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Everyone Should be Allowed to Say Racial Slurs

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Started: 3/5/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Is there anything wrong with saying racial slurs? Of course not. Calling somebody something derogatory, such as soulless, violent, or stinky is perfectly okay. That is why everyone should be allowed to say racial slurs about anything.

Here are a few example of racial slurs:

"You chink. Why aren't you working in the mines?"
"Oh no, it's niggers here."
"Let's send Jews to concentration camps."
"Gingers have no souls. All they do is worship the devil."
"One nigger family per neighborhood in every non-African country."

Or you can say this:

"Ice Bear, Orange Dinosaur, what50, and masterful are white supremacists and members of the KKK."


You've started to bore me with these stupid troll debates now, Icebear.
Debate Round No. 1


Racism is a good thing, because it makes people tough. Thus, everyone should be allowed to swear in public and call people racist things.


I don't know why i'm stating these reasons because your to dumb to understand them:

1. Racial slurs offend people. They are not nice, they are horrible. If you like them then your 'amazing reputation' to yourself crumbles. This proves your not a nice person. You are horrible.

2. They cause trouble between people. (But so what? You LOVE causing trouble. You are a troll after all.)

I suggest you should give up troll-debating, because you will never truly win. No matter what. Everyone hates you. I hope you know that you sicko.
Debate Round No. 2


1. Racial slurs do not offend anyone. They are not horrible, because racism is perfectly acceptable in religion. If you think I am horrible, you must be horrible, you stupid troll.

2. Also, racism does not cause any trouble between people Racism is simply defining your own race to be relatively superior to other races. So what's wrong with that? Everybody on Earth wants to feel good and declare themselves supreme. Racism cannot and should not be banned; thus, everyone should be allowed to say racial slurs, and also sexist, homophobic, etc. slurs to anyone they want.


Of COURSE racial slurs offend people! What type of answer is that?! I felt offended when you declared 'Gingers are soulless.' I felt offended when you said 'Sout Asians are stinky.' And everyone else does too. How are you supposed to know if its offensive or not anyway? Nobody has ever said anything racist about you. That is even more clear PROOF of how stupid you are.

'you stupid troll.'
Excuse me, maybe you go look up the definition of 'internet troll' before you make yourself sound even dumber publicly?

Racism is NOT perfectly fine, and you are definitely, 100% stupid if you think that does not cause trouble between people. Switch on your brain for the first time in your miserable life. The slavery? The stolen generations? For example. But I already know what you'd think of these. You are Pro for these horrible events. Why? Because you are horrible.

'Everybody on Earth wants to feel good and declare themselves supreme.'
Wrong, as usual. You're very different from most people sadly, thanks to your mental disability, (That you clearly need to get some help with.) Don't think you are clever because you are clearly NOT.

Closing statement: Pro has miserably failed again to bring any relevant, real evidence that racism shouldn't be banned. What he has said is wrong and every sentence he has written is amazingly stupid.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Hadii 3 years ago
I can't even vote yet lol. I need to finish one more debate, and if I could vote I wouldn't vote for him.
Posted by Debating.starfish 3 years ago
Don't vote for him. Icebear is sickening. Just looking at his answers to his debates makes you want to EXPLODE! He's a stinky old troll who think's the rest of the world is just some other type of creature with no feelings. If your saying
people have the right to say as they please then they also have the right to feel as they please and that includes being offended by stupid comments like the ones made by racist people like Icebear. I'm begging you to at least go look down the dictionary for the proper meaning of simple words like 'children' or 'racism'!
Posted by Aileen3310 3 years ago
Why should he vote for you? You were rubbish at this debate.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
So Hadii, please vote for me.
Posted by Hadii 3 years ago
They should be allowed to, because people should have the right to say whatever they please. It shouldn't be encouraged though.
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