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Fear and consequences in your life

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Started: 7/4/2016 Category: Philosophy
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Are fear and consequences the best way to manage people's behavior in a society? fear of consequences, consequences resulting in fear. i.e. fear of god, persecution, punishment... do you feel fear and consequences plays a role in your behavior? such as in making decisions...



That's a very interesting question and argument you proposed there, but I will have to disagree on the notion of the fear of consequences being 'the best way to manage people's behaviour in society'. My position on 'fear' is that fear only restricts one's thoughts and actions in avoidance of pain, it does not push human behaviour to thrive beyond that fear and as a consequence, fear does not manage nor move society towards a more prosperous future which usually requires human behaviour to be optimistic, confident and risk-taking, rather than being fearful. I argue that fear alone will not motivate anyone towards any particular success, they will only cause one to cave in to the fear and retreat to their safe-zones. It is the vision of overcoming fear and the vision of achieving greatness that will ultimately motivate an individual. One who is always in a mental state of fear will remain fearful, regardless to whether or not one is under the influence of a great manager or not.

Therefore, I propose the notion that the 'best way to manage people's behaviour in society' is to understand how to control and direct human behaviour in accordance to whatever culture, company or place that is under your area of responsibility. Human behaviour can be easily directed once they are in the correct mental state, for example, a person who is about to enter a race against 10 other competitors must adapt a state of competitiveness rather than a state of having a relaxing sprint around a local park. To control one's state, one must control and consciously direct one's internal representations and physiology.

Above all, I believe that the difference of management all comes down to the way in which one communicates to oneself and the actions one takes. As many people before me as said, fear is just false evidence appearing real, what fear can do is restrict you in everyway possible, what it can not and never do is help you overcome your state and take you through A to B, that requires courage, bravery, vision and the ability to take action.
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