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Faculty and Staff of schools should not be allowed to conceal carry a firearm in any US state.

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Started: 4/25/2018 Category: Education
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Hoping to have a friendly debate to sharpen myself and my opponent. The Pro/Aff will argue that Faculty and staff of schools (As in all public schools) should not be allowed to conceal carry a firearm.

First round will be accepting the debate, 2nd is our arguments, 3rd is rebuttal, and 4th is final thoughts, and hopefully admitting where we were wrong and what we learned. Forgive me if I am missing something as this is one of my first debates.

Thank you!


Well, here is my letter of acceptance. Very eager to hear your arguments on the subject.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you MandatoryAccount for accepting! Again, correct me if/when I do something incorrect with respect to formatting or otherwise. For the information of all, I am in all honesty a biased participant of this argument, as I am a holder of a permit to Conceal Carry a Weapon (I will refer to said permit as a CCW) and an English Language Learner teacher at my local elementary school. I live in a state that allows CCW holders to carry concealed in schools, and I conceal carry every day. Additional disclaimer: I am not taking my time as much as I should with respect to my arguments, so please correct me if I misspell, or if I fail to cite a source.

I feel the best way to evaluate the validity or lack thereof of this topic would be through which side has the greatest benefit to society while mitigating the consequences.

I see 3 primary benefits to allowing Faculty to conceal carry on school property:

1. The potential to save lives in the event of a school shooting. The preservation of life and limiting tragedies is an extremely powerful motivator in this argument, as I'm sure my opponent will agree. I argue an important part of any anti-school shooting plan would be a trained, armed protector of possible victims (IE, the children). It is increasingly popular among law enforcement agencies to have a School Resource Officer (SRO) at the school to serve in this function, however that can put strain on already stretched thin law enforcement agencies, especially in rural communities and communities with many schools in a small area. Also, as was evident in the recent Parkland Florida schools shooting, even trained school resource officers aren't perfect and can fail. (source 1) in order to supplement existing school resource officers and act as an additional safeguard of the lives of youth, allowing trained faculty and staff to conceal in schools is valuable.

2. Respecting the constitutional rights of the educators. The second amendment explicitly states "to keep and bear arms". Not allowing educators to bear their arms if they choose to do so would be taking away their rights. However, limiting of rights is a standard practice in any employed position (IE, an educator must teach the curriculum and it could be argued that their freedom of speech is limited by that, educators can't actively practice religious beliefs in many districts) Or it could be argued that they are asked, and required to use their freedom of speech to cover certain topics. In the same way it is appropriate and I would even argue necessary to limit 2nd amendment rights in much the same way. Specifically requiring an instructor to have a CCW to carry a weapon on school grounds, or mandating that the weapon be carried on the body of the educator, and not in a purse or another form of off-body carry. However, instructors should be able to exercise their 2nd amendment rights in schools.

3. The possibility of increasing training to teachers that conceal carry. As of the time of writing this, approximately 18 states allow educators to carry a weapon on school grounds (source 2), many of which require written permission from the school board, or principle. In the event that all educators across the nation are allowed to carry on school grounds, the probability of concealed carry increases among teachers of all states, it is highly likely that training and the process for concealed weapon permits in general will improve. This would mean higher requirements to have safer CCW holders.

Because of these potential benefits, it is clear to me that allowing concealed carry for educators would be a far more beneficial influence than the costs that could take place.

Thanks again, and don't forget to save your rebuttals for the 3rd round!

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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