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Extreme sports should be banned

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Started: 8/23/2015 Category: Sports
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The popularity of extreme sports has been growing at an amazing speed in the past few years, but that comes with big risks. More participants means more injuries and deaths, which brings even more problems. Participants often do extreme sports to escape reality, and while they are doing that they are not thinking about their family and friends. They are risking their lives for fun.


I oppose to banning extreme sports as I believe in freedom of choice. Firstly, I define extreme sports as a popular term for certain activities perceived as having a high level of inherent danger. These activities often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear.

Yes, I agree with Proposition that extreme sports can cause injury or death, but if some people want to risk it, it's their choice. Their family could be worried, but if the people doing the sports are confident enough, they could do extreme sports. Besides, family members should encourage and not discourage them.

Side Proposition came up with their case but they did not explain their solution, I hope I will see that in their next round.
Debate Round No. 1


While doing extreme sports, one tiny mistake can ruin the athlete's life. Since year 2000, extreme sports are linked to more than 4 million injuries. Now, extreme sports is causing more than 40,000 head and neck injuries annually. For example, the death of a famous extreme sport athlete taught us a painful lesson. He died in a wingsuit accident while BASE jumping, and his partner also sacrificed. Before this accident, he had lost four of his friends during wingsuit flying. This makes the difference between extreme sports and non-extreme sports clear: the chance of risking your own life while doing extreme sports are much greater than non-extreme sports.


Opposition brought up my main argument, Freedom of Choice.

Extreme sports athletes usually die because they are not careful enough and refused to obey safety precautions. Few had died due to the sport, as the percentage of having an accident while during extreme sports is low.

As I said before, I believe in the Freedom of Choice. If an act does not cross the barriers of law, a human has rights to do it. I will offer a solution to the small percentage of deaths while doing extreme sports. My solution is that the government can decrease the amount of people doing extreme sports but not ban it, as they should believe in Freedom of Choice (which many governments believe) and at least allow some people to do extreme sports, so the percentage of the dangers of extreme sport are lowered.

I think I should take this debate as I am more fluid and gave a good solution.
Debate Round No. 2


Extreme sports, for most participants, are often a way to escape the reality, from stress and monotony. "You don"t have to think about your problems, you just have to think about yourself." Thoughts like that are often in an extreme sport participant"s mind. And while they are doing that they are not thinking about their family and friend"s feelings. They are doing risk for fun, they know that they can ruin their life in an instant. But they do not care how much their families are concerned for them and risking their own lives for fun and thrill. It is their family who will care for them if anything happens.


As I said before, family members should be supportive, not discouraging.

You said that extreme sports athletes don't think of their families, but that is a sweeping statement. Everyone cares about their families, no matter how not filial they are, and they will always remember them.

Proposition did not rebut some of my points and they are:
1)There is a small amount of injuries occurring.
2)The solution I offered, decreasing the amount of people doing extreme sports.

I think they are important and I should take those points.
Now onto the clashes

Clash: Which side gives the best solution to reducing the rate of injuries of extreme sports?
Under Proposition's model, the solution offered was to ban extreme sports. I do not agree as I believe in the Freedom of Choice. No matter how dangerous the sport is, no matter how concerned their families are, the athletes still have the right to do the sport. I think that the government can demote extreme sports but not ban it, as there is still some people who like to do extreme sports.

I think I should take this debate unless Proposition can counter my policy.
Debate Round No. 3


Rby forfeited this round.


Proposition forfeited this round, which means he or she accepted and agreed to all my arguments in my previous "speech".
Since Proposition agreed with everything I said, I should take this debate.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by sut 2 years ago
I think we keep extreme sportd
Posted by Sarra 3 years ago
We've all got to start somewhere when learning how to debate. This site is a pretty good place to learn, Rabbit.
Posted by robertacollier 3 years ago
Mind your own business, wussy. Man up.
Posted by Rby 3 years ago
I just wanted to post this to practice my debating skills as I have a debate coming up a few weeks later. @Moneyboss
Posted by Moneyboss 3 years ago
By the way, I'm just curious but I want to know if the person who posted this debate has a family problems involving extreme sports.
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