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Famer's Story-writing debate tournament Round#1 Lannan13 vs. Mouthwash

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Welcome to the second story-writing debate tournament.
The rules and voting guidelines will be provided here:
S&G will be awarded as usual
Conduct will only be awarded to the side that forfeits least (cursing within the story is allowed as this is a story)
Arguments will be awarded for the side providing the more interesting continuation of the story.
Sources will be awarded to the side with better writing techniques and displays a better ability with writing a story.
Both sides will produce a story starting with the Instigator. One story will be created, and must be continued on from both parties within the debate. (recommended that the Instigator gives a title for their story before starting)
For more information both about the tournament and the member's involved, please visit:;
Title is: The Secret
It was a fall evening you could here the leaves rustling in the breeze. I was walking home from the dance club at night. As always I took the back streets home. I herd foot steps behind me. My heart was pounding out of my chest and one thought raced through my mind. Someone has found out my secret... and they are going to drag me off to some... some freak show, with me as their main attraction. I began running home, hoping I could escape them, but the faster I ran the louder the steps got.
I stopped behind a dumpster huffing and puffing, out of breath, but something was a miss. The foot steps had stopped, was this some trick to get me into a false sense of comfort? If it was I wasn't falling for it! Home is only a block away. I began to slowly walk so not to draw attention. I finely made it home and locked door behind me. I was so relieved that I didn't see my mother across the room. Her arms were crossed, her face wore a frown, and she had that evil eye stare; I could tell she was crossed. "Jessica Aloyweasis Roberts just where have you been?" Crapola I forgot about her, she doesn't know that I go out to night clubs, she thinks I'm off with my friends studying. This is mostly true given the fact that I go to the night club to with my friend Ashley, but mainly I go to see if I could get the hottest boy at school to go out with me. Charlie Ashton, he has dirty blond hair, blue eyes, and he has that sexy smile. I look at the clock and see that it's 3:30 in the morning, crap to make matters worse I'm past curfew. I open my mouth to tell her, but she raises her hand to silence me and says, "I don't want to here it, go to bed!"

The next day I call my friend Ashley and tell her about what happened and she says that she'll be right over. I get dressed before she comes over, I look in the mirror and I see my jet black hair, my slightly tan skin, with my Charlie Scene shirt with my skin tight jeans. I here a knock on the door and I race down stairs to go and answer it. As I open the door it's some tall dark and mysterious man. "Is Jessica Roberts home." Oh crap they've found me, I think to myself. "Who... wa..ants know." I stuttered, failing to keep my confidence up. "I'm sorry where's my manners, I'm Dale Cox. I work for the IOFOT." He holds out a card and IOFOT stands for International Organization of Freaks and Other Things, "And I'm here to take her away because... she fits into the category." "How do I fit into the category?" I slapped my mouth to cover up what I said, but it was too late. He smiled and said, "It's alright we're doing this for your own safety as well as the public. I turned to run, but my vision blurred and I blacked out.

When I woke up I was in a strange room, it was dark and cold. I looked around but couldn't see anything but a chair, and a figure in the corner. I tried to move but I couldn't, something was holding me down that I couldn't see. "I'm glad to see that you're awake!" the figure said. "Why am I here... What did I... a teenage girl ever do to harm anyone?" I asked. The figure didn't respond, he just stood there maintaining his figure though I'm not sure why. Hours latter, or that's what it seemed like, another man came into the room and said, "Are you ready for testing? Or do you still want to lay there impatiently and harm us like last time!" Last time, what did he mean by that, I didn't harm anyone. I didn't want my sarcasm to play off as me being serious so I very carefully said, "Only if you're ready." He straightened his back and motioned for someone to come in. 8 heavily armed guards came into the room and the one with the name tag that read Ahrens picked me up and slammed me onto the operating table. I tried to move my arm to slap him, but I couldn't. It finally struck me I was on some type of drug that had me paralyzed so that I couldn't move. They took me out of the dark room into a hallway with a blinding light. One thought raced through my mind as they pushed me through the hallway, oh crap they're going to kill me and carve me up like a pumpkin. They opened the doors and pushed me into a brighter room and the table stopped. Suddenly they started riping my clothes off, I saw out of the corner of my eye someone getting undressed. Then I felt someone place duck tape over my mouth! NOOOOO!! I tried to scream to I managed nothing more then a little moan. The undressed man flipped me off the opperating table after I was naked, he then kicked me over and got onto me. Oh crap this is rape! I tried to scream, but couldn't manage a single word. Swet was pouring out my body. I then blacked out (this is to protect the young members on this site). The last thought I had before I blacked out was, Oh God, why me, I'm just a 16 year old, why have you wrought this.

The story will now be continued by MouthWash.


OK, I did a rushed job due to time constraints, but I think this will do. Tried to make sense of the scenario you gave me as best I could.

[1]: []

The Secret: Chapter 2.

It was morning. I woke up again periodically during the night, but they must have given me drugs, because it was impossible for me remain awake. The room around me was devoid of decoration or color, and the only things in it were medical supplies and machines; not exactly stimulating. For the past half-hour I'd been sitting on my cot in a daze from the memories, and it took a while for me to notice that my hair was gone. Whoever decided to kidnap me had shaved it off for some reason.

The door creaked open, and two more men in lab coats came into the room. One of them, a red-haired, short guy with a scar on his temple flicked the switch, and a single light flickered on, illuminating the room. It seared my vision and immediately I buried my face in my pillow. "Turn it off, Carl," said the other scientist, a gray haired, professional-looking man. "We'll aggravate the patient." The pain in my eyes (possibly a side-effect of the drugs) subsided and I lifted my head up to look at them.

The older man smiled, possibly trying to appear welcoming, while "Carl" sat down beside me, and when I flinched away he got up rather quickly. "Does that make you uncomfortable?" he asked me, shooting a nervous glance at his older associate. I did not reply, but lowered my head. "It's OK," the older man said, reaching out and grasping my shoulder. His hand felt cold on my hospital gown, but oddly comforting. "No one wants to hurt you. Can you look me in the eyes?" I lifted my head and realized that he was probably the head "nurse" in this building, judging by his authority over Carl and the IOFOT badge on his chest.

The older man smiled again, more vigorously this time. "I'm Zachary Orlov, and I'm your doctor. Do you want anything to drink? You're pale." I realized I had been staring, and lowered my gaze again. "No," I muttered. "Alright, then," he said. "You'll be having breakfast soon, so no need to rush. I've heard that you read quite a bit. Would it help if I gave you some of our boo-"

Stockholm Syndrome. That's what they're doing.

"No, please," I stammered, moving back into bed. My head began spinning and I instantly felt nauseous. "I just want to go back to sleep." His hand caught my shoulder, preventing me from laying down. "I'm sorry, Ms. Roberts- can I call you Jessica?- you need to shake off the sleeping medicine, and going back to sleep would not be conducive to that right now. You'll wake up more fully when you've eaten. If there's anything I can do to make you more comfortable..." He was prattling on and on while I shut my eyes and waited for it to stop. Then, out of the blue, I was angry.

I looked up sharply, eyes fully opened and glaring. "You can stop now." Zachary furrowed his brow. "Are you sure you're alright, Jessi-" I cut him off, sitting upright now. "I'm not being fooled by any of this. You think if you play nice with me and give me what I want to hear I'll cooperate- yes, you're a doctor, and I'm just a patient being treated for my innocent little problem, and of course I'll get to go home again after I'm all better, because that's what real hospitals do, and real hospitals don't take their patients forcefully out of their homes or rape them!"

Carl took a step back and reached for a purple needle in his coat, but Zachary waved him down. I realized that I had been yelling a bit too shrilly. Zachary reached for my shoulder again but I batted his hand away. "I know this is a shock to you, Jessica, but- wait, what did you say about rape?"

I was silent.

He started again. "Anyway, we just want to run some tests. We're not the people who took you in. If you want I can complain to the manager-" I shook my head.

"OK, so, um, can we see it?"

I looked at him and asked a bit forcefully "What are going to do?" Carl stepped in. "We just want to give it an initial examination and- perhaps- get some samples." He looked nervous after saying that, as if I might attack him for suggesting he take samples of me. "Ms. Roberts, where exactly are they located?"

I reached down and lifted the gown off of my back. Carl reached around with the disconcerting calmness of a professional and peered at it. "Where? I don't exactly see anything."

Out of my back sprouted two nubs. I could feel the skin stretching, like it always did. The nubs were now flaps, which unfurled and fell downward. I couldn't see Carl, but I could positively feel his eyes glued on my back. At last the growth ended, and I raised both flaps to each side, unfurling the pair of flexible, five-foot long wings.

Carl said nothing. Zachary stared. I lifted the wings and proceeded to give them a small shake. Zachary flinched backward, but Carl breathed heavily and then asked me how sensitive they were. After asking me seemingly every question he could think of on whether testing might harm them, he felt them carefully and gave them small electric shocks at the joints.

Half an hour later, breakfast arrived. By this time he was in the middle of testing how much weight I could carry on each one. Carl seemed hesitant to go and said he would be back the next morning to run more tests. I nodded, glad to have some sort of privacy. I noticed for the rest of the day that a nurse, or whatever they were, checked on me every fifteen minutes after that, perhaps to determine I wasn't trying to kill myself.


At night I heard them talking. They might have thought the room was soundproof, but I put a glass up against my ear on the wall and realized it was Zachary talking with another one of the doctors.

Stranger: ".....might not be stable enough."

Zachary: "No, I don't think that's the cause, she's been through quite a bit. She wants her mother, I think."

"For a supposed professional, you sure seem sentimental about your patients, Orlov. Maybe you feel sorry for her?"

"Why would I?"

"No one is incapable of empathy, but it's just a psychological weakness that we humans have to deal with."

"I wouldn't be a very good psychiatrist if I wasn't capable of using empathy, would I? It's not entirely useless, especially since we understand the Simulation Theory now." [1]

"OK, well, try and sleep through the night. You'll need it to deal with her. This wasn't the first time she's been here, you know, and she isn't going to be controlled easily- we'll alternate which food we put the sleepers in."

"Good. Say, why was she raped in the first place? Where was the sperm we sent you to use?"

"Um... someone lost it."

Zachary was silent for a moment.


I took the glass down from the wall. The doctors continued talking, but the sleeping drugs were taking their toll and I had to go to bed before I collapsed and fainted. I knew one thing now- they wanted me pregnant. They wanted babies with wings like mine and I wasn't going to leave here until I delivered.

The night seemed very cold even in the temperature-regulated ward.
Debate Round No. 1


(No problem)

It was hard to stay awake, but at the same time it was also had to stay asleep, I kept tossing and turning and I was in and out of sleep. The morning soon came, but it seemed as my body was vibrating. Was this the drugs? They wanted me pregnant... the last time I checked I wasn't the type of girl that was to star on 16 and Pregnant. There was only one other person I knew about that was like me and that was Ashley, but I tried to keep her off my mind so just in case the drugs made something slip, as they often did. The room was utterly cold and I was shaking. I looked over at the door and it had a doggie door on it. What the hell? Why they would need that, I thought to myself after awhile the doggie door slid open and they slid a plate of food through it. It consisted of scrambled eggs hash browns, steaming bacon, and a roll. However something smelled strange about it, but the strange smell had me drawn to it. I got up and grabbed the plate. No fork, just my luck, I made the best of this situation by just eating with my hands. As I ate my vision faded in and out. It's drugged! I thought as I shoved it off my bed. It landed on the floor with a crash and the plate shattered. I looked down of my bed to the floor and picked up a shard. I twirled the shard around in my hand trying to think of where I was, but to no avail. They had me underground in some far off place. Then something started to happen. My vision blurred and it switched back and forth between near sited and far sited. My head started to spin so I turned a started to run towards my bed and by the time I reached my bed I blacked out.


I came around when there were doctors and other people I didn't know before except for Carl around me. I was standing, how was this? I also realized that I shaking uncontrollably. "Are you alright Ms.Roberts?" Carl asked. I paused for a moment trying to evaluate myself. "I...I'm not sure....I was thinking you c...could tell me." I said through my teeth still shaking like a dog. Carl and a woman that had a name tag that read Debra exchanged glances. "Darling, you had a seizure and then your eyes glowed red and you got up and said some strange words. In what was it Latin?" Debra said, as she looked at Carl who nodded, "Yes, Latin. We have had to put you on some anti-mod swing medicine. And my golly it was a huge one at that." I turned away for a moment and looked down realizing that I was wearing some kind of white vest and white shorts. "What is this?" I asked motioning to the clothes I was wearing, "When... and why did you put this on me?" "You were freezing darling, and we thought we'd make you a little more comfortable during your stay." They're trying to butter me up. I unfolded my wings and it seemed that they've thought of everything. I saw a man in the back gleam with approval and he said, "We wanted you to be able to be warm and be able to flex your wings... Not doing so for a long time could hurt you."

"Let's cut this crap and begin testing." said a rather large man as he busted into the room. He was a young man maybe in his early twenties, he had jet black hair, and most of all he was ripped. And when I say ripped I mean he was HUGE! He wrapped his arms around me and through me at the machines. As I hit the machines, my back was wrenching in pain. My wings folded up like paper and retreated into my back. He marched over to me and grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled me up. I was screaming at the top of my lungs, but it seemed like nobody could hear me. He lifted me of the ground and threw me at my bed. I hit head first and my bed completely turned over and I landed on the shards of the plate that I had this morning. I began bleeding all over. Why were they letting him do this? I looked over at the other members. Most of them had left the room and the ones that were left were writing down observations. This was the test! Well lets show them what I can do. I clinched a shard of glass in my hands and hid my hand as he came over. He grabbed my hair again and pulled me up. “NOT THIS TIME!” I shouted as I took my shard of glass and stabbed him in the neck. I did this several times as blood started squirting out. He dropped me and fell to his knees,

Many of the scientists looked up from their writing and they smile. Smile! I was bleeding all over. My white coat they gave me was coated in red weather it was my blood or his. I dropped the shard, as blood was dripping from my hand. Carl held up a gun and aimed it at me. I turned to run as he fired. Shots rang out in every direction as I ran for cover. He hit me in the leg. It was a tranqualizer. My vision blurred but I kept running and bleeding. Again, I was hit and pain was searing all over as I fell to my knees. He came up to me and his last words before I faded out was, “Good girl, now that wasn’t that hard was it?”


I'm sorry, but I will have to skip this round. I'll continue it in Round 3. I concede the conduct point to my opponent.
Debate Round No. 2


I was in a forested area. Light shinning through the trees and moss was growing on everything. I heard the sound of a rushing stream, but all didn’t feel right. Where am I? I thought to myself. Then he appeared. Charlie Aston, with that sexy grin, I tried to run to him but I couldn’t. “Charlie what are you doing here?” I asked as he came up and embraced me. “Shhh…. Listen I’m here for you now, baby.” He said, “Listen, I want you to promise me one thing, girl, just this one thing. Can you do this?”

“Anything baby, but I’m not so sure if I can get much done, because I’m being held by the IOFOT somewhere.” I said, as he broke away from me.

“The International Organization of Freaks.” The way Charlie said it sound more like a statement then a question. He turned and looked away and said something to himself. Then after what seemed like hours he turned back around and looked at me and said, “Listen, there isn’t much that it seems like that you can do you, but-”

I cut him off and said, “Yah okay you’re telling me.” I meant it to sound sarcastic, but it made me sound very intimidated.

He just grinned back at me and said, “Listen I know your secrate.”

I stared back at him and even a stare, and looked to my right them back at him and whispered, “Ho..w do you know this?!”

His grin just grew wider and he stated, “I know you, more then you know you. I’m your guardian angle here to protect you and to make sure that you don’t fall prey to the evils of this world. Truth is that you used to be an angle, but you gave your live to protect me…” He paused for a moment as tears started coming to his eyes. “So you died as an angle and become a special human…and demons posses humans to for such organizations inorder to seek out and forever silence the angles. You as a past angle, you can only use such abilities such as the wings, you have an incredible mind, but your most powerful wepon is you sword of just.”

I look at him in disbelief, “And your telling me this why?”

“Because once you die as a human you return to me and we can live together again. Hold out you hand.” I did as he said. “Tak-Tah-Lah.” As he said these words a bright light appeared in my hand and then the light turned into a sword. “This sword will only appear if you say these ancient words, but you can only use it on demons and people who are pure evil or else the sword won’t cut.” The whole forest began to shake and trees began to fall. “No! I been with you to long! Go my dear and free yourself only you can do it.”

“No Charlie, I don’t know what to do CHARLIE!” I said and screamed as my dream faded to black. I woke up crying and I grabbed my pillow. “Why God, why.” “Everyone has a purpose to life,” said a voice in my head.



Typing this with one minute left. Sorry for poor quality.


I woke up shackled to my bed with a needle in my wrist. There seemed to be a container with orange liquid across the room, and a wire ran from it into the needle. My hallucinations had largely faded, but I was dizzy enough to throw up and my vision was out of focus and blurry, like I had had a concussion. I then realized that I was being watched.

"Hello, Jessica." A female's voice, high and frightening.

She stepped into my line of sight (for I couldn't seem to move my head much) and looked down at me. I looked back up. This went on for some time. The woman
was a skinny, tall redhead with unattractive features and a frightening air about her, like she had a knife waiting to be inserted into your back.

She said, "Yesterday you murdered a man." I continued staring. She continued in that oddly high tone, "You have to be restrained until we can figure out what to do with you."

I whispered to her, but there was a terrible pain in my throat and I sounded like I was gasping. She leaned closer. "What was that, Jessica?"

"It was self-defense," I croaked out.

She smiled in a way that was worse than a simple denial. "No, Jessica. They were just testing you and you grabbed one and slit his throat with a piece of glass." I shook my head. "No?" she said in a dubious tone. You don't remember how you got the glass? You had been hiding it in your gown for days before using it. You're lying to me, Jessica, and if you lie I can't help you."

I shook my head again. This time I couldn't even respond.

"Now you won't be able to go home for a while. Until you understand what you did you'll be kept safe from harming yourself or others while we keep you here." She paused for a moment before adding, "we care about you, Jessica. All of us, if you believe me or not."

This time I tried to spit at her, but I didn't have enough force to launch it the few feet necessary. She ignored it and asked me, "What do you remember from the murder?" I responded, "I told you, I did not murder him." She stood up and said, "I'm sorry, I still haven't introduced myself! "I am Susan Anthony the director of the IOFOT. I ordered you to be brought here, and if you don't cooperate with me you'll end up harming yourself."

I raised my eyebrows and said in a still-weak voice, "Stop lying. What do you want from me?" She smiled. "I'm sorry, but if you're not ready to help yourself yet then I'll have to go."

She reach up to the vat of orange liquid to give me another dose of sleepers. I quickly said, "Wait, I'll cooperate. He was beating me up, and I was defending myself and...

I told her the entire story of what I remembered. She listened and gave me a sad smile, like she knew that I was insane and that my mind had conjured up new memories to defend itself. She didn't seem to realize that my voice was growing stronger and that I was no longer dizzy, but I kept my head on the pillow. After I was done, she reached out and grasped my arm. "You need help, Jessica, but first you need to sleep. I'll see you again in the morning."

As her arm slid off and she got up to go, I jumped up and grabbed her neck. Another headache struck and almost made me scream, but I held on. She yelled for help and grabbed my hair to pull me off and a bunch of doctors immediately ran into the room and held me down while more sleepers were pumped into me.

She grinned as she rubbed her bleeding neck. "Still dangerous, then, even with the tranquilizer? I didn't even realize you were recovering. Keep up the good work!"

I blacked out.
Debate Round No. 3


I woke up in a new and darkened room. I sat up and looked around. I was on a mat on the floor and I couldn't see any of the walls due to the intensity of the darkness. I'm breaking out today, I thought to my self. I looked at my hand and saw that I had a strange red and green mark. It wasn't a cut or an infection though. What is this, this is my hand where I gripped the glass and should have had a scar right about here, but there isn't? I felt around on my back for bruises, but there was no sign of any. I smiled, for the first time since I was taken I actually smiled. I guess I'm a bit stronger then they anticipated and now it's my turn to caught them off guard. I stood up and walked to a side of the room walking through darkness.

I had the strange feeling as though I was being watched by someone or just maybe... something. Then I remembered my dream with Charlie and threw my hand to the sides, with a smile on my face and said "Tek-Tah-La." As I said these words a huge light appeared in my hand. I brought the sword up to my face and studied it, but to my surprise I couldn't see a sword at all. It was only a bright light.

"The sword will only cut through demons and will only appear when they are present and you say Tek-Tah-La," Charlie's words replayed themselves in my head.

Oh great, I get to use a magical flash light. I held my sword out as I walked so I could see where I was going. Then the most God awful smell reached me. It smelled like rotting meat. To make things worse I could here flies buzzing around and then the ground became red and wet with blood, but the huge question became what was it? I continued walking and then I came upon a corps. I raised my sword to see what it was.

I screamed at the horror of what I saw. My sword fell and hit the ground but reappeared in my hand. I reached down and grabbed the corps and held it as I cried.

The corps had turned out to be my best friend Ashly. She was dead has she laid here, naked and bleeding all over the floor. The blood from her was dry, but all the blood on the floor wet and moist. I fell back onto the floor thinking of how hopeless things were and how my life had absolutely no purpose. Blood from the floor flooded onto me, but I didn't care things didn't look well. I threw my arm back and I touched something. I jumped to my feet thinking that it was another IOFOT member with my sword poised to strike. But what I saw was more horrifying then my friend who of which had been dead for a few days.

What I saw was that the rest of the room was filled with dead bodies! I laughed, semi-horrified semi-triumphantly. At this point most the room was dimly lit and I saw a door at the end of the hall. It's the only way out, said voice in my head. I began running toward this door. I reached it and threw open the door.

A man was on the other side who was smiling. He looked like he was in his 60's, but he looked pretty buff. He wore a light blue shirt and a purple tie, with shinny shoes, and khaki pants. He cocked his head and said, "Well well well, well lookey here. Ms. Roberts finally broke out. Congrats you've passed your test. It seems that I've unleashed your hatred so violently that you killed over 300 people. Now it's time for me to kill you." Wings sprouted from his back and he grew bigger and taller. He had a red spear that had darkness and shadows surrounding it. As events came to a hit my inner voice said to me, "Jessica, I'm taking over now. This is Verlok, the head General of the demon army behind Lucifer." The voice said this and I sprouted wings and my sword took full form that and for some reason I noticed I had a tail. "So it seems that you have discovered your true self, Jessica or should I call you by your soul name of Baara." Verlok said. "Never again, this is where you die!" Said the other me as I lept into the air raising my sword to strike him.


1. How will the fight end up?
2. Who is the other Jessica Roberts and why can she take control of Jessica's body?
3. How did all those people die?

All this and more when we return.
Mouthwash your up.



The Secret, part four.

I had nightmares every night. I dreamed about demons and the room full of corpses. I dreamed about murdering my friends. I dreamed about breaking out and and killing everyone who had done this to me. When I was awake I had difficulty assigning truth value to my real memories. Sometimes I really believed that these things were happening. Often I would stay in shock for a few minutes after waking up.

I can no longer tell the difference between weeks and months. I'm not sure if the clock in my room is deliberately slow to make me think I haven't been here as long as I have, or if the combination of the drugs and boredom was making everything seem slow. Thinking and isolation were my life.

Often I fantasized about someone rescuing me, or me gaining superpowers and finding a way out. Anything that they didn't know or couldn't anticipate. I spent hours thinking about what I would do if I could stop time, or turn into a bird and fly out. How would be like to get outside where real life was; where there were trees and animals and people and civilization? When you're in a cage, you have to be free in your mind, because you'll go insane otherwise.

I realized my stomach was expanding. It was like a clock, and when that clock ran out I didn't know what would happen. Most likely just impregnate me again and get more babies.


One day, Zachary took me to a new room. I was drugged almost out of my mind, and I had to be carried to the bed. The doctors surrounded me and one put a needle in my wrist. I fell asleep almost immediately.

When I woke up, I was feeling more alert and had more energy than I could remember in a long time. The room was dark and only two doctors were watching me. I felt around my stomach. It was flat.

For a moment my brain refused to track what my hand was feeling until I felt the scar. They had taken my baby. As I lay there, something happened to me. I could think clearly for the first time in weeks. It was as if cobwebs were cleared out of my brain. I knew that I had been taken out of my usual prison for this, and that I would be returning shortly. And if I acted, it had to be now.

I said to one of the doctors, "My stomach hurts." He looked up at me abruptly and asked, "How do you feel?"

"Like something's jabbing me inside." He walked over to me and said, "Well, if you think there's any harm, we'll do an X-ray-"

I pushed my needle in his arm. He opened his mouth as if to scream for help and collapsed. I looked at the other doctor, who was shaken out of his sudden paralysis and yelled, "Code Orange! I need backup right now!" I threw the vat of anesthetic at him, presumably knocking him out. I'm stronger than I thought I was, and the blood was pumping now. I felt like I could rip a human apart.

The first doctor that burst in got a surgeon's knife thown in the face. He was pushed aside by two armed guards. I screamed as loudly as possible and smashed my chair down on one's head. The other one fired at me, but I took no notice as I charged him and kicked his knee inward, dropping him to the ground.

I limped outside in my white gown, dripping with blood. Three more guards ran around the corner. I closed the distance between me and them so quickly even I was surprised and slapped a guard's face. Blood flew and he fell against the wall without a sound. The next one I lifted and used to absorb a bullet fired out of the third guard's gun, and I threw him and knocked the guard down. The wall splintered as they hit.

By this time more guards had arrived. I went through them so fast none of them had a chance to fire a shot. By the time the guard I slapped had recovered, I stomped on his windpipe so hard he coughed up blood. He did not get up again.


Out of patience for now, so I'll send it to Pro.
Debate Round No. 4


(sorry I'm going to have to rush since I'm at work and I'm on lunch break.)

The alarm went off, one of the guards must have hit it. I began racing down the hallway and began to see illusions. People that I knew or have seen was popping up everywhere. I went into a sprint as I turned the corner to begin down a long and dark hallway. There was Zachary and Charlie fighting it out. I sceemed and Charlie looked my way and when he did this Zachary took this oppertunity and cut through Charlie's neck with a pair of scissors. "NO!!!!!!!" I screemed at the top of my lungs and I fell to my knees in despare. Zach just smiled and at me then turned his attention back to Charlie, who had fallen on his back grasping his neck as blood was pouring out of his body. Zach took the scissors and raised them into the air and stabbed him right in his heart. Moments latter Charlie's gasps stoped and he stopped moving. He was dead.

I rose to my feet and sprouted out my wings. Zach just stood up and smiled at me and said, "Tek-Tah-Lah mother fvcker." I looked back at him and maybe even stared. "That's right princess, we have seen your dreams, read you thoughts, and manipulated you into different situtations and now, dear, you have given us victory over God and your child!"

"My child! What have you done with it!" I yelled at him, as I threw a steel chair that was next to me against the wall which dented, but it didn't look like it phased him.

"He, has been transported away from his mother were he can be keep safe from harm... and were we can wire him up like a fvcken Christmas tree and run all the inhumane tests on him we want. Since he isn't a human. He's a fvcking freak, just like his mother." He snarled and mocked me. Things were beginning to seem suspicous, where were the other guards? I asked myself.

"He's not a freak and you have no right taking him from his mother, and as a matter of fact you didn't have any right taking me from my mother or getting me pregnent and violating the law." I blasted him with my words.

He gave me the evil eye and I mean if looks could kill, I would be six feet under by now, but his exspression changed just as quickly as it had arrived making me doubt if I saw it at all and said, "The United States Constitution only applies to humans, which you are not." He brakes open a cabinent and grabs a sword that look an aweful lot light my Tek-Tah-Lah sword, except it didn't have the light blearing from it. He then charged at me.

To be continued.


MouthWash forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by MouthWash 5 years ago
Nah, I'm just tired of writing this. It's not you.
Posted by lannan13 5 years ago
Out of pacience? Is it something I said.
Posted by lannan13 5 years ago
I'll post tommorow
Posted by MouthWash 5 years ago
@emj32, you can obsess over that debate all you want, but please don't bring it here. Some of us know how to move on.
Posted by emj32 5 years ago
I'm surprised MouthWash didn't write about Danielle....otherwise, his story so far lacks any quality
Posted by lannan13 5 years ago
You can or we can leave "secret" until later rounds.
Posted by MouthWash 5 years ago
So it'll be up to me to invent her "secret?"
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct goes to Pro due to double FF's. Actual storytelling to Pro also. Though both did an excellent job, I felt pro's was a bit more "captivating" if you will. Sucked me in a bit more then con's portions did.
Vote Placed by TUF 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: due to the double forfeits. The rest of the RFD will come soon.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro: ff- conduct Pro: better story in my opinion- better arg Con: noticeable missuse of !- spelling and grammar
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Reasons for voting decision: There were some parts in the story that made me go "WTF" but it was still good. Conduct goes to lannan because of mouthwashes forfeit. I liked lannans parts of the story a bit more than mouthwashes so i gave him more convincing.