal jobs to be paid equally.
Posted by RR-MKIV 3 years ago
So you are insisting that the wage gap is sexist?
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