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Euthanasia should be Illegal

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Started: 3/5/2016 Category: Society
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Euthanasia should be illegal.
Suicide is wrong. So why are we accepting it?
Euthanasia: A legal way to commit suicide.
Lets look at 5 main reasons why euthanasia should be Illegal:

1. Euthanasia is murder:Euthanasia, which comes from the Greek word eu thanatos meaning good or dignified death, is the conscious act of ending a life by withholding necessary treatment (passive euthanasia) or performing a procedure that directly and quickly causes death (active euthanasia). Although viewed by some as beneficial, both active and passive euthanasia are considered immoral, sinful, and in the same category as abortion " a murder. Murder is the act of intentionally taking the life of one person. Opponents of euthanasia, especially Catholics, believe that the practice is wrong because it is murder. Since God is the One who created us, He is also the only One who has the right to take our lives away. In fact, the sixth of the Ten Commandments states "Thou shall not kill." Therefore, any form of killing " regardless of motives " is not permissible.
The so-called mercy killing or assisted killing is condemned by the Church. Just recently, a Vatican official criticized the death of Brittany Maynard, a cancer sufferer who took her life in November 2014 by assisted suicide. Maynard suffered from a brain tumor and decided to die when her pain became unbearable. Monsignor Ignacio Carrasco de Paula, head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, said in an interview that "This woman took her own life thinking she would die with dignity, but this is the error" Suicide is not a good thing, it is a bad thing because it is saying no to life and to everything it means with respect to our mission In the world and towards those around us."

2. Euthanasia Gives Too Much Power To Doctors To Kill:
Doctors are empowered by euthanasia. It gives them the opportunity to play God and most doctors, since many now more regard their profession as an occupation and not a passion, will seize this opportunity. This is especially true for those unscrupulous individuals.Many of us are unaware that a lot of doctors today are taking self-interested shortcuts in order to earn more or make things happen their way. For instance, in case of delivering babies; some doctors coerce their patients in unnecessary caesarian sections on weekdays in order to guarantee an interrupted weekend for themselves. In other medical case, some doctors pressure their patients to undergo a surgery right away in order to finally get rid of the patients. Some do even push their patients to go towards vaccination or take a certain medication, even if it"s unnecessary, just to make more money. Why, then, would they never be tempted to kill someone in the quickest way if it will benefit themselves in the end " like avoiding the troublesome case or eliminating the hassle of dealing with importunate family members?A perfect example of this would be Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a controversial pathologist, who took advantage of his patients" agony and murdered them. According to reports, his goals were to popularize assisted suicide, to harvest organs for transplantation, and the most appalling of all, to experiment the sick and injured patients. Kevorkian claimed that he had helped 130 ailing people end their lives. Imagine? But what"s worse about it was that he created a machine for suicide, which was called a "suicide machine," that allowed sick people dispense a lethal dose of medication to themselves by pressing a button. Later, the lunatic was convicted for second-degree murder, but unfortunately, he was not the only one who practiced this. In Netherlands, where euthanasia is allowed, thousands of people are killed each year "without request or consent."Doctors, like any other humans, are lazy, selfish, and weak to temptations. In pressing situations, doctors are likely to commit mistakes and make wrong decisions. Therefore, euthanasia should not be legalized. As Dr. Peter Saunders, a general surgeon and CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship, has written: "Voluntary euthanasia makes the doctor the most dangerous (person) in the state."

3. Legalization Of Euthanasia Changes Public Conscience:
The law is a powerful tool that can be used to change our beliefs, behavior, and conscience. When a practice becomes legal and widely accepted, it becomes right in the eyes of the society. Even if it is against our personal preference and principle, we eventually practice it and believe that it is perfectly okay. People trust the law because they believe that it is the best for the people " they believe that the law is always right.
One case that demonstrates how law can affect the culture and public conscience was the assisted killing of the twin brothers, Marc and Eddy Verbessem. The two were born deaf and sought euthanasia after discovering that they would also soon go blind from another congenital disorder " a form of glaucoma. According to the Daily Telegraph, their local hospital had refused to carry out the procedure because the twin was neither suffering extreme physical pain nor terminally ill.
Euthanasia is legal under Belgian law if a patient is able to make their wishes clear and suffering unbearable pain, based on a doctor"s judgment. Critics point out that the twin brothers were not suffering unbearable pain, but Professor Wim Distelmans, a right-to-die activist, took the decision to euthanize them. He even defended his decision and said, "There was certainly unbearable psychological suffering for them. Though there is of course it always possible to stretch the interpretation of that. One doctor will evaluate differently than the other." Dr. David Dufour, the doctor who presided over the euthanasia even said, ""It was a relief to see the end of their suffering."
Then just days after the Verbessem brothers were killed by their doctor, Belgium"s ruling Socialists tabled a new legal amendment that will allow children and people suffering from dementia to seek permission to die.This just shows that once the society started to see that killing is okay, it is possible for people to do it without feeling any guilt.

4.Euthanasia Encourages Vulnerable People To End Their Lives:
Euthanasia advocates promote the legalization of euthanasia as they believe that it is a way to protect "vulnerable people" from wrongful death and provide suffering patients their desired, peaceful "death with dignity." Opponents of the practice counter this with the defense that legalization of euthanasia doesn"t protect vulnerable people, rather it pressures them to make decisions unilaterally.If euthanasia is available, sick and dependent people will be pressured to choose death, rather than suffer and become a burden to their families. Yes, people who are dependent and ill often feel worthless and burden to their families. Since their body is so weak to work, they are not able to help and contribute to their families and communities. This makes them often feel worthless and useless. And this is the very reason why so many suffering people wish to die. But luckily, euthanasia is not yet permitted in most parts of the country and other parts of the world. But if it"s already available, no one can already stop these people from requesting assisted death. Patients and people with disabilities and problems will think that euthanasia is the only solution.

5. People Who Request Mercy Killing Don"t Actually Want To Die:
In tough moments, especially in the presence of death, patients are highly vulnerable. They lack the knowledge and strength to understand entirely their situation, which usually affects their decisions. Many people think that the main reason why patients seek for physician assisted death is because of the pain associated with the illness, but the truth is it"s the fear of the unknown. They are terrified about the possible consequences of their illness, including the possibility of surviving without actually living and most of all, its impact to their families. In a survey conducted in Oregon, USA, 66 percent of people who requested euthanasia did so because they didn"t want to be a burden.But it"s also true that no one wants to die. Those people who say "let me die," usually don"t mean what they say, and in fact are thankful when their request is denied.The practice of euthanasia is an unwise and wrong choice. Sure, having an illness and being born with disability is tragic, but killing them is not the answer to their problem. What these people need is love and support from their friends, doctors, especially from their families. If these people will only see that we are caring for them and valuing their lives, they will be encouraged to continue life, no matter how painful it will get.Just look at Ludwig van Beethoven, Sudha Chandran, Tanny Grey-Thompson, and the famous Albert Einstein, as well as Sheryl Crow, Anne Romney, and Hugh Jackman " all these people suffered from life-threatening diseases and disabilities, but they still have contributed to the society and never thought about killing themselves. All these people encountered pain, but they never considered euthanasia as an answer " because it is not!

Unfortunately Euthanasia is used to murder people that just don't want to live. According to Amy Craft who works at CBS NEWS, on August 4,2015 at 6:39 pm stated. A woman named Gill Pharaoh, who was only 75 yrs old from Britain with no heath issues, decided to end her life at a Swiss euthinasia clinic on July 21 with her spouse who was 25 by her side, begging her not to carry on with this.
According to Daily Mail, Her Partner John Southall said Pharaoh had talked with family and friends about someday ending her life. Her decision to die was based on a desire to not grow old.

Conclusion: Euthanasia is a hidden way to commit suicide. Do not let it deceive you. Murder is wrong. Young people are starting to commit this suicide. Good people are dying because of Euthanasia.


Euthanasia should be legal.
I am in no way supporting the idea of committing suicide when you have a future to strive for.
I agree with Pro that Euthanasia is indeed a way to die by your own means.
However, what right does the government have to say that we aren't allowed to have control over our own lives? I thought one's rights ended where another's began? When did it become illegal to die? What, are they going to arrest your dead body?
Responding to the 5 reasons shown by Pro, I hope to show why Euthanasia should be legal.

1. Yes Euthanasia does mean Dignified Death or Good, however the term Murder is not one of the definitions for it. I would like to question Pro on the fact of "Therefore any form of killing, regardless of motives, is not permissible." Firstly I would like to say, the Bible actually does have circumstances where killing would be justified. Such as when someone breaks into your home and threatens your family. "If a thief be found breaking up, and be smitten that he die, there shall no blood be shed for him." Exodus 22:2. This shows that indeed Killing, in self defense is permissible.
As for the suicide aspect of it, suicide is indeed something we would not accept, however that is assuming the person still has a pursuit of happiness. It is our right to pursue happiness no matter the cost (Of course, our rights end where another's begin.) What if someone cannot be happy due to a constant pain that they cannot escape no matter the pills or medications they take? What if they are under this pain and now it is a terminal illness and they cannot escape? Do they not have the right to pursue relief? Also remember that we have to take this from every perspective, and from the position of someone who might not be religious they would not see Euthanasia as something immoral.

2. As stated a fear of Euthanasia is the power of the Doctor, however they are oathbound to not cause harm to the patients, so how can they perform Euthanasia? Simple, there is two forms of Euthanasia as Pro has mentioned: Active and Passive. Active Euthanasia would require a Doctor too give a person who is in of the right mind and is 100% voluntary to the decision, so that they can die a painless death. Passive Euthanasia would not give any power to the Doctor, infact it would give the Patient the ability to refuse all treatment even if it would cause them to die. The Doctor would have no say in the patients decision, if the patient is of logical and clear thinking they can pursue a relief of pain if they so desire. Of course under the circumstance of Passive Euthanasia this would not break a single right, nor would it give power to others.

3. I understand that the Law can change our way of thought, and our morals. This is the very reason for this debate is to attempt to change the moral and lawful view of this subject. Would it be wrong for Euthanasia to be accepted Legally? As you stated, if it was accepted, by no means would it be immoral, since we see the law as "right". So as to whether Euthanasia is immoral or not would depend on the person's perspective on the law and their morals.

4. Remember, suicide is already a choice people can make, and people make it all the time. If someone was sick and wanted relief, they would not be "pressured" by Euthanasia but aware of its presence, and would question if they should to do so. Pressure and Awareness are too different things entirely. If someone knew of Euthanasia being available to them and were sick and didnt want to be in pain, then they have every right to choose Euthanasia. They would not be pressured to do so, they would know they can end their pain. Remember, there are people who are terminally ill and in constant pain, if they want to choose Euthanasia then should be allowed their dignified death. If they do not want Euthanasia then they can push on. Euthanasia gives a choice to the patient, rather than saying they just have to wait for that moment they will finally die even though they dont have long already, and each second it pain. You may think there is no such people, however as a Primary Source, my own Mother was a hospice nurse. She knew of people who would pass on peacfully and others who were screaming and yelling "MY FEET ARE BURNING! HELP! PLEASE HELP! STOP THE PAIN!!" These were patients already prescribed and medicated with things such as Morphine and other pain killers. However Pain Killers do not always do the trick, and for those suffering each second waiting for their time to finally die, Euthanasia would be a much more humane thing to do. Pro had stated that Euthanasia would pressure people to end their lives if it was legal, and stated that most countries do not allow this. However Pro herself states here that Most countries do not allow this, but SOME do! In fact quiet a few of very well known countries such as: the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Colombia and Luxembourg. Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Albania, Canada, and in the US states of Washington, Oregon, Vermont, New Mexico, Montana and California. Knowing this, it is already legal in multiple parts of the US for Euthanasia, meaning that this "pressure" would already be in affect.

5. I would like to state something very obvious here: Of course NO ONE wants to die! What they want is relief! If we could give people that, then Euthanasia wouldn't have been invented, however base line is we cannot! In the Past, Honor was a highly regarded thing, and even today people do not want to tarnish their Pride. No one wants others to slowly watch them suffer in pain, no one wants others to see your weakness. Euthanasia is just like you described it, an honorable death. A way that we can relieve others of their pain and respect their pride. Allow them to die with a smile on their face. Remember just because Euthanasia exist, doesnt mean every single patient has to take it! You think that people won't want to prolong their lives to the farthest they can handle? Euthanasia is only there so that when the person finally says "I give, it hurts to much, I am ready to die." We can give them that death instead of making them suffer for even longer.

Bottom Line: Euthanasia is NOT murder. Murder by definition is: "the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another." So firstly, if Euthanasia was legal, like it is in some parts of the U.S then it would not be murder since it is legal! Second, It would not be a human killing another human, it is one human deciding to call it quits and find some peace. It's not like anyone is saying to force the elderly to commit senpuku xD If they want a quick, painless death and are tired, then we should give it to them. If you are going off a religious thought, then you should know that Euthanasia is not murder, nor is it killing somebody. Also Passive Euthanasia is not suicide, it is refusing others from filling you with medications and tubes that will prolong your painful life, aka not wanting to be tortured,
Debate Round No. 1


Back to the first round.:
According to Merriam Webster Dictionary:
Suicide: the act of killing yourself because you do not want to continue living
Therefore I was right in the first round, when I said euthanasia was suicide.Because euthanasia is killing yourself. Period. Euthanasia is ending your life.
According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary:
Euthanasia: the act or practice of killing someone who is very sick or injured in order to prevent any more suffering.
As you can see in the first part of the definition it is "the act or practice of killing"
Therefore as I stated before It is murder. Although It does prevent some people from some pain, people are also now doing just to die and end their life. This is wrong and should be illegal. In the following statements I will prove that the bible contradicts euthanasia.

After reviewing your profile I saw that you are a Christian thus the bible will be a reliable source in this debate:

The Bible does not specifically mention euthanasia, but it does address issues closely related to it. Euthanasia is known by different terms such as mercy killing, assisted suicide, etc. It is the act of assisting someone in his or her own death who is terminally ill, suffering, and in great pain. The goal of the assisted suicide is to prevent the continuation of pain.

The Bible tells us that we are not to murder (Exodus 20:13). Murder is the unlawful taking of life, and killing is the lawful taking of life. Technically speaking, if a nation said that euthanasia was legal, then on a human level it would not be murder. But as societies often legislate moral issues in contradiction to the Bible and just because a society might say that euthanasia is good, does not mean that it is. We are to obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29).

We are made in the image of God (Gen. 1:26), and it is the Lord God who gives us life (Job 33:4) and who has numbered our days (Job 14:5). This means that God is the sovereign Lord who determines the day that we die. Therefore, we are not to usurp God's authority.

In the Bible . . .
In the Book of Job when Job is under great distress and in great pain, his wife says to him "'Do you still hold fast your integrity? Curse God and die!' 10 But he said to her, 'You speak as one of the foolish women speaks. A279;A279;Shall we indeed accept good from God and not accept adversity?' A279;A279;In all this Job did not sin with his lips," (Job 2:9-10). Basically, Job's wife wanted him to euthanize himself to avoid the pain of his life, but Job refused to do so, and in this he did not sin.

Heb. 9:27, "And inasmuch as it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment."

The Bible tells us that it is God who appoints people to die. Essentially, assisted suicide is an attempt to deny God His sovereign right to appoint who dies when. We must be careful not to take into our own hands the right that belongs to God.

There is nothing in the Bible that tells us we must do everything we can to keep someone alive for as long as possible. So, we are not under obligation to prolong the life of someone who is suffering. If someone is terminally ill and in great pain, we should make the person as comfortable as possible during this process of dying. We should not hasten his death. Instead, we should let death take its natural course but make every effort to comfort those who are suffering.

Finally, like so many things in the world, when a small compromise is made, many injustices are eventually allowed. If euthanasia is permitted under the emotional and moral claim that it is best for the individual, what is to prevent the government from eventually stepping in and determining who else needs to be terminated? Might the definition of euthanasia be expanded to include those who are suffering from chronic depression--or just don"t like living--or are not productive in society? We must ask that if the door to killing people in their old age is opened, can it ever be closed again?

Think about it. The beginning of life is now open to destruction in abortion, and the end of life is now being considered for destruction as well. Like a vise that closes from either end, how many of those in the middle will fall prey to the depravity of man's moral relativism and love affair with sin that always brings death?

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 ESV
"Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body."
Therefore by killing yourself and taking your life into your own hands, you are not setting God in priority. Thus you are choosing Your own ways not Gods

Ecclesiastes 7:17 ESV
"Be not overly wicked, neither be a fool. Why should you die before your time?"
This here shows that God is not in control. And that God wants you to live according to his plan

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2 ESV
"For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;"
The season of death is in Gods hands and we should leave it to his plan.

Ecclesiastes 8:8 ESV
"No man has power to retain the spirit, or power over the day of death. There is no discharge from war, nor will wickedness deliver those who are given to it."

1 Corinthians 3:16-17 ESV
"Do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you? If anyone destroys God's temple, God will destroy him. For God's temple is holy, and you are that temple."

1 Corinthians 10:13 ESV
"No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it."

Genesis 9:5-6 ESV
"And for your lifeblood I will require a reckoning: from every beast I will require it and from man. From his fellow man I will require a reckoning for the life of man. "Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image."

Romans 12:1 ESV
"I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship."

There are two instances of euthanasia in the Bible. In the first, Abimelech, believing himself to be fatally wounded (with a fractured skull after being hit on the head by a millstone), asks his armour-bearer to kill him to spare him the "indignity" of being killed by a woman (Judges 9:52-55). In the second, an Amalekite despatches the mortally injured Saul, still alive after a failed attempt at suicide (2 Samuel 1:6-9) These two cases demonstrate the two main arguments for euthanasia, autonomy ("death with dignity") and compassion ("release from suffering").

The Bible tells us that human beings are unique amongst God"s creatures in being made in the image of God (Genesis 1:26) and it is on this basis, after the flood, that God introduces to all humankind the death penalty for murder (Genesis 9:6,7).

The prohibition against killing legally innocent people is later formalised in the sixth commandment, "You shall not murder" (Exodus 20:13; Deuteronomy 5:17). The Hebrew word for "murder" is ratsach (Greek phoneuo) and its meaning is further defined in four main passages in the Pentateuch (Exodus 21:12-14; Leviticus 24:17-21; Numbers 35:16-31; Deuteronomy 19:4-13).

These passages resolve any ambiguity for us and give a precise definition of what is prohibited, namely the "intentional killing of an innocent human being" (Exodus 23:7; 2 Kings 21:16; Psalms 106:37,38; Jeremiah 19:4). Euthanasia clearly falls within this biblical definition. There is no provision for compassionate killing, even at the person"s request and there is no recognition of a "right to die" as all human life belongs to God (Psalms 24:1). Our lives are not actually our own. Suicide (and therefore assisted suicide) is therefore equally wrong.

Jesus taught in the Sermon on the Mount that that we should go beyond the mere letter of the sixth commandment to fulfil the very spirit of love on which it is based (Matthew 5:21,22) . We are called to walk in Jesus" footsteps, to be imitators of God, to love as he himself loved (1 John 2:6; Ephesians 5:1,2; John 13:34, 35).

Sadly, however, many Christians today are confused about euthanasia and fall prey to emotive hard cases and false dichotomies.

It is often argued that we have only two equally undesirable alternatives to choose from - either "living hell" or the euthanasia needle " both of which are imperfect and unloving solutions.

But there is a third way - the way of the cross. It calls us to give our whole selves to the love and service of others by expending our time, money and energy in finding compassionate solutions to human suffering (Matthew 22:37-40; Mark 8:34; Philippians 2:4-11; Galatians 6:2, 10). It has found practical shape historically in the hospice movement and in good palliative care pioneered in large part by Christian doctors and nurses. When a person"s physical, social, psychological and spiritual needs are adequately tended to requests for euthanasia are very rare indeed.

But the most powerful Christian argument against euthanasia is that death is not the end. God"s intervention through Christ"s death and resurrection for our sins (Romans 5:8; 1 Corinthians 15:3) means that through the eyes of faith we can look forward to a new world after death with God where there is "no more death or mourning or crying or pain" (Revelation 21:4). For those, however, who do not know God euthanasia is not a "merciful release" at all. It may rather be propelling them towards a judgement for which they are unprepared. It may be the worst thing we could ever do for them! (Hebrews 9:27; Revelation 20:15)

Euthanasia is wrong because God says that it is wrong. Euthanasia should become illegal.


Okay, addressing your definition of Euthanasia.
Firstly, as discussed before, Murder is the killing of another by unlawful means. Hence Euthanasia would NOT be Murder.
Secondly, Active Euthanasia is indeed Suicide, however, as this may be morally incorrect, it is still each and every person's choice to make. Our lives are owned by us! Also, for the Christian perspective, when things such as killing, lying, ect... Would you say, that if you jumped infront of a bullet to save another, would you be sinning? But it is suicide, is it not? You see, sin is for the self, but when you do an act, normally seen as evil but for another, it can be innocent. So Euthanasia to save someone from a constant suffering, that they might already be late in the years, no hope for cure, nor want for it, because they are tired and lived a good enough life. If they ask for peace, should we not give it to them?
Thirdly, we come to the topic of Passive Euthanasia. Here is where it becomes RIGHT to use this method. As you stated, 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 ESV
"Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body."
Did you know many drugs used today inorder to keep the body alive, harms it greatly? Remember all those side effects on commercials? Many drugs that we use to temporally keep someone alive, even if they are in pain damages their body greatly. While Passive Euthanasia is the refusal to take such drugs, but die when you die. This is the most ethical thing, from the Christian Perspective or Not.

So Conclusion: Passive Euthanasia is a very ethical route that agrees with both Christianity and the Secular World. While Active Euthanasia under certain circumstances can be seen as ethical and is also agreeable with the Secular World. Remember to make something illegal its something that the Secular World would also have to disagree on. As for God saying Euthanasia is wrong, that would most likely appeal to Active Euthanasia, however just because God says so, doesnt mean the World will follow. So whether it should be Legal or Illegal, the Secular World currently controls. I myself believe in God. However I do believe that Passive Euthanasia is truly the best middle ground that violates no one laws or rights. Euthanasia is truly something that should NOT be illegal.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Stonehe4rt 2 years ago
Thx Mod, I didnt want to win because of other's personal views. I hope I can find voters who will keep it non bias and strictly about the debate, and its authenticity.
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: SonicAndRapBattles// Mod action: Removed<

3 points to Con (Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: I agree with con, it should be the choice of the person

[*Reason for removal*] Not an RFD. The voter has to explain their decision based on the debate itself and not merely state their personal agreement with a given side.
Posted by Stonehe4rt 2 years ago
I mean I myself am religious, but I do like to take the perspective of everyone. So I realize I cannot limit myself to just my beliefs. As such Euthanasia because exponentially more correct. Of course even I showed how it would work with religion as to appease every crowd.
Posted by Kalleth 2 years ago
I strongly agree with Stonehe4rt's first round of rebuttals and I just have to weigh in here. The Stoics, a group of philosophers who believed we should take all things as they come to us, good and bad, believed in suicide. They believed that no matter what happens, a person always has the option of suicide. Because of this, one can take comfort and relief in dying on their own terms. They can feel control over their fate. As an aside, religions were formed partly to provide a comfort for people who felt they couldn't control the way they died. Or were just plain afraid of death. In closing, for my mini debate in the comments, I have to say that it's incredibly na"ve to assume that there are no circumstances where suicide is a better alternative. It's just a matter of experiencing them. We live in a world where the one thing we always (hopefully) have agency over is our own lives. They should be ending when we decide we have lived a full life. Euthanasia should totally be legal.
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