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Farm animals deserve the same voting rights as humans

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Started: 11/27/2018 Category: Society
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So I was thinking and farm animals are actually a major part of this country so I think they should get more voting rights because it's not fair that their voices aren't being heard to protect their rights.


Some facts about animals:

a) They do not have the ability to reason or communicate ideas or concepts as humans (Caesar from Planet of the Apes doesn't count)
b) Animals have no means of getting to the voting booth, Reading a ballot, Operating a voting machine, Etc. It's hard enough time teaching a human that has a brain to do this. Now try it with an animal of lesser intelligence.

Thanks for playing.
Debate Round No. 1


What about Caesar from Planet of the Apes? He was able to communicate his ideas thoroughly and thoughtfully. I honestly think scientists need to pour more research money into teaching things such as sheep and chicken sign language. They provide a lot of the food for the country and should get a say in their rights for doing that. (duh) I'm sure the animals could manage operating a voting booth as well as humans, For it isn't that hard. I think they should get this right, Just like how everyone else in the country has the right.


Sorry, Caesar the Ape is not real. We humans should not be basing our policies on made up fantasy worlds that have talking animals (Planet of the Apes, Charlotte's Web, Etc).

Actually, Animals already have a say. But they don't complain at all. Most animals pretty much go along when humans usher them into the slaughterhouses. I don't think any of them have ever uttered a word in protest. In fact, You'd think there'd be an animal uprising by now, Given we've been doing this for thousands of years. You'd think by now the animals would have communicated with each other and devised a plan to thwart our efforts to make them into Extra Value Meals. But alas, They don't protest. They may bleat, And whine, But those I believe actually bleats and whines of Joy, As they understand they are giving their lives for a higher purpose.

Thanks for playin'.
Debate Round No. 2


We aren't basing our policies on fantasy worlds. But maybe we have things to learn from fantasy worlds. Maybe we should learn that animals deserve rights, A say. The only reason they don't complain is that they don't even realize they have that option. They have been so heavily oppressed that they think their life can't change. But it can. We just need to take the step. They don't think us to be a higher purpose. They think us to be their eternal tormenters. They hate us for taking their lives. But they don't know that it can stop. Giving them the right to issue change through voting could reshape America and turn it into a positive country for animals, Not a hateful mangler of their lives. They do not find it joyous that they are losing their lives. They find it dark, And permanent. We need to show them that there is more to the world, And they deserve rights for everything they do for this country. They deserve the right to vote. Thanks for playing.


Why do animals deserve rights equal to that of a human? The fact that we use them for food is not reason enough, If it is, Then you should be to use logic and reason to justify it. So go for it. . . Explain how we
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DefSpace233 3 years ago
Haha the Instigator has to be joking.
Posted by TheBoldDebator 3 years ago
Haha This is funny. And ya'll know this isn't serious right? XD
Posted by Nartnod7875 3 years ago
You're either a troll or delusional Grobbit lol
Posted by josh12726 3 years ago
-Honestly you have given your point in such a positive way. I don't think my response would have been so simple. You are definitely right and Grobbit needs to get an education.
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