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Started: 9/4/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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You go first. Be aware that I have strong opinions on it, and though I will try not to get worked up, I still could.


Honey, really, my opinion on almost everything stems from the same basic thing that I am bored to explain right now. In short(sorry to disappoint you, figured I could answer even in short), there should be some seeeerious checks for people to be able to do this if they are not in extreme physical or emotional pain. I don't know if you are religious but I will suppose you aren't because I am reaaally bored of stating obvious reasons that counter your religion-related beliefs for euthanasia, if you don't connect them and are religious, great. So I was saying those things, but let's suppose we have an 80 yo granpa that has, dunno, cancer or sth, and he's 80 yo okay, he's lived his life pretty much right? Wrong, physical state has nothing ro rather CAN have nothing to do with your mind, or even soul or however you call that unmaterial thing we are supposed to have, though nobody can really prove it, but even without that, you got your mind and your imagination and your wants, you don't just click a button at some age and cancel will and wants and needs(not physical ones). For myself, as much as I know that I am pretty suicidal, if I ever reached that age and only improved mentally or stayed the same(prob not), even seeing the sun would be worth it, I'd die in the end anyway. But being the suicidal person that I am, I wouldn't really want ANY responsibilities because I won't care if the sun is worth it then. Get my point? Every case can be so extremely different or similar and no doctor or psychologist or whateeever(haven't researched whether psychologists are considered doctors without the whole doctor-of-the-soul thing) or doctors can ever be sure of the real deep want of any person to decide whether this 80 yo granpa that has cancer indeed doesn't want to watch the sun 'till he dies, even if his daughter hates him because she was mind-washed by a probably racist or sth phobic in general guy(just a senario). And nobody can say he's in pain so let's help him die. Because of what I said, that is. You can never be sure about anything, that is the base of all my opinions that I won't analyze. You can't even prove logic, 'cause you surely can't use logic to prove logic. So basically I am proobably against it but I will probably never be able to simply justify it or justify it with strong reasons completely. I might be for it too. I don't know enough stuff, I don't have the info, you get me? So I would like to hear your opinion and be aware that I have never talked about this issue, only heard and thought of it. I am not For Euthanasia, I have this opinion and it doesn't match with both sides, sorry.
Debate Round No. 1


Cancer isn't always even deadly. In fact I know someone who was expecting to die from brain cancer, whose cancer is going into remission.

I am religious, but for the sake of this argument (For which most people for euthanasia are not religious) I will be arguing from a secular point of view.

Even if it was, or we are talking something with truly no chance of survival, death isn't a cure. Death doesn't stop pain. Death just ends it all on a low point and is an abandonment of any hope.

If someone is dying or in pain, then I would argue because it is new pain the individual isn't in the proper state of mind to make a decision regarding their own life, and it is certainly not fair to the individual to let someone else decide.
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