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Started: 11/2/2012 Category: Science
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This debate will be about evolution real or not ? I am pro evolution but if you are religious you MIGHT not be. This will be a pretty standard three round debate.
Round 1: acceptance
Round 2: points
Round3: wrap up.

Good luck to my opponent. My the best argument win.


I accept, milady!

Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for accepting I will be arguing that evolution is legit ament. My points are not to offend any religious persons. I acknowledge that this debate is a touchy topic but that doesn't mean it has to be avoided. My arguments are state below.

There is evidence of evolution, physical bones, tools ,and believe it or not remains of waste of our ancestors like homo habilus , homo erectus, and so many more. As you most likely know there is no physical evidence of God. You might say the Bible or other books of prayer, but I u have done any religious studies you would know that those are all words people claimed God told them.

Evolution explains the way we work today. Where as in the bible Adam and Eve were exactly like the modern humans. Don't you agree we should have evolved in the past 2000 plus years. Evolution says we have;there is only one advancement of evolution since the invention of writing which separates prehistory from history.That advancement is homo sapien sapiens. Which is a more advance human the Homo sapiens. Some of he changes are brain size, some people being born with out tonsils,wisdom teeth and appendixes. Because we don't need them anymore our bodies are slowly but surely getting rid of them.

DNA. We were monkeys. It is a simple as that. Our DNA says so. How can you deny something that is built in to you since before you were born compared to something you learned through childhood. Faith, that is what they call it. The name suits it you need faith to believe it. As where evolution has evidence !

These are not all my points but , I don't want to bore the voters. So my friend I will pass it onto you now.


Who said evolution is real? What if the whole concept is made up by a whimisical Creator who has fun making us seem like we are evolving?

What if science is all wrong? Maybe, the TRUE path is different. Maybe we took the wrong steps in science with Newton. Evolution is 1 theory of how we, as humans were made. You know how we laugh at the greeks for creating a fanasty world of gods and goddesses to explain how the human race started? well, another 1,000 years from now, humans will LAUGH at the idea of evolution and wonder what the F--- we were thinking when we dreamed up evolution. I will keep this short, even though i could go on, for the sake of readers. :)

Thank You!
Your turn!
Debate Round No. 2


Thanks for posting your argument my opponent.

Wrap up:
You don't argue any of my points except the fact hat we are being controlled by zombies.
I am 100% sure we are Not being controlled by zombies. Beachside the definition of zombie is:

Noun: A fictional monster that is dead but alive. It survives on eating the brains of humans. It can not do most humanly functions like walking up step things. For example stairs, hill or ladders. The only way to kill a zombie is by destroying its brain or heart much lik a human.
Usage: the group of young teens were running away from the living dead called zombies.

By that or any other definition zombies are not capable of controlling use if the can't even walk up hill.
Therefore it goes without saying we are not controlled by zombies.

The other, and only valid point you made is God planted them there. Why would God plant evidence against his own existence? Would you do that? What about DNA evidence? How do you explain that or any other point I made.

For your information Greeks made up gods and goddesses as a religion. So that is like saying Christians made up god and we will call them crazy in one thousand years. Secondly if you are referring to the myths they made up, it was because the needed an explanation towards why things were the way they were. In some way they were the first prow to make theories. Which is a big deal.

In conclusion my opponent didn't argue any if my points and didn't raise many of their own without going it to much detail. This is much a case of faith versus science. So it doesn't matter who had the Better argument anyways. It is just what you believe. I hope I made a few people in this religion dominated world to rethink their belief system. As always please vote and comment. I wish to thank my opponent for this intriguing debate.

Bye for now. Vote pro

My source for the zombie definition was my dictionary app on my bipod it doesn't really have any credibility for me to physically write down for you guys , sorry.


How can you say I did not argue your points?

Frankly, science is NOTHING if a supreme being made it all up or we screwed up at the beginning of time. DNA may be made up. I am sorry if i was not clear on that point.

My point by the myths was simple: Evolution may be a myth in the future. Later on, the future generations will know we are all being controlled by unicorns or some other crazy idea. Evolution is actually a theory, not a LAW. That shows that even some scientists have doubts about evolution.

And I wish to let you know that my argument was hampered by the fact I had the flu and was vomiting every 30 minutes.

Thank you for this wonderful debate!
Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by stelly5504 5 years ago
Oh @senyu sorry for that. And that was a typo
Posted by senyu 5 years ago
@stelly5504, the comment was not directed to you. It was directed to Con who said the sentence. You did not once use the word theory or law in your argument. You did however say, "In some way they were the first prow to make theories." In which I hope you understand the difference as well and was not stating the Theory of Evolution is similar to the theory Greeks created to explain things.

I just wanted to make sure he knew the definition and difference between the common use of the word theory and the definition of theory in scientific terms as he seemed to imply that it meant it is speculated and not necessarily true. As he lumped it with Greek Mythology and seemed to imply they are on equal footing on possibilities of being true. In addition I hope he understands that Theories is a collection of laws of a particular subject.
Posted by stelly5504 5 years ago
@senyu I never said it was a law. I said it was a theory or an opinion.
Posted by senyu 5 years ago
"Evolution is actually a theory, not a LAW."

Please understand definitions before stating them. I'd recommend you to do some research on understanding what Theory, Scientific Theory, and Scientific Law means.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con didn't even try to go after any type of arguments. Con's argument was just naming "what ifs"