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FGM vs. Male Circumcision. Are they morally equal?

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Started: 4/21/2018 Category: Society
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I"d say that humanity have a long history consisting of not only prominent events and personalities but also traditions and rituals, with the most significant ones having survived even till nowadays. It is worth to emphasize that the planet remains predominantly religious " taking into consideration that a religion is a treasury of traditions " which irreversibly leaves imprints on the global worldview.
Most people advocate the view that female genital mutilation needs more attention to be attracted to, as it is more painful and there is less likelihood to survive through the procedure. However, only few care about men"s feelings, and they themselves are less likely to debate openly over the issue because of the moral pressure which they undergo. In addition to this, the national context is also involved which makes almost impossible for international society to interpose and prove the necessity of eradicating both FGM and male circumcision.
Personally, I think FGM and male circumcision are morally equal as they both involve the absence of choice " in both cases the operation is done in the early childhood " which is considered to undermine the principles of human rights. Certainly some critics might say that this is completely for parents to make key-decisions concerning their child, but in my opinion it is worth to get a child involved in his own affairs as early as possible.
Secondly, the procedure of male circumcision may not be as surgically extreme as the female version but it is still an unnecessary medical procedure, carried out without consent on children. Some experts can support the view that male circumcision, compared to FGM can be executed to prevent some diseases, e.g. HIV or to treat some infections, but all this doesn"t revoke a negative effect to a mental health. Certainly some people will consider both FGM and male circumcision as a mark of belonging to a specific nation or a religious group, while others will carry it as a burden. And in my opinion this is the very issue that unites both, as not being at peace with oneself is the starting point of a person being disharmonized and getting abject, no matter which gender you belong to.
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