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FTM Transgender Dating Straight Cis Women?

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Started: 10/25/2017 Category: People
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I dont think FTM's should be dating or having sex with cisgender straight girls. Trannies to me......... i put them in the category of perverted sick people that should either be in a mental hospital or exterminated e...g... paedophiles, homosugaruals, people that have sugar with animals etc...


So first, I would like to clarify something.
Assuming that transsexuals are mentally ill, Con believes that they should be killed, or as they put, "exterminated" because of that?

Moving on, I would like to know why you believe your personal preference should dictate everyone else. If straight, cis women like having intercourse with a FTM transsexual, why is it that your personal opinion on transsexuals should deny everyone to fulfill their sexual wants with another consenting adult?

You don't have to find it pleasing. Just don't participate in such actions instead of deciding for everyone (that's a straight, cis woman) that they are not allowed to participate in such actions.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok first of all, there's a 14 year old "dude" at my high school. He goes by "Link" and TEACHERS LET HER USE THE BOYS BATHROOM AND HE TAKES MALE PHYS ED, WHICH I THINK IS WRONG. He claims he is a "straight guy that likes girls". Ok, but another guy told him that he's never gonna find a girl in life. And Link says that he dates straight girls and he's not picky on looks. But then the kid told Link that "girls don't wanna date someone that used to be a female, that's perverted".And I agree. If Link wants to use STP packers and prosthetic cocks for sex, it's NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Girls are stupid and they think dating a trans man makes them a lesbian. So therefore I argue back IT IS MESSED UP AND LINK WILL DIE ALONE


That has nothing to do with whether or not transsexual boys should be ALLOWED to date straight, cis women. You just tell me that your classmate goes to the boy's restroom and gets bullied.

I assume you are not actually 25 years old, based on the fact that you said: "at my high school". I'll also assume you around the same age as this "Link" kid. This being said, I'll continue.

I'd like to start by saying this is a debate on whether or not FTM transsexuals should be allowed to date cisgender straight women. Not how "messed up" you find this kid because he has gender dysphoria.

Con has provided no valid argument as to why they should not be able to date straight cis women and therefore, I have no rebuttals. Please provide a real argument instead of inserting your personal opinion on whether or not this kid Link will ever find a girlfriend. Saying "IT IS MESSED UP AND LINK WILL DIE ALONE" is not an argument. Thank you.
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