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Establishing a perfect society

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Started: 3/30/2017 Category: Politics
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In today's society, the majority of all people are under the reign of the top one percent. While this might be okay in a capitalist society, we really ought to look into establishing communism universally. Instead of a select minority having steak and potatoes every night, every family could be issued a single piece of bread and a water bottle to share. Less people would die of hunger world wide. If all the governments in the world combined into one huge mega-power, fueled of course, by communism, we could promise bread, land, and peace to everyone. The only requirement to creating this theoretical mega-power would be for the poor proletariat to overthrow the bourgeoisie by seizing the means of production. Now you might say that communism has been tried before, but leaders such as Mao and Stalin just did it wrong. Instead of giving every family a piece of bread and a water bottle to share, they just took all the bread and water. True communism has never been tried.


True Communism looks good on paper. Yet, no matter where it has been implemented, it always fails. The problem with Communism is that it gives all control to a select governing body. By allowing one entity to control food, money, and social class the system will become exactly what we see in Russia today. Russia is basically an American dictatorship. America is becoming more like a Communist country as you brought up the one percent. The one percent is essentially the ruling class which is exactly what happens in Communist countries. The problem is not Capitalism. Nor is it Communism. The problem is that people in America and Russia fear the government. If you look at countries that use a pseudo Capitalist/Socialist government they have none of the issues that you stated. In addition, the Governments of these countries fear the people which is the way it should be. France is my favorite country to site because the system used there has worked. They have a ridiculously low homeless population and very few people live in poverty. As you know the French are also very active if the Government makes any decision that is disliked by the majority. When people protest in France the Government listens. That is the way society should work and under global communism we would wind up much worse than we currently are.
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