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Far Cry Primal is the best adventure video game ever!!

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Started: 12/15/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Far Cry Primal is the best adventure video game ever. Now you might argue that some platform game or Indy game is better but I'm talking about AAA Blockbuster video games.

This game has a huge open world, you can choose which missions you want to do, you can craft your weapons, find resources for food and tame animals in the wild. The setting of 10,000 BC is great, the world is filled with luscious jungles, cliff, snow covered mountains, the day and night cycle is great, with more dangerous animals showing up at night. Playing it in first person is also great as you never know what is lurking behind you, ready to attack.

The graphics are phenomenal opposed to some lame minecraft blocky graphics or some lame cartoony pixelated graphics of platform games.

There is no better adventure video game out there, otherwise name me one.


Due to me never having played far cry primal, my stance on whether its good or not is useless. But I still would like to give examples and reasons behind past and future AAA games, primarily the game red dead redemption, and most likely its sequel. The map is large, their is multiple great DLCs, dozens of primary missions along with well over a hundred side quests (In the main game along) and other fun, random things to do. An interesting online mode, great survival challenges and a massive map, brings it to consideration as one of the, if not the best AAA game.
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
Excellent, I haven't played Red Dead Redemption, although I would have loved to as I love westerns, so this should be a good debate. Neither one of us has played the other persons game. Lets see who has the better argument for victory

Incidentally I hope when Red Dead 2 comes out they release 1 again because I would love to play it, but I have a PS4 and it's only available on PS3
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