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Eurpean Nations Are The Biggest Hypocrites

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Started: 2/11/2019 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Nations all over the globe are now starting to view European nations as hypocrites because they say one thing while doing another. I have documented facts that prove European nations use colonization to spread their agenda while defaming other nations' true history. If I'm wrong, Then someone must present solid facts instead of pseudo-European nonsense. . . Good luck.


Europeans have commited many crimes sins and mistakes, They are the cradle of modern science, We are the reason you savages have modern medicine call phones and the internet, HOW DARE YOU! All your ideas of fairness and equality where do they come from? European philosophers. . Without youd be naked and living in a cave. . The world was a fuedal hell hole before we bagan to change things. . We did mistreat you thats like when a man kicks a dog its wrong but you don't let the dog be in charge. . Because cruel or not the man has the brain. . And it s the same we may be cruel at times and we should no be but we have the brains you are absoluely nothig without us nothing, Except if you are an asian, Asians are smart, I admire asians they work hard and are good at math. . Better tha us in amny ways but europeans are stil the most creative race. . Europeans have the good ideas smart asians can perfect them. . Asians don't complain and whine they work very hard and in many ways have surpassed europeans due to their own hard work. . And hats off to them. . If your not an asian maybe you culture might leanr from them not europeans we tend to be over sexed and lazy. Now. Se asians as a model of a model minority
Debate Round No. 1


Well, I wasn't going to take this debate in that direction, But it's clear that my Neanderthal sub-human opponent is perfectly proving my point. Your ridiculous claim of modern medicine, Cell phones & internet displays your low IQ. Without (ancient medicine) there would be no modern medicine. That same modern medicine (opioids) is what's wiping your a** out right about now. . . Europeans wouldn't even be alive today if it weren't for Africans & their medicines. . . Remember the Dark Ages? Nahhh, You won't talk about that because Europeans were dying of their own self-made diseases. The reason for being in the Dark Ages come from your nasty living habits & everyone is aware of what you people do with animals.

Savages? Google beastiality & see who/what pops up. Hmmm.

Internet & computers? Tell me the names of those Black engineers who played a role in the "founding" of these technologies. . . Better yet, Give me the name of the African country that provides the minerals for cell phones to operate? Math? Mathematics came from "Ancient Kemet Africa, " which predates all Europeans. Ever wonder why it's called Kemetic Science?
Naked & living in a cave? Do you really want to go there since you guys did originate from actual caves. Tell me about the Rhesus monkey since you share the same DNA as it & it's documented.

In conclusion, You claim that Asians surpassed Europeans due to hard work. My question is, "when have Europeans ever worked hard? " At this point, I'm pretty sure you're figuring out that you're outclassed on every level.
P. S. You claim to know it all, But you can't write one complete sentence thanks to all those misspelled words.


billsands forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Another one bites the dust.


There was a time when europeans ruled the planet like gods we had ships and guns and technology while the rest of the world lived in tents, Why do you think we were able to rule rule over you? Think, We ruled over you enslaved you had you pick our cotton and tomatoes and shine our shoes. . Was that because we were stupid and lazy? Look at africa today people eating each other slavery famine, And you blame the white men. Thats the problem not that a race is inferior but its been conned by radicals that they are owed something, If you blame everyone but yourself for the mess you got yourself in, You deserve everythng you get. Again look at the Asians, As soon as they got rid of us, They went to work fixing up their society, Instead of crying and demanding freee stuff the way lazy helpless people do. . are you disabled? Retarded? Mental? If not youcan help yourself, Welfare is for crippled people who can't help themselves. . Asian work hard and made great societies. Look at Ireland, Thanks to the English Ireland was once Europes poorest most backwards place, Once they got rid of the British they went to work getting revenge on the British, The best revenge they say in Irleand is living well. Now Irleand is on top due to the hard work of the Iirsh people and good economic policy. . Stop blameing all your problems on others get off your fat lzy butt and help yourself. . people are getting sick of the blame game. If you are weak you oppress yourself. You should be embrassed that yor ancestors were so stupid and weak europeans found it so easy to conquer them. . Like is a struggle for survival. If your are weak you will die. . Stop crying like a spoiled 6 year old and work to make you lives and society better you have no one to blame but yourself if you allow others to domonate you. . So stop of being weak and stupid and get your act together. . The asians did. . I admire them because thye don't blame anyone they just work hard and create wealth. . Singapore in 1965 was so poor half of their children were manourished 50 years later look them! Richer than almost every European nation and yes europeans are now very lazy and decadent. . But the reason they ruled the world was once they were not lazy people don't conquer the world, Lazy people get conquered
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by JAB 3 years ago
You will find that European nations undertake great efforts to preserve the history and culture of foreign nations, Including ones that they formerly occupied. You have talked about Egypt. With 80. 000 stored objects, The public Egyptian Museum of Berlin alone houses the third largest collection of historical Egyptian items in the entire world. It was founded in 1828, Well before the advent of European imperialist ambitions in Africa around 1880. As such it is evidence of a profound European interest in foreign cultures, In my view stemming from its scientific materialism and objectivism. The latter's development begins at the very latest with the ideas of Plato and is thus deeply rooted in European thought.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
You said, "all countries defame each others true history. " So. . . Since there are well-over 190 countries worldwide, Do you actually think that all 190+ countries have defamed each other? History is written by the victor, But does that mean that what's written is correct? So. . . The ancient scrolls of Asia, S. America etc. , Doesn't count as written records? Ever heard of "papyrus and parchment? ' You say that colonization isn't bad but when other groups come into your territories, You seem to have a problem. Sounds like a hypocrite to me. . . Which is why I started this debate so thanks for proving my point.
Posted by K_Michael_Tolman 3 years ago
"@K_Michael_Tolman By far the dumbest comment of the year. Thanks to having a B. A. In Social-Cultural Anthropology & a B. S. In Forensic Anthropology, I'll just let your own nonsense sink your very own ship. "

But you will evidently refuse to disprove a single thing I said.
Posted by Mr_Popper 3 years ago
I think Pro's wording was a bit provocative, But Con completely overreacted. It doesn't help that his arguments are hardly valid.

Let's say everything Con said is correct and ignore how Pro disproved most of his claims. What does it matter if Europe basically created everything we have? That doesn't change the fact that they have problems. We have the right to criticize them whether we're on the same continent or on a different planet. This is the exact same argument an old, Entitled parent says to their adult children. "I made you what you are! Even though I didn't do it because I actually cared about you, I raised you and fed you and gave you shelter! How dare you call me an evil selfish witch that hates everyone! You are obligated to support and help me! "
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
@K_Michael_Tolman By far the dumbest comment of the year. Thanks to having a B. A. In Social-Cultural Anthropology & a B. S. In Forensic Anthropology, I'll just let your own nonsense sink your very own ship.
Posted by K_Michael_Tolman 3 years ago
All countries "defame" each other's true histories. "History is written by the victors. "
Europe just so happens to have more written records than say, Asia, South America, Or Australia. It's not that they didn't do a similar thing, It's just that the Polynesians didn't have anything more than oral history.
You'll notice that most cultures have a mythology of betrayal by one of the gods. This very likely mirroring real events in those cultures' histories.
"European nations use colonization to spread their agenda" Colonization is not bad. Furthermore, Only a few European countries took much part in it, Namely Spain and England. Without colonization, North America would be an unspoiled wilderness, But it would also have no wi-fi. Soo. . . All in favor of colonization?
And European countries aren't the only ones to colonize. Take the Mongols, For instance. If you don't already know who they are, Then you shouldn't be debating about history.
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