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Started: 3/1/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Euthanasia should be legal under the circumstances that the person requesting it have good reason (as determined by the person asked to perform the euthanasia), and they should be required to wait for a certain period of time so that can think over their decision in case they decide they do not want to go through with the procedure. I also think they should be given a psychological analysis to see if they have something that can be treated and if so attempt treating it before allowing them to ask for euthanasia.


I live in Colorado, USA. Colorado became the 6th state to pass a "right-to-die" law by physician aid in dying, or assisted suicide. So the issue at hand is certainly on the map and is relevant. It may be a federal law one day, recognized nationwide. Time will tell.

So are you arguing that this public health issue needs to be a federal law? Or should we continue to leave it up to state legislature?

I also need to ask, what do you mean when you say a person has to give a "good" reason to be considered for this process?
You say they need to have a good reason as determined by the person asked to perform euthanasia. If this is the case, can't we just take situations and mold them to a beneficial law?

For example:
I am hungry and need food. It is illegal for me to steal food.
But I have a good reason to steal food. I am hungry and need food. Should I be able to steal food?

If we give subjective opinion (i.e. i have a good reason to undergo this procedure) ruling authority over every aspect of our lives, their is no law.

What do you mean by "good" reason? I'm sure we can find out together.
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