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Evolution is False

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Started: 1/23/2012 Category: Science
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Evolution is not true, why do so many people believe it? When astranot's went to the moon, it was proven that it is false. And even the guy that started the big bang and the evolution stuff even said it was just a theory, that's why it's called the big bang THEORY, it's not true.


Normally I use the first round only as an introduction, however given the Pro's opening arguments I can see I have a lot of work to do so Ill get right to it.
A theory in the scientific sense is defined as a plausible or scientifically acceptable principle or idea offered to explain a particular phenomena.... The theory of evolution is defined as a scientifically accepted principle offered to explain a phenomena... The phenomena that animals evolve over time.

Ill break my arguments into three main parts
1) The Moon landings were real
2) Just because something is a theory doesnt mean its false
3) Evolution is not false.

1) Since this is only a sidebar debate I will keep it short. Here is a list of sources showing that the moon landings were real,
- 1 - Modern photos showed lunar activity tracks and leftovers still on the moon
- 2 - Tons of Lunar rocks recovered from the Moon
- 3 - The Soviet Union didnt dispute the claim
- 4 - All the photos taken from the moon
- 5 - It happened multiple times...
- 6 - Reflectors left on the moon show that they were there
(its the video)

As for the main arguments
2) Just because something is a theory does not mean it isnt supported by facts, logic, or evidence... The reason why it is a theory is because we cannot actually hold a single experiment to prove Evolution is real simply because Evolution is such a random and lengthy process that it cannot be observed in any single study.

You cannot discredit the theory of Evolution based on just the fact that it is a theory...

3) There are many signs that point towards evolution as a factual process that accurately describes how populations evolve over time.

- 1 - Fossils point towards changes over time of the same species
Fossils that have been found throughout the Earth often share qualities with other fossils or even with animals that exist today. Some fossils even document how species have already evolved over time. This implies evolution since evolution is defined as agradual process in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or better form.
Fossils show that Evolution has occured since fossilized remains of animals long ago show how overtime populations grew and changed.

- 2 - Species around today have similar characteristics as completely different species implying a shared ancestor
There are many examples of species that have qualities or characteristics just like other species that are completely different. Species that share common qualities with other animals imply that they all came from a distant common ancestor species that over time evolved into many different forms. This implies evolution has occurred since over time species and populations changed in their genetic makeup but still share similar traits or characteristics.

- 3 - Inheritence of traits in species that reproduce sexually
If you have ever seen a single child and both their parents at the same time, you can probably see some traits that the child has in common with both parents. Harry Potter had his fathers hair and looks but always had his mothers eyes, and many other children share similar traits to both of their parents, how does this happen though? Well through sexual production, two parents give DNA through Miosis that passes on genetic information to the child, half from the mother, half from the father. This genetic change from one generation to another shows how genetic makeup of generations of species are always changing over time. Since populations change from generation to generation, over time as multiple generations come and go the gene pool always changing, and evolving

- 4 - Adaptation of animals to their environment over time / Natural Selection
Some animals look like they are built to survive in the environment they inhabit, and certain strains of bacteria are completely resistant to drugs used to kill other bacteria forms. The reason both of these happen is because over time, natural selection rewards individuals of populations that possess traits that allow them to survive better in their environment than other individuals of the same species. This ability to better survive allows them, whether they be bacteria or animals, to live on to reproduce and pass on these genetic life savers to their offspring, causing evolution in both sexual and asexual reproducing populations over time.]
^ I recommend this one the most for the Pro....
Debate Round No. 1


This talks alot about why evolution and the big bang are FALSE.

Check them out.


The Pro completely ignores all my arguments and instead only quotes a source to do all the arguing for him. Here are the "10 reasons evolution is possible" from the source the Pro quotes

1) Birds prove natural selection is wrong on the grounds that at first wings were useless and thus if evolution were real those structures should not have been kept.
- The problem is, these early winged structures were not useless. See wings were very weak and could not hoist the rest of the body when they first came about, however they were still large enough to allow for gliding. Gliding helped small animals make quick escapes from predators in trees, thus they lived on and those winged structures were inherited by the next generation. Over time though the wing grow stronger and stronger to the point where they could now be used for gliding and actual flying. The growth in strength of wings over time counts as evolution though.

2) Species without a link proves evolution is wrong
- There are many species though that do have links showing progression and evolution through time... Just because there are a few species where the link hasnt been found yet doesnt disprove other examples that have links and do imply evolution.

3) Single Cell complexity proves evolution is wrong
- Cells began as organelles, mini cells that each were very similar and basic. However it is possible that as time grew on some organelles consumed other organelles allowing for cell specialization and allowing for more complex life forms to unfold.

4) Human Egg and Sperm prove evolution is wrong
- This point tries to claim that human females cant evolve, but this fails to take into account recombination, where parts of chromosomes swap chunks with each other during Mioisis, allowing for evolution of females, populations, and species.

5) DNA checking proves evolution is wrong
- Cells do have mechanisms to repair and keep DNA safe, but it is not a 100% accurate process and mutations do happen and DNA can be damaged.

6) Second law of thermodynamics proves evolution is wrong
- "Complex live organisms cannot rearrange themselves into an organism of a higher form" but individuals dont evolve, populations do.

7) Chromosome count proves evolution is wrong
- the source claims that evolution is impossible since "The chromosome count within each species is fixed." - I Got two words to defeat this argument, DOWN SYNDROME (the disease where humans have an extra chromosome....)

8) Big Bang proves evolution is wrong since matter cannot be created from nothing
- The origin of the universe-what we now call the big bang-was not simply the sudden appearance of matter in an eternally preexisting void, but the coming into being of time itself. Time began with the cosmic origin

9) lack of life on mars prove evolution is wrong
- Mars experiences extremely cold temperatures due to its large distance from the sun which makes life taking place nearly impossible, and from the very limited amount of time weve been able to study Mars, it looks like it too.

10) Radio silence from space proves evolution is wrong
- Radio waves dissolve into nothingness after traveling for about since the signal strength of radio waves degrades with distance, meaning that as radio waves travel further, their quality dissipates into nothingness before they ever reach other galaxies.

I invite the Pro to actually respond to my arguments and post arguments fo their own rather than just copy paste sources into the debate... My previous points still stand.
Debate Round No. 2


JaredCM forfeited this round.


I extend my arguments
Debate Round No. 3


JaredCM forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


JaredCM forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Man-is-good 6 years ago
since the latter half of his argument revolved around his sources. Moreover, the former half--in the first round--was merely a list of claim and assertion after assertion. Pro never explained how the fact that a theory must be wrong or not true since it is only a theory or how the Big Bang or the "faking" of the moon landing was relevant to his case....
Posted by JaredCM 6 years ago
Sorry, meant to say "never has" at the end.
Posted by JaredCM 6 years ago
Evolution is a false theory, it's not true, and it new has.
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Vote Placed by Man-is-good 6 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct and spelling. Pro forfeited and did not spell or exhibit a proper grasp of English (sorry). Sources-Pro gave only two sources, both of which were shown to be heavily flawed; ridiculous claims such as the fixed number of human chromosomes (easily disproved by the condition of Down Syndrome) or that the Big bang, sperm and egg cell creation, single cell complexity and so forth proved evolution wrong...In addition to this, Pro also loses a good chunk in arguments--(see comments)