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Fast food is bad

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Started: 12/19/2012 Category: Health
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I do not believe fast food is bad. I think the cause of fast food related obesity in this country comes from an excess of this food, or the customers not making the best choices when they go to a fast food restaurant. But it isn't that hard to eat healthy at these types of restaurants. And the restaurants alone are not a major factor in obesity, it is how people use and abuse them. The people are at fault, not the restaurants.


I am actually of neutral opinion on this subject, but for this debate I shall play devil's advocate.

Fast food is a known cause for many deaths. Have you ever heard of the pink slime used in fast food burgers? At first, pink slime was not approved for human consumption. It was previously used in pet food, and was eventually allowed in fast food because it was a cheep filler that saved more money than buying actual, quality beef. It was exposed to ammonia gas and other gasses, and ended up getting a lot of people sick. Food editor J.M. Hirsh described pink slime as highly mealy with bits and studs of cartilage-like matter. Yummy good.

It is true that many people abuse the availability of the fast food restaurant, but some people really do not have a choice. Healthy food is generally more expensive than unhealthy food, so ordering McDonalds half the week is the easy way out of figuring whether a week's groceries or a week's heating is more important. People do abuse fast food restaurants, but those restaurants abuse their customers right back.
Debate Round No. 1


jayteescout forfeited this round.


I extend my arguments from the previous round to this one for my opponent to respond to.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you, I apologize for my unresponsiveness it will not happen again.

"Pink slime"- A controversial ingredient made of cow by-products.[1]
Fast food- Of, relating to, or specializing in food that can be prepared and served quickly.[2]

I would first like to point out that while pro lacks ANY citation whatsoever. Now on with the debate,
"Fast food is a known cause for many deaths.". I would like to ask my opponent what proof he has to verify this statement as well as the following one:
"Have you ever heard of the pink slime used in fast food burgers? At first, pink slime was not approved for human consumption.". While this may be true, many fast food chains have stopped using "pink slime" entirely.[3]

"some people really do not have a choice. ", this statement is unclear. Are you saying that they don't have a choice in restaurants? Or that they don't have a choice to eat healthy? Because these are completely different, and it is not hard to eat healthy at a fast food place. For example, Mcdonalds has many low calorie options for no more than a regular meal[4] as I'm sure most if not all other fast food franchises do too.

And finally, my opponent stated that "People do abuse fast food restaurants, but those restaurants abuse their customers right back.". While you are agreeing with me on my statement that customers do abuse the restaurants, how exactly do restaurants abuse their customers? Id like you to provide specifics as well as sources to back it all up.

Closing statement:
Fast food is not evil, or even that bad. there is just no way that you can say that the restaurants cause any sort of serious health risk. Even if someone is unable to eat anywhere else, there are still multiple healthy options for them to choose from, therefor not eating healthy at such a place is the fault of the customer and NOT the restaurants.



I apologize for being unclear. When I said fast food is a cause for many deaths, what I meant was that if not eaten in moderation, it can cause obesity, which can lead to heart disease or diabetes, which can eventually lead to death [1]. I said that some people really do not have a choice when eating fast food, and you said that this statement was unclear. I disagree. I said in round one that healthy food is generally more expensive to eat than unhealthy food [2], which is why many people naturally turn to a place like McDonalds with its high-fat, yet extremely cheep, diet. I do not know how to elaborate on that. Basically, people today are poor, so they have to buy food that is cheep.

" is not hard to eat healthy at a fast food place. For example, McDonalds has many low calorie options for no more than a regular meal..." This may be true. McDonalds and similar fast food restaurants carry dishes like salads or even kids menu items like apple fries that are healthier to eat than its other, fattier foods, but that does not make the fattier foods any better. Just because one can go to McDonalds only to eat a salad and still be healthy does not make the burger that his friend is eating any healthier. That is just ignoring the fact that all but two or three items on the menu is bad for you.

It says at [3] that McDonalds' Big Breakfast with Hotcakes is 1090 calories a tray. That is over half of an average persons' calorie intake a day, all in just one meal! Unhealthy. You know what else it is? Cheep. The Big Breakfast costs $2.39.

In, conclusion, while the fast food restaurant may carry SOME healthy choices, for the most part, their dishes are fatty and unhealthy with little to no nutritional value, and the only upside to it is that it cost you a dollar to eat. Just eating salad the whole time is not the solution to fast food restaurants being okay to eat at. The solution is either to stop eating there or for the fast food restaurant to make healthier food.

Thank you for allowing me to join this debate. 'Twas interesting!

Have a great holiday!

Debate Round No. 3
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