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Even people who are bowling for recreational purposes should observe proper bowling etiquette

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Started: 4/4/2014 Category: Sports
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First round is acceptance. The second is arguments, no rebuttals. This is rebuttals. Fourth is response to the rebuttals and any last words


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


To many, bowling is much more than a Friday night hang out and a Saturday family event. It is a sport. A sport that requires concentration. When people are bowling, not observing proper bowling etiquette is very distracting to those looking to work on their game. Bowling is a fun sport, but too many ruin it for their own recreational purposes. I think it is fine to go hang out with people for a night out bowling. But, distracting someone can ruin the fun, and can even be dangerous.
Bowling etiquette is as follows:
Wearing bowling shoes
No offensive language
Keep food and drinks off the lanes
Remove street shoes from lane
Do not make people wait for their turn
Do not step over the foul line
Do not use someone else's ball without permission
Do not bowl at the same time as other people to the left or right of you
Stay out of sight of the ones who are bowling
Do not stand on the approach when someone else is bowling
Never be in front of someone who is about to bowl
Do not infringe on anyone else's lane (
These are all etiquette rules that should be followed by anyone at the alley, because it makes for a fun and safe playing environment


Thanks for posting the list of bowling etiquette and I accept the list to be used in this debate.

Because bowling is a game, it has rules. Some of the items in the etiquette list are either rules in the game or very common rules in a bowling alley. Such as, no offensive language, wearing correct shoes, crossing the foul line. I'm only going to concentrate on the items that aren't normally rules and they are:
1. Do not make people wait for their turn
2. Do not use someone else's ball without permission
3. Do not bowl at the same time as other people to the left or right of you
4. Stay out of sight of the ones who are bowling
5. Do not stand on the approach when someone else is bowling
6. Never be in front of someone who is about to bowl
As a frequent bowler, I eliminated the common list of alley rules from the list of etiquette. That's because etiquette isn't required and I've seen plenty of people be kicked out over some of those items. I also believe that 5 and 6 are covered by 1. That means the list is now just 1-4. For number 2, I'm assuming that means the bowling alley's ball because taking someone's personal ball is not only stealing that goes beyond bowling etiquette.

I'm claiming that bowling etiquette doesn't need to be followed when people are bowling for recreational purposes.

Since recreational means it is for enjoyment or fun, it can be seen why bowling is done for recreational purposes. Bowling is not just a sport. It is also used for family fun, dates, and just a relaxing event for friends. There is a reason that bowling alleys have laser nights, college nights, and family nights. This is a game for people to unwind and have fun.

Just because the etiquette exists, doesn't mean that it should always be followed or else they would be rules. There is a time and a place for everything. There is dinner etiquette but worrying about which fork is the salad fork while you are out with your friends, just because the guy at the next table cares, will ruin the dinner and make it feel more like work. There is also golfing etiquette, but following them while playing miniature golf or a short course with your friends will ruin the atmosphere for the ones playing recreationally.
Debate Round No. 2


I thank my opponent for the strong arguments that he presented.
However, as a bowler, I would like to see proper bowling etiquette practiced around me, due to the fact that the violations of the etiquette has not only made me lose focus, but also has made me feel nervous, due to the fact that I have almost hit someone, someone has almost hit me, and people have caused me to lose focus, as I mentioned already.
I would like to touch on the list I made regarding etiquette. People do get in the way, not causing you to delay, but causes I rather dangerous environment. Bowling balls at the lowest weigh 8 pounds, and at most 16 pounds, which, when thrown, might as well be a flying lethal projectile.
Bowling bowls being taken: whether it was a house ball or someone else's ball, if it was not put on the return rack by you, you are not to use it period! This may lead to causing someone to delay their shot. People use specific balls that may not be theirs, and from the bowling alley, and it may easily cause a delay in their game.
Yes, bowling is a fun family and friend hang out, but, if etiquette isn't followed, not only does it make the game go less smoothly and causing more distracting to people trying to really bowl and work on their game, but it can also create a dangerous environment.


These are good points that you bring up.
As I mentioned earlier, there is a time and a place for everything. That even includes etiquette. I was raised in the south and was taught proper eating etiquette. However, although I would like for everyone to adhere to this etiquette, I understand that not everyone is going to follow this etiquette at a restaurant. Yet, at a wedding or fancy banquet, it is understandable for everyone to be held to the standards of following proper eating etiquette.

As for the danger coming from bowling, I am sure everyone has seen inexperienced bowlers either lose grip from the ball or fall down while bowling. This happens to professionals that are following all the proper etiquette. Here's one example.

To keep the game fun and to attract new bowlers, professional bowlers should not pressure etiquette onto recreational bowlers. This will then drive beginner bowlers away from bowling. With the lose of revenue from recreational bowlers, the alleys might end up having to close down. As a bowler, I'm sure you wouldn't want that. I'm also sure that if you didn't have fun when you first started bowling, you wouldn't have continued bowling.

League bowlers have their time to practice when only league bowlers are allowed in the alley. When that time is over, following bowling etiquette shouldn't be a big deal. This is the time when parents can bring their kids, or couples can go on dates. Worrying if they are not bowling fast enough can really take the fun out of the game for people just learning or are just out to have fun.
Debate Round No. 3


Etiquette in the bowling alley is important because it makes for a safer playing environment, as well as a smoother environment. People deserve a good, fun, safe time. Of course, fun is important, and letting loose is fun, too, but keeping things safe in an environment that calls for remaining safe. My opponent has brought up good strong arguments, though. He brought up that etiquette is appropriate at the right time, however, etiquette down at the bowling alley, at least in a modest form, is important for fun and safety purposes.


Etiquette in recreational bowling is not important. Although I agree that a bowling alley should be safe and an unsafe alley is not fun, if the lack of etiquette made it that unsafe of an environment then this list of etiquette would become the rules of the game. However, when you take out the fun and relaxation of the game then you are also taking out the recreational part of the event. A person should be able to take as long as they want to bowl without being rushed because that is the point of performing a recreational activity.

I would like to thank my opponent for the debate.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by philly1 7 years ago
I'm just playing devil's advocate on this one.
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