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Fascist/Nazi (me) vs Klansman (opponent) rap battle

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Started: 5/13/2014 Category: People
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Debate Rounds (5)
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First round is for acceptance. I'm a Nazi/Mussolinist rapping.


Sounds fun. You first.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm the [explitive]in' Fascist G
I'll go Hitler on you if you [explicit] with me
Wimpy Klansmen, hatin' cause I stole your white girls
I'm il Duce who can rule the world
With my tomboy G in the mix
And my autistic homie start some [explitive]
Imperialist bastards, thinkin you're big cause you conquered other lands
[explicit] around with me, you'll get a kick up your [not explitive, but a bad word never the less]
A tomboy can steal your girl
[explicit] your little purity of white womanhood world
Thinking that you can kick my [explicit]
But why is it that you have to wear a mask?
Cause you a bunch of cowards, [explicit]in' pieces of [explicit]
I got a style as hard as "Seinfeld"
[explicit] around with me and I'll go Fascist and give you some Hell


You're goin' to pick this fight with us
and expect to advance?
Stop dreaming brother, you guys couldn't even beat France

If you preach control, power, and hate against the Jew,
then how come communists keep doing it better than you?
We both commit hate crimes, really quite incredible feats
the only difference is, we don't get our bodies dragged through the streets

You give nice speeches, sure, but we're America's bane,
for all the leaders you've had, you can't find one who's sane
You're all are bigots, but always pretend to be clean,
so we're cowards? At least we f****** say what we mean.

You're greatest leader aspired to be ruler of this world
and yet was at a loss to track down a little girl.
We'll destroy anyone who crosses us, black white or brown
we used to be on horseback and still take their a** down

I see you up there, hanging from that steeple,
why you up there, oh yeah, you were killed by your people.
Join the fascists? Naw, I'll pass,
why would I join a movement whose own country banned its a**?

You Nazis used to be great
and it's a shame you have no powers
'cause these rhymes are so dirty
you'll be needing those showers.
Debate Round No. 2


Why the f--k are the Klan's breaths so smelly
Because all you do is talk bulls--t. See?
You hatin cause we Fascists ruled half of Europe
We kick anyone's a-- who tries to battle us
One time some Dane tried to threaten me with death
I blasted his sorry white a-- back to Copenhagen
I'm the eptiome of high-errrrr
learning, bro, I blast your --- back to Yorkshire
London Mob Squad, motha---ka
Neville Chamberlain's in the house, sucka
Roman Catholics in the house, motha---ka
Anglicans in the house, you little sucker
With your wack a-- Lutheran/Jewish religion
The Fascists in the house starting s--t
One time your white girl was bored
She came to big pappa and gave me some sex, you f--king Nords (Nords as in Nordic)
Keep popping that Nordic KKK s--t
And I'm gonna you three hits
in your a--, you ---king liars
and blast you right back to Herefordshire
You lame --- Zionist
Talk some more s--t and I'm fill your mouth with p**s
I got a style so hard it'll roll you down a hill
it's so hard I scared relatives of Churchill
that wimpy a-- pagan
hatin because his granddaughter gave me head


Oh you guys took our girls, then, well I hope they didn't tarry,
cause once America's was through with you, they had no one left to marry.
Come on, bro, you don't even know how to diss,
come to Dresden if you want to know what burning is

You're movement is so dead, its developing patina
and Churchill's granddaughter didn't give you head-she doesn't live in Argentina.
You cowards couldn't stay, to fight one more day,
after your mighty a**-whooping got underway

Oh, yeah--congrats on winning battles, you did just fine
what, you conquered Frace? Better get in line.
Despite your whole army, you ended up with nothing,
and the way you salute, its as if your compensatin' for something

And of course we're protestant, you'll just have to cope
while we're fighting for God, you're just sucking the Pope
Our cause will never die, fade or rot,
while you're great legacy ended with one gunshot

Did you succeed? Well, let's look at the reviews,
I don't see many Nazis around, but plenty of Jews,
You sure burned bright, but not very long,
and the Allies dropped you faster than the atomic bomb.

Face it: you can't beat us
we have more history and fervor
So why don't you just stop whining
and run to your Fuhrer
Debate Round No. 3


You say that us Fascists are defeated punks, son
Then how come it was your men, not us, who got raped in prison?
History, time and time again, shows that you'se got owned
Mussolini and Hitler werent the ones who had d**ks shoved up their a--holes
You say that Italy and Germany (referring to Dresden) are broken
Then why do Nordic countries look like slimy shack havens?
With girls getting pregnant in their teens
and fellas with broken-a** teeth
You tried to ban the show "Seinfeld"
yet they were the ones dealt
you a fatal blow with the ratings
for 9 straight years they were the s--t
"Friends" was a piece of worthless propaganda
"Seinfeld" made sure they were done
You say that us Fascists were hanged by our peeps
then how come your Klansman are a joke to your own country
It isn't us whose getting called "rednecks"
Because unlike you, we're the ones busting heads
You got slapped with a taste of the style, sucker
Go and try to top that, mother---ker.


We go to prison sometimes, sure we do
How long did your cause last? Take a decade, and divide by two.
If you can't do division, it's not hard at all
picture you're cutting a city in two, and then building a wall

Sure, we're called "rednecks", while you are not
but that would describe Mussolini well-he wasn't looking too hot
A few broken teeth, and you call us a wreck?
Have you taken a look at your own hero's neck?

Hitler was simply mental, nothing could get inside his head,
except for a Walther pistol and a hard piece of lead.
As for Musso, he never really had a hope,
time to put him on a leash-he must be accustomed to rope.

You call that a war, you haven't got a clue
Hitler couldn't win with millions of bombs, it took the US two.
Come to America, where the KKK's well bred,
then go to Germany, where the SS is all dead.

Try as hard as you want,
you rhymes will still be lame,
why don't you go where you belong?
I hear you got a train.
Debate Round No. 4


Then why did we invade Denmark with no problem?
It took just one invasion, and their puny little resistance was dead
You say that you ended the war with two
But yet it took years for you to fight us, who can you fool?
You Nordics make me f--king laugh
We fought your countries and kicked your a**es
Come to America where the KKK's well bred?
Why does everywhere in America look like it's dead?
Your architecture is a piece of broken down s--t
Our architecture to this day is a hit
Every time a black man fights you
You end up with two
in your head and up your a--
and a Fascist tends to be the last
man standing, you sucker
I beat up several Klan m----rf--kers
Yorkshire, Copenhagen and Glasgow
look like dead haven towns right now
Our cause only last five years or so?
We're not the ones being called dumb white trash, bro
You were the s--t for a while
We the s--t in the past, present and future, are you senile?
That's why you're women are mostly sl-ts.
Sucking on the d--ks of us
Admit you lost mother---ker
Come and join big daddy, you little sucka


Nice job, you took the Danes
who were fighting on horses, still decimated your forces,
and left you with nothing but shame.

With the most powerful army in the world, you were still beaten back,
while we can sow destruction with horses and a mask.
You saying you're eternal; please, you're stuck in the past,
even with those high kicks of yours, you still can't kick a**.

We fight for God's law, your cause is just dark
and luckily it was sunken faster than the Bismarck.
Why can't you admit that your belief is s***,
beaten by Brits, stop throwing fits and have a sit.

Your shots are burns, I'd call them a splinter,
with all your former power, you couldn't handle a Russian winter.
The fires of Hell rage, with this battle brewing
and ask Hitler for me, how's Satan doing?

Stop repeating yourself, this isn't even a fight
"big daddy"? You mean Big Brother? You can't even get your own cause right.
You can have our girls, but I'd be careful with this
Hitler tried it out, and he ended up with Syphilis

Of course the US came late, our economy was grime,
we showed up late, and still achieved "peace in our time".
Debate Round No. 5
6 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 6 records.
Posted by Adam2 7 years ago
Nazis were Roman Catholics from Germany and Austria. Vikings were Scandinavians. Their beliefs would line more in line with the Ku Klux Klan and Lutherans. Vikings didn't care which innocent civilian women they raped. Nazis were against wartime rape.
Posted by Adam2 7 years ago
"Vikings" is your favorite show? You're kidding me, right? Any Nazi knows that the Vikings were the antithesis of their beliefs.
Posted by Adam2 7 years ago
What do you mean "What the hell"? "What the hell" is my side of the argument.
Posted by JuliusMaxims 7 years ago
What the hell.
Posted by Adam2 7 years ago
Let's see the KKK -- rapists
orthodox religious
religious tyranny

Nazis/Mussolini - national pride
great highway system
reviving standard of living
respect for others
Posted by FuzzyCatPotato 7 years ago
Wha... Where is the debate? Where is the "vs" gonna come into between Nazi/Fascist/Mussolinist and a Ku Klux Klansman?
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