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Farm animals deserve the same rights as dogs

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Started: 5/22/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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One article of universal human rights will lead you to deploying the same rights for farm animals.

That link displays all 30 articles of universal human rights, but I will only focus on Article #3:

  • Right to Life, Liberty, Personal Security (Article 3)

I don't believe all animals deserve every right a human has, such as Article 17, which is the right to own property. But I do believe farm animals deserve these basic rights [as stated in Article 3], which have been granted to humans. I would also like to point out; many different states within the US have already granted these rights for domestic and wild animals. More rights have been granted to animals like dogs and cats, but any violation of these rights can become a felony or misdemeanor.

The challenger in this debate would need to explain why humans [and some animals like dogs] are deserving of these basic rights, but not farm animals. And the animals I am specifically referring to are chickens, cows and pigs. These are the most poorly treated animals within our society, in which none of these rights have been granted to.

You [as the challenger] would need to pinpoint a key difference between these factory farmed animals, and explain why you are justified in not granting them the same rights as you [or dogs]. And if that difference in the animal would justify a denying of these basic rights, would the same be true if that difference was active in you [or humans]?



Farm animals should have the same rights as dogs! Here's why. Dogs are animals, Farm animals are animals. BOOM!

Debate Round No. 1


I am not sure why J4cky_J4ck accepted this debate to agree with me? I tried to contact support and FLAG his response, as I was looking for an opposing view, not one that agrees with me.
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Posted by chatterbears 3 years ago
@ultimateavey123 - I can create a new debate and gear it towards your username if you want. Yeah this guy seems like a troll
Posted by ultimateavey123 3 years ago
The opposition to the motion is so bad, honestly I could do better, and I'm only debating on flag desecration. Feel sorry for the proposition for having to deal with someone like this.
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