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Farming animals should be illegal

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Started: 4/24/2017 Category: Society
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I am for animal farming being illegal purely because of the detrimental environmental effects. It is the largest contributor towards global warming and environmental companies aren't doing anything about it. Due to animal agriculture, by 2050, Co2 emissions will have increased by 80%. It's destroying our planet and I can't understand why people are okay with this just because meat is 'tasty'. The amount of water that goes into a making one burger is 6000 litres. Think about how ridiculous the concept of not running tap water while brushing your teeth 'to save the environment' is when you're going to go and waste 1300 gallons of water in a few bites and a momentary fullness.

Ridiculous, ban meat farming and get 50% of America's water that goes into it back.

Watch 10 mins of the Netflix documentary Cowspiracy and come back to argue your point against banning meat.


I strongly disagree with you. Despite farming being the leading cause of pollution in Europe, the leading Global cause for air pollution are factories. In Europe, the grounds are nice and rich with soil, with plenty of flat terrain. In the United States of America however, the leading cause of pollution is in fact Carbon Dioxide and Methane being leached into the air. This also comes up in why America is the leading economic power house, because of oil and other natural gas trades. In China, you have literally sections of land cut off due to air pollution because of the factories that the children need to live in.

On to water. Farming may use up a lot of water, but it has used more in the past (proportionately). Back in the Middle-Ages, when water was only used for drinking and farming, water was proportionately used more for farming, and less than human consumption. So right now, despite the ever-growing use of water in farms, it does not even compare to how much us humans use for bathing and cleaning.

And now onto the logic. There is a plague going around called colony collapse disorder, where bees are dying due to foreign viruses brought across by transportation, by the natural fall and rise of populations, and by the use of fertilizers and pesticides. In a few decades, the loss of bees will result in a loss of 2/3 of our food. By making farming animals illegal, we're reducing our food production even more, causing famines across an ever growing global population.

If sources are requested, please ask so in the comments and I shall put them in my next counter.
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