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Extra cirricular activities are a waste of time

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Started: 3/20/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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According to me extra cirricular activities are not a watse of time. Extra ccirricular activities also known as co-cirricular activities are activities that are there in schools apart from studies. Infact schools are incomplete without them. How can they be a waste of time if they help us in so many ways.
The ways are following-
*SWIMMMING AND SPORTS- help us to stay fit and increase our stamina.
*ENGLISH AND HINDI DEBATES- make us confident and teach us how to express our views publically
*DANCES- make us gracefull and even help in body fitness
*MUSIC- perfection or a grace at music can give us a good career because music is itself an eminent profession
Some schools even teach martial arts which aids in self defence.
Schools would be boring without extra cirricular activities. Academics and only academics would only make us burdent and the number of children who dont like going to school would have increased. Co-cirricular activities make school going interesting and help students to instill there talents. Extra cirricular also relax us in between of our hectic academic schedules.
Since these activities are so useful and helpful i believe them to be useful and fruitful and now a waste of time at all


Half of the e.c. activities you listed put an emhpasis on physical health. Though obesity is a problem in Amercia, it is not a school's resonsibility to require physical activity that uses valuable education time and limited funding.

MOST e.c. activities are a waste of time and money:

The US is falling behind in Innovation and Technology
The US used to lead the world in innovation and technology, however this is no longer the case. (
Leading countries focus on core subjects such as science, arithmetic, and reading. Our education program is slowly regressing compared to Western Asia and Northern Europe making huge bounds in tech advancements. Even though we still rank high on this list; we will fall further when my generation enters the job field.
Science and Math proves if a country is successful
Here is a list of current leaders in GDP: (
It is no coincidence that the majority of the wealthiest countries also lead the world in science and math. Putting too much focus on unnecessary activities such as sports, dancing, and music will result in well-rounded students, but overall they will not receive complete education in core subjects.
E.C. Activities are easily forgotten
A common question students wonder: "How will this help me in the real world?"
The truth is, an overwhelming majority of students will have careers that do not require knowledge of music, dancing, or sports. Currently, Engineers (require knowledge of science and math) have one of the lowest unemployment rates at 2% (
However, students who major in miscellaneous fine arts have one of the highest unemployment rates at 16.2%. (
Debate Round No. 1


In all the schools studies are the most important feature and the reason behind why they are build up. u say that engineering students do not need the knowledge of music and dance, i did not mean that they should only be taught music and dance and other sports. In most colleges and schools during admission we are asked about are report cards but along with some extra cirricluar talent.As u also stated obesity to be a problem, I WOULD LIKE TO MENTION EXTRA CIRRICULAR ACTIVITIES ARE A PART OF THE SCHOOL CIRRICULUM. I would request you to please mention clear;y which extra cirricular activities are a waste of time and money. I would not disagree to the statement that the unemployement rate of those students who are into miscellaneous fine arts is quite high but i did not mean extra cirricluar activities means onle them but i had stated that they are something along with studies. I not only believe but also know that co cirricular activities are not the only thing in schools.


E.C. activities should not be part of required school curriculum. This includes music, dance, and sports (as you requested). All of these have small benefits, but should be done outside of a public school's education program.

Forcing students to take e.c. activities ruins the objective
Some students will want to take extra curricular activities, while others will not. Making e.c. activities required in public high schools forces non-enthusiastic students to be there. E.c. activities are well-liked due to one factor... Fun. If non-enthusiastic students are forced to participate, it will ruin the class for everyone (especially the enthusiastic students).
When high schools force students take e.c. activities, EVERYONE has them on their college applications. Colleges will overlook a student who was forced to take 4 years of music, thousands of other applicants will have the same electives. Instead top colleges look at a student's gpa (along w/ class rank), test scores, and the difficulty of their classes. Classes that are classified as "extra curricular activities" are rarely taken seriously by high schools, let alone colleges. (

E.c. activities burn education funding
The US education system lacks proper funding. E.c. activities drain significant amounts of money, and others are trying to add more ( The government does not have the proper education funding to consider all e.c. activities a valuable use of time and money.

As I stated in my previous argument, teaching only core subjects in public high schools will allow students to spend their time and effort efficiently.
Debate Round No. 2


Ishika forfeited this round.


I have presented my opinion with supporting statistics and sources (all with correct grammar).
Vote pro
Debate Round No. 3
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