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Fantasy Superhero Showdown

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Started: 1/15/2018 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello, this here is a fun, open challenge to anyone.
The synopsis is simple, you must create, describe and introduce your very own Superhero or villian.

Rules: Your character will compete against mine (below) in a battle of fantasy characters.

To expand, neither characters can be immortal or omnipresent, otherwise no one will win.

Only 5 abilities , 3 allies, 3 accessories, and 1 energy source permitted.

R1 is acceptance and the introduction of each opponents character.

R2 We refute the opponent's character, eg debating the pros and cons of nightvision for example

R3 Further arguments, and can expand in to comments section.

So enjoy, here's my character.

Name: Deja Voodoo
Status: Villian From France
Abilities: 1) Can pause time, therefore freeze frame others whilst maintaining motion.
2)Can control your mind via a disturbing hypnotic stare, forcing you to become his b1tch.
3) His stare can turn also you into a dolled version of yourself, if he were to recite a specific hoodoo curse.
4) Highly seductive in to luring you in, super athletic specimen
5) Emits frequency scream that severely damages your hearing.

Allies: Baron Samedi, Medusa, and Incubus

Accessories: Voodoo For Dummies, Sunglasses, and a voodoo doll

Energy Source: Gains power by looking you in the eye, stealing your sanity.

Catchphrase: N/A


I accept this very weird and intriguing debate.

Name: Grace

Status: Unknown, origin unknown.


1. Nigh Omnipotence
2. Supreme weakness detection
3. Reality Warping/Molecule Manipulation
4. Enhanced Power Replication
5. Enhanced regeneration


1. Beyonder, Pre Retcon
2. The Living Tribunal
3. Mike, supreme leader of Grace's race


1. War Armour
2. Book of hindsight
3. Mace

Energy Source:

1. Life energy
Debate Round No. 1


Ok allow us to begin. As implied in the comments, Deja Voodoo has decided (out of sheer boredom) that he wants to invade Mike's colony, now with everyone either frozen or under the glares' influence, he sets his intentions on to Grace. Now somehow Grace was the only one who survived Dejas blitz attack.

Fascinated by this, Deja develops sexual attractions towards Grace. However she rejects him, making him angry. He tries his deafening scream, but he is too weakened by her beauty, so he calls upon his partner Incubus to awaken Grace's sexual energies so he can swoop in and finally control her. Unbeknownst to Deja, Grace heals in a matter of seconds, launching a full fledged assault. However just as she is about to Kill Deja, Incubus arrives and both molest her for hours. After this he applies his glare once again, this time Grace is struggling to escape its power..

With the ball In Dejas court, what will Grace do to survive?...

(neither character can die until round 3, so just built up the next scene).


Thanks to Grace having read the Book of Hindsight she knew of the pending attack allowing her to survive the initial onslaught against Deja and Incubus. Prepared for it, Grace gabbed her war armor prior to the attack and used her ability to see and replicate both of their abilities when they arrived. Using her newly acquired powers used them to break Mike from "his" frozen and influenced state. Mike then did the same thing and went to get his war armor. At the same time Mike called upon her old friends The Beyonder and The Living Tribunal to slay the invaders.
Debate Round No. 2


Anticipating this, Deja came with a plan B. You see before he invaded, he gave his voodoo doll and book to his trusted companion, the legendary expert voodooman Baron Samedi. So when he and incubus were struggling for dear life, he let out his scream once again, this time summoning Baron. From afar Baron performed some rites and destroyed the Book of Hindsight, with no premonition of this, Grace and Mike were left distraught when they witnessed the book burn right in front of their eyes. Letting out a vindictive and disturbing laugh, Deja died peacefully. Incubus fled the scene.

Unbeknownst the Gracey, she had just been impregnated by Deja, once Mike discovered this, he exiled her from his domain. Forced to migrate, Grace suffers a variety of mental health issues. The pregnancy is a long and complex one, but in the end a SUPER BABY is born, she calls it Deja junior, in honour of the one person who finally got inside her head. In a matter seconds, the duo connect spiritually and form an unstoppable allegiance from the get go. Together they are destined to become invincible, eventually returning to Mike's colony, and annihilating them.

THIRTEEN YEARS LATER, Have attained great powers, Grace and her son are supreme leaders of many colonies, However Samedi hears word that Grace is still alive, infuriated by this he sets his sights on her for vengeance on his fallen friend. He manages to manipulate Deja junior in to joining him, telling him that Grace killed his dad. Heartbroken, Junior is left at a crossroads.

What will he do.....

Will he kill his perfect mother?
Will he decide to resurrect his dad?
Will he forgive her and develop a raw, incest like passion towards her?

Find out next time on Fantasy Superhero Showdown...



After 15 long years of watching, The Beyonder and The Living Tribunal's interest and curiosity grew tired of watching the horrors of the story unfold and used their vast powers to turn back time to the point of Grace and Mike's coming defeat. Their arrival to the scene turned the tide of the war irreversibly to Grace and their advantage. The Big Four used their reality warping powers to destroy the wrongdoers concepts of reality. Made their abilities null and void, restored the Book of Hindsight, and read it in its entirety to learn of the coming events of the war.

Having learned of their intentions of impregnating Grace to create an abomination and disrupt the balance of the universe and overthrow the hierarchy laid down by the almighty, they agreed to use their powers to remove Grace's reproductive organs indefinitely. The Beyonder and The Living Tribunal, knowing of Deja's plans in their entirety having both read and watched the events unfold.. The Big Four used their near limitless abilities second only to the One of Above All others, to forcibly bring Medusa from her realm and proceeded to reverse the curse placed on her and defeated Deja Voodoo, Baron Samedi, Medusa, and Incubus. After suffering total defeat by The Big Four, The Living Tribunal placed his judgement upon them supported by the almighty, One Above All, where they were sent to an eternal prison that God built solely for them.

Mike and Grace thanked The Beyonder and Living Tribunal for saving the universe from the wickedness of Deja Voodoo. They replied with "you're welcome" and the war was over and Grace and Mike lived peacefully and happily ever after.

Debate Round No. 3
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by MRAAJ 2 years ago
Lol, i think I'll do another some time, it's something different.

In conclusion, il admit Deja's downfall was that he underestimated that bloody tribunal and the weird looking beyonder bloke. Good war nonetheless, Grace was so fit n all. Deja likey likey
Posted by HerecuzBoredom 2 years ago
Hahahaha.. This was fun but I'd have enjoyed it better if someone else had taken it. My story telling is not has good yours lol
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 2 years ago
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, that Mike is a real pr1ck! We shall meet again in another life...
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 2 years ago
Will do bro, don't worry about that, Grace won't know what hit her. She will become such a DISgrace to her race. MWAHAHAHAHAHA
Posted by HerecuzBoredom 2 years ago
Make your argument in the rounds so that my character and its allies can stomp yours.
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 2 years ago
You can have made up allies but I'll just kill em off with my character and his evil glare. With that sorted, Grace has no allies and must begin this war by herself
Posted by HerecuzBoredom 2 years ago
Perhaps I missed that term but where did you say the allies must be real/known? However, I explained who Mike is. He is the leader of the race that he and Grace are.
Posted by MRAAJ.evil 2 years ago
Your allies have to real/known people dude, who da fuq is MIke?!??
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