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Faith is real

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Started: 4/27/2014 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Con must argue faith is not real. There is no burden of proof for Pro or for Con.


Well there sure as hell isn't any "faith" for humanity.I feel that things are in fact getting worse.

Just look at the terrible things that are going on right now around us. Wars, starvation, no justice, bullying, fighting, shaming, rapes, harsh punishments, just terrible terrible things.

There is no hope, there is no faith for this world, for this society. We just have to sit here and watch the world collapse.

Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Con for responding, but to say "sure as hell" is an expression of faith, though certainly a misguided faith. If the things you assert are as sure as hell, then you and all you are referring to are doomed to hell, correct? Or do you not believe Hell is a place of fire where rebels agaisnt God are punished?

The debate here is supposed to be about the reality of faith, not a diatribe of Con's bitterness about the condition of the world.

By faith, Con types words to post for an argument. Con shows faith by typing, believing the words typed will be posted in this debate after the proper buttons are pushed. Faith is acting in belief. Con has acted in faith while insisiting there is no faith.

I'm sorry Con is so pessimistic. I know how that can be cured......and death won't cure it.


"Sure as hell" is just a statement, I'm pretty sure the whole entire universe uses it. I wasn't being literal on that little statement.

Debate Round No. 2


Pro is "Faith is real". Con is supposed to argue that faith is not real.

The first supporting argument for "faith is real" was ignored by Con. Typing my debate round in belief that I will be able to post my remarks for the round after i am finished typing is an act of faith. Faith is real. Con is acting by faith the same as me here. To say there is no faith while typing in faith believing the comments will be posted after the post button is pushed is self-contracictory.

Here is another example of the reality of faith proven in action. When you sit in a chair, do you examine the chair to prove it can support your weight before you sit down, or do you sit down believing the chair will hold you without examining it?
Sitting in a chair, believing it will support you, is an act of faith. Faith is real. We all act by faith.

Atheists are allowed to spell the word "allowed" as "aloud" in faith that the reader will get the intented meaning by understanding the context. Also, they are allowed to type so they can convey words in righting rather than aloud by voice.
When a person uses the wrong word and believes the reader will understand the meaning correctly, it's an act of faith.

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. It's real. We prove that faith is real by our actions. Atheists prove their faith in no punishment from God by doing things God would not approve of and not saying sorry to God. Then their death sentence is finalized, and their faith fails. Many people act in faith following lies....misguided faith. Islam is a good example of people who act in faith following lies.......strong faith even to the point of murder/suicide............

I'm rambling a bit, but faith is real.......and it is as sure as Hell or Heaven.........I never use the word Hell lightly.


Sitting in a chair and it supporting your weight isn't faith, that's a little special something called gravity.

I didn't have "faith" in my comment being posted I just knew it was going to happen. Matter a fact I didn't even think of it, I just clicked post. NOPE. Not "hoping" in anything just "waiting".

I was waiting for my comment/debate to be posted. There's a difference.

All of this is just common sense.

You mis-spell a word, you right-click, it'll hopefully fix it. It's just something a modern day person on the internet knows how to do. We are 99% sure it's going to happen. We don't need faith in things like sitting in a chair, or fixing a type. We just know it's going to happen.

But like I said in the comment seciton, there is really no right or wrong answer due to this debate. It just really has something to do with how storngly we put out OPINIONS out. But there really is no right or wrong. I'm not right, you're not right, I'm not wrong, you're not wrong. But we'll let to have the voters decide on that.

~Nice debating with ya, and have a nice day!

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by LifeMeansGodIsGood 7 years ago
Faith is acting in the belief of an expected outcome. By faith you sit in the chair believing it will support you against the force of gravity. The act of sitting down is done in faith. Faith is real because it causes you to act in expectation of what you believe will happen........unless you are psycho and know the future.
You believed the chair would hold you so you sat in it when you felt like sitting down. Many people have found their faith misguided in this act when the chair collapsed under them. Misguided faith is real just as much as faith in a sure outcome is real, causing yoiu to move toward what you hope for.
Posted by radicaalllll 7 years ago
Oh, awk I spelled hell wrong in round 2.



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Vote Placed by Burncastle 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: The subject of this debate is relatively vague, and Con seems to have mistaken it for 'there is no hope for the human race', which I do not think was the intended topic for this debate. While I disagree with Pro's definition of faith ('typing words' or 'sitting on a chair' have nothing to do with faith) and with his assertion that Heaven and Hell are real, he had better conduct and grammar, so he should win this debate.

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