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Fascist are left-wing socialists

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Started: 9/9/2019 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 week ago Status: Debating Period
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We are told Fascists are right-wingers. I argue they are left-wing socialist, Cousins of Communists. ANTIFA is a competing version of socialism known as Communism.


I would ask you to clarify what you think "left wing" means and what "socialism" means. You probably think they both mean increased state control, As the typical retard programming seems to be "the more socialister you is, The more you want to the state to controls stuff durrrrrr".
Socialism, Including Marxism is Anarchist at heart. The first socialists were french peasants who essentially wanted to dismantle the class system and the government and have an egalitarian society where the means of production are owned communally. Our modern left/right political spectrum comes from the French revolution and it is not at all inaccurate to say that right=hierarchy and left=equality at their core since the right wing was born from aristocrats defending the status quo which keeps them on top. The Monarchists at the time were called conservatives and the term "right wing" came into existence because the aristocrats sat on the right in parliament whereas the representatives of the poor and middle class sat on the left. The classical liberals and socialists of the left both wanted more equality of opportunity, Whereas the conservatives wanted to maintain the system which artificially placed them above others. A conservative is nothing more than a defender of the status quo, And as such you are nothing but a brainwashed cuck defending American plutocracy and thinking it is liberty.
Fascism is right wing because left wing means egalitarianism and fascism is extremely hierarchical. If you disagree you are a historically illiterate anus wipe who has been fed a backwards version of reality.
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Posted by Dr.Franklin 1 day ago
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Posted by CraneTechnique 1 week ago
Dr. Franklin who do you aim this at?
Posted by Dr.Franklin 1 week ago
YAh, You want to mess with me
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